CUPCAKE ART CHALLENGE!!! Learn How To Make Minions Star Wars Jedi & Mario Nintendo Food DIY Pancake

CUPCAKE ART CHALLENGE!!! Learn How To Make Minions Star Wars Jedi & Mario Nintendo Food DIY Pancake

– You challenged us to make a poop emoji, out of a cupcake. – Bro, I sure hope this is frosting. – Me too. All right, right now, let’s begin. Dude, it’s not open. – Go, you gotta cut it first. (screaming) – Dude, you’re messing up my vibes. Oh no no no no. It’s all coming out, I can’t stop it. Dude, it’s relentless, oh my gosh. – Bro, what are you doing? It’s suppose to be an
emoji, not the real thing. – I’m all about photorealism, Devan. – Photorealism, this is
actually straight up realism. – [Collin] Whoa, we got
eyeballs all over right now. Dude, my thing can see everything. This poop has seen it all. – [Devan] Bro. – It’s seen it all. – [Devan] Like what did you
eat to have that come out? – You’ve got Devan’s approach, which he’s just doing little basic eyes. And I got a spider approach man, my thing can see everything. – Bro, you dissing my eyes? – Your eyes are huge by the way. – Well yeah, that’s how
the poop emoji is, bro. – Oh really? – Yeah. – It’s like whassup
guys, I’m the poop emoji. – Bro that poop looks
terrifying, what happened to him? Bro what are you doing,
I thought it was perfect. – I’m giving my eyeballs eyebrows – What? – And done, that completes
the first round ever of our cupcake art challenge
and you get to comment down below and let us know who
won because this is a battle. It’s brother vs brother and
you decide who wins each round. And at the end of this, we’re going to be eating this cupcake, along with all the rest, all at once. Stick around for that but right now, we’re on to the next round. The game has changed, we’re
not using one cupcake, we’re not using two cupcakes, we’re using one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thir… Fourteen cupcakes. Because we’re making a unicorn, which you guys challenged us to make. – [Devan] Yeah. – [Collin] So, we’re
going to have to configure all these different cupcakes,
into a unicorn’s head. – Good luck. – Uh, I don’t know how to do this. Begin. – [Devan] Okay, this is,
I don’t even know what I’m doing really. – I have my own configuration I think I’m going to win this game with. – [Devan] I’m going to do this, this. – [Collin] This this. – [Voice From Spongebob
Squarepants] Twelve seconds later. – [Devan] What is that? – Call me Beyonce,
’cause it’s a formation. – All right, I’m adding this. Maybe I should use a knife instead. – Whee, my idea, definitely
didn’t see Devan doing this and then completely copy
him, is to frost my cakes. My unicorn is a pure bred stallion. – Bro, it literally is,
cupcakes are pure bread. (laughs) – Jokes, I’m making my dude 3D. His eyeball is really
popping out of his head. Do you know what’s cute, Devan? – Me. – No, it’s how this little nose goes. Why is it dripping sauce? All right, I gotta mix
it up in a different way because that was not working. So here we go just gotta,
gotta give it the squeeze, squeeze, squish, squish, squish ga, gish, gish. Ow. (laugh) – That laugh, dude. (upbeat music) – Alright here’s the snout,
and then you know what every snout needs right? – A nose!
– No, a nostril. Boom he got a big old nostril. He stays fully flared. He’s like… Bro he probably smells everything. He has probably smelled every smell there is to smell in this world, man. – Probably! – He’s like 85 miles
away he’s like (sniff) is that Chinese food? Every good unicorn has
got a real good comb over. – My unicorn is going
to be a baby unicorn, cuz this horn is not turning out right. It’s way too small. – Why the heck are you
crunching up a pancake Devan – I’m sorry, did anybody
else just catch that? What am I crunching up right now Collin? – Oh no, I’m stuck in pancake land. – Alright, it is time to
get a little bit messy because this isn’t working at all. So I’m going to grab some of this… Oh my goodness. Okay. It completely ruined this. The horn is gone. (upbeat music) – This is where things get crazy. I’m about to turn my unicorn horn into
something spectacular. (screaming) Hearts, hearts, hearts hearts. We got cubes, yeah boi. We got stars ’cause my unicorn is a star, a great big shining star. Boom. My bad. We got sprinkles, sprinkles sprinkles. We got freckles. His name is Freckles. He’s got freckles and
his freckles are edible. We got green stripe. Yeah. Woo. That’s a really cool color of green. Bro, I have the finishing, final touch. F-R-E-C-K-L-E! You ready for it Devan? The final letter S, Freckles. I literally did it guys, I made Freckles. (upbeat music) – Alright, it is time
to bedazzle my unicorn. – We can’t even call that a
unicorn, you have no horn Devan. Oh my gosh
– It’s a horn! – What have you done to your unicorn. – Dude it has a metal horn– – You’re gonna scar Freckles! – This is unicorn land. This is a metal horn. – I don’t think so. – Maybe not, it was a bad idea. – So he ain’t a unicorn. So by default, Freckles wins this round. – But can you even
really call that a horn? I don’t know! – That’s a magnificent horn – I mean it must’ve really
hurt to get all those letters implanted on his horn. – Freckles will go the extra distance so people know his name. For round number three, We are doing a flash, speed
round because you guys challenged us to do
Toad from Mario Odyssey. So, let’s right now, get
down, we’ve got 90 seconds. Begin. – Wait, oh my gosh! – Here we go, Toad, Toad, Toad. What’d we have to do for Toad. Dude, Toad’s going to be pretty easy. I think I might take the win on this one. – I’ve got this! – [Collin] Frosting! – [Devan] Yeah! – Woo, I think my yelling, it makes me, helps me concentrate. I can’t talk right now
because I’m so focused. Balls to make concentration. The spread moment has come. Spread, spread, spread, spread, – Okay! – Where’s the black at? Yeah. There it is. I got it, I got the eyes.
– I got the eyes. Sparkle. – Wait, I need some. Wait I need some. – No, and done. Time is up. You were never able to grab my sparkles. Alright, the big reveal. Let’s see how these turned out, man. That sparkle at the end might
not have been the best move. – I don’t know! – Three, two…
– Three, two… – Wait, wait, wait, first, five
second subscribe challenge. I want to see if you can
subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post
notifications in five seconds. Ready for it? – Yeah I’m ready – Five, four, three, two, one. Done. – If you can do that, comment down below, Keyper Squad right now. And here’s the big reveal. Three– – Two, one. Ta-da! – [Collin] It’s good right? – [Devan] Yeah dude, looks great. – [Collin] I hope they vote for me. – It’s like Toad in snow storm. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. For this round, you
challenged us to do Minions. We have two cupcakes right here, by the way, these are massive cupcakes. – Bro who eats these? – And so how we’re doing these, the head is going to go here,
the body is going to go here. And the competition heats up. Begin. (chirping) – I don’t even know what to do. (laughing) – Alright here we go. Boom, boom, boom, ba boom boom. Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba. Got a lot of energy. Oh. – What? – Heck yeah, dude we’ve got nozzles. If only you had nozzles. – Why’d you go and do that? – I broke his nozzles.
– I need those. – Check out this nozzle. Wow dude, you will be
blown away when you see the functionality on this one. Oh snap. Or should I say oh strap. Get it, ’cause it’s his goggle strap. – That’s good Collin!
– Thank you. Boom. I think my little Minion is going to have a blue eye because I have blue eyes. So might as well give my Minion blue eyes. Wahoo. Wahoo! Oh yeah look at that iris. Oh yeah. – That’s the pupil Collin, not the iris. – Alright, the thing is,
Devan, these are Minions. They have a different anatomy than the rest of us, humanoids. I can’t believe I just said humanoids. Oh that’s awesome. (upbeat music) I’m going into super, super focus mode. – Oh is that what… Sorry. Sorry. – No talking.
– I won’t talk at all. – You’re still talking. – Is it going good? – I’m focusing. Big. Got ’em. – Do you still need me to be quiet because this is getting old. – Fine you can be loud. – Yay! – Awe it got runny and it juiced. It juiced up my cupcake. I was focusing and then it juiced. – Dude, his tooth is like a 3D tooth. It’s just like coming out at you. It’s like– – Whassup! – Yeah, it’s like “Whassup!” – It’s like banana! – Bro where did the nozzles go? – They’re mine, you can’t have em. You just have to go find em. – Fine, I’ll get it. This goes against all my codes of honor – Do we have yellow? – Nope. No yellow. – We have orange. – Yep, only orange. – Uh oh. (upbeat music) – How do you like my color Collin? – Yeah, how did you get yellow? – I don’t know. I’m not sure. – What? (upbeat music) Would I be able to win this if my Minion had a rhinestone overall? – Bro, how did he come
across a rhinestone? (upbeat music) Oh no! – My tracing skills are awesome. Woo! I shouldn’t be screaming so
loud about my tracing skills. They’re getting pretty bad. My hands are getting a little bit jittery. And it’s coming through in my masterpiece. Maybe my guy’s a little bit frilly. – He’s what? – He got frills.
– He got frills. – And grills. (screaming) So right now, it’s time for my
favorite part, embellishments Oh snap. – Dude, your guy’s blinged out. – Yo, yo, yo he’s got pink
diamonds in his grill. Woo! Yo dude, my guy’s going
to be so next level. You know what his name is? – No idea. – Bob. Get a little bit of
pink diamond, very rare. Perfect. – Alright, it is almost done. I just have to add the yellow to his face. – I don’t understand how
he got his lines so good. I mean, his looks like a Minion
and mine looks like noodles. Here we go, the big reveal. Three– – Two, one. Ta-da! – Alright, now you guys
get to comment down below, who won this round. Is it my bedazzled Bob Minion or … – My traditional Minion. – Basic! – Awesome abilities, like no arms. – There’s going to be another
90 second lighting round because we’re making Spider-Man
which you guys suggested. Ready and begin. – Oh wait. Now… – Time to make Spooder-Man Man, Spooder-Man, you’ve
got to work with me bro. – Dude, this red is not
coming out fast enough – We have 50 seconds! – No, okay, I need a knife. – I need a knife. – No, why? Okay I’m using scissors. – Holy cow I’ve got like 20 seconds left. – Why were you using that? Wait where’s white? I need white. – And three, two, one. Done. This looks just like Spider-Man
from the new Avengers movie. What happened to the front of yours? – I was trying to do the eyes. It just wouldn’t come out. – You guys got to comment down below, who won the Spider-Man lighting round. And we’re coming down
to the finale right now. So let’s go and let’s get saucy. For this round, you challenged us to do a
character from Star Wars. – Oh I can do BB-8 from the Last Jedi – That’s the easy way though – Bro how is it easier though? – Just watch. You shall see. Or see you shall. – So you’re doing Yoda (laughing) – We’ll see. – Alright, wait I need a knife. I’ll be right back. Very slowly, walking with a knife. – Safety’s important. – Yes. I am going to cut a small
piece into my cupcake. That way BB-8’s head can fit on his body. There we go. Nice. That actually looks really good. Nice. I have to say, this is
definitely more difficult than the pancake art challenge. – Way more difficult. Man, this is going to be hard. I have to now like cover it up. Oh this is going to be difficult. – Nothing I can’t handle. (upbeat music) The black from like the mouth
and eyes are mixing into it. Now he’s looking like a garbage truck. But you know what, it was worth a shot. You’re gone Yoda, I’m
taking you off my pancake. I’m banishing you… cupcake. Why do both have to have
the word cake in it, man. It’s a clean slate. Alright here we go. A big scoop a doop. Oh. – I’ll take it. I need more more on mine. Dude, I get that you’re starting over, but why are you putting white on there? He’s green. – It’s part of a master plan. One you simply wouldn’t understand because you’re not a
Jedi Master like I am. – What? (upbeat music) – There we go. Alright, let’s get some
extra Goosiness on there. – Get some extra whatiness on there? – Goosiness. Time to go in for details. I’m talking the mouth, the
eyes, the whole nine yards. Boom. Completed. Why didn’t I think of using the cupcake in that way? Mine’s just like a puny little body with a massive head. And yours actually looks like BB-8. I’m definitely not going to
become a Jedi Knight after this. That is for sure. I mean Kylo Ren’s going to
come looking for me soon. – Here we go! – The reveal. – Three, two, one.
– Three, two, one. – Ta-da!
– Ta-da! – I think I definitely didn’t
win this round ’cause my Yoda doesn’t look anywhere
near as good as your BB-8. So guys, right now we
are on to the finale. But first, comment down
below who won this round and then we’re going to
be able to eat all these different cupcakes. That looks delicious. – I can’t wait. – For the final round, the
one it all comes down to. It’s a freestyle. We get to make whatever we want, as fast as we possibly can. We’re going to be able to eat this masterpiece, and all of
the other cupcakes, very soon. And begin. This one’s gonna get a little messy. This one’s not only going
to be a cupcake masterpiece, but an architectural masterpiece as well. – So we have these toothpicks
to help us out here. – This feels like
cheating but I’ll take it. Because I need a cheat to win this round. The main tactic just comes down to an exorbitant amount of frosting. Here we go. Ta-da, skewer it, boom, there we go. Boom. Yo this is the most amount
of frosting I have ever seen, or used in my entire life at once. You gotta impale it, here, to
make sure it all stays upright There we go. Now the base of it is going to be a little bit difficult. Luckily for me, my whole strat is making the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This is going to be very
difficult to keep this aloft. – Wait, bro, how are
you going to eat that? I just realized, mine has
a bunch of these twig, stick things in there, and I’m
going to be biting on these. – This is either going to be the greatest Leaning Tower of Pisa, or a giant worm. It’s definitely leaning. It’s getting a little bit warped. Alright, there we go. Boom. Stick it. Oh my gosh, it’s like starting
to break from the inside. I only have one more. Please. Alright here we go, the ultimate test. Will the Leaning Tower of Pisa stay aloft. What do you think Devan. – Nope. – Let’s see how many
seconds it stays up for. Three, two, one. – One. (laughing) – Ow, oh my gosh, there’s
little spikes on it. – Yeah. – I’m out of things to do with it. It’s a shish kabob. I’m just going to make
the ultimate cupcake thing of all time. We’ve got the frosting. There we go, oh first, you gotta first spread you’re frosting – [Devon] Whoa, whoa! – Get those sparkles going and some good old blue sugar on there. Does it look like I have
my life together right now. The answer is absolutely. I’m making the awesomest
pancake in the world. – It’s not a pancake. It’s a cupcake. – Ah I keep forgetting. Attack. – What. Bro what are you doing? – Dude, I just got so bored man, that wasn’t going fast enough. So you guys get to
comment down below who won the challenge overall. And right now, time for us to eat some cupcakes. But not these, the nice,
pretty looking ones. So we’ve got all of our
cupcakes right here. And we’re going to be
eating all the way around the perimeter and ending
with our unicorns. I don’t want to have to eat Freckles. I feel so bad. Let’s kick it off right now – Poop emoji, poop! – So there’s paper around mine. Gotta get that paper off. Ain’t no time for you’re paper. – And I have the paper off. – Oh no no no, okay here we go. Holy cow there’s like 12 eyes. – I think you’re going to end up with some brown around your mouth. Cheers. – Don’t touch my poop with your poop. That’s not sanitary. – I did it again. It’s okay. – Here we go, three, two, one. – Holy cow. Next up Devan, let’s try our mushrooms. Oh my gosh. – Oh yeah – Oh man, oh I just spilt my sparkles. – Oh no! – This one’s super messy. Ready! – Yeah, I’m ready! – [Both] Three, two, one. – Bro, so good. – That’s the best thing ever. Next up we’re going for Star Wars. Alright, here’s my guy. Yoda’s body. – Bro, how am I going to, wait. You already did it? Yo look, I’m going to try
to put the head back on – Alright and I’m gonna take
a giant bite of Yoda’s head. He tastes good he does. Good tastes he does. That makes no sense. – Look at that bro. You ready? – Three, two, one. (mumbling) – Dude Yoda was disgusting. That thing tastes like
a thousand years old. – What! – But it just tasted old and crusty. Spider-Man is next. Oh my gosh. – This isn’t even Spider-Man. I don’t know what you call this. – This looks really good. Its got little like
marshmallow type things on top. Here we go. – Three, two, one. – So good. – Boom. And now, time to eat the unicorn. But first, comment down below, what are
some other things you would love to see us turn into cupcake art. We’re going to start
right now with the snout. Yo, take it and dip it in my freckles. – Wait I wanna dip it! – Stop. Three, two, one. – The pink, so good. Holy cow! I have to get all of
Freckles letters all into one cupcake right now. And this is the final cupcake. – Bro, I wanna try some of that. – Alright, go for it. Three, two, oh by the way, five, technically – [Both] Five, four, three, two, one. Done. – Love you guys!
– Bye. Oh so good. I need more of that. – [Both] Bye

Dereck Turner

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