Cultural Appropriation: Whose problem is it? BBC Stories

Cultural Appropriation: Whose problem is it? BBC Stories

How do you define cultural appropriation? Oh my God! You’re not trying to appreciate anything, you’re literally just stealing it. “If you’re not Hindi, you can’t wear a bindi”. And I thought, really? Is that what it’s come to now? There is a lot of cultural appropriation, I believe. Only for festivals, yes. I mean I can’t wear this at a regular day at the office, let’s say that. At the end of the day, that is someone’s heritage. I define cultural appropriation as taking something from a culture that isn’t your own and not giving the full or any sort of residue of credit back. When one racial group, in their history has taken from a different racial group and then in future being currently, wearing the same thing like a slap in the face. It’s dancing that line between being ignorant and understanding. At the end of the day that is someone’s heritage. And I think in order to understand that on a deeper level I think you almost have to understand racism on a deeper level as well. Wearing a bindi… I get weird comments. One person asked me if it was an implant. I don’t know how to respond to that really. The same people that say it’s racist to say that, a white person can’t wear a bindi are probably the same people that don’t necessarily understand that people have been aggressively downtrodden on for wearing that item. I don’t usually go to festivals, But that was probably the most upset I’ve been about but that was probably the most upset I’ve been about cultural appropriation because I felt powerless being there, being surrounded by a lot of people who wouldn’t understand. And it’s just… when I see other people doing it without any repercussions It just makes me think, why can’t I just be? I can’t wear that myself and just have people treat me normally. When you are part of a culture for example, that society has told you how you look is wrong, for someone to then take that and then say, “Well I’m going to do it because it’s fashionable and its cool now but it’s a music festival so who cares?” It’s very ignorant to the people that have had to go through those things. In a city like London, you have to have aspects of people taking on other cultures otherwise everything’s just segregated. We’re this huge melting pot where, you know, the Caribbean meets Cockney It shapes you differently. It shapes what you eat, it shapes what you wear, it shapes what music you listen to. There’s so many aspects that then fit into you know, the festival scene. This is an outfit from Cote D’ivoire in West Africa. If I like wearing it, I like wearing it. Someone about to put on their bindi and they said: “Oh I cant wear a bindi”. I said, “Why was that?” And they said, “Well because of cultural appropriation”. Definitely if someone was telling me that they felt offended, I would definitely offer to take a seat and to talk about it. But I think being open minded also comes in both ways and maybe they have to understand it’s not an offence it’s more like a celebration. I don’t mind if somebody from Africa wants to wear a suit and I don’t think they mind if I want to wear their clothing as well. The first time I came to a festival, here in the UK, I wasn’t really expecting it to happen. Looks like they see other cultures as something fun. So I really got a bit woah! You know? All these people, they are dressing like that? I think a festival typically is some place you just be free. There’s an Indian guy in my group and I asked him what he thought about it. And he said, “Well its completely fine with me”. I would never buy an outfit, a cultural outfit without consulting someone. I think it’s a brilliant thing that people are just embracing fashion that emanates from different cultures. And I think that’s a really joyous thing. And I don’t see it as negative or in any sense… Insulting.
Insulting, yeah exactly. We’re all people, we’re all finding who we are. We don’t all want to stick to one thing. You know if a country was very much like stick to our culture, English culture, that’s it. The world would be even more sheltered. I mean it’s true that there’s value behind it for them. We like something and we… use it and we make it like…we bring with us. And so it’s appreciation more than appropriation I think. But I would never want to wear something and then someone be like: “Gosh you’ve really offended me there… because you’re white and I don’t think you understand my culture”. No, because I don’t think that its offensive. But I mean if it is then I would… If I knew that it were, I wouldn’t do it. But I’m not quite sure that it is. Indian culture, I feel like as English and British people we look up to that we aspire to their colours their vibrancy. If you walk down London you see it’s all black clothing everywhere. And I feel like that’s what people want to challenge at festivals. In the past, I’ve seen someone in a Native American headdress. And just said to them, “Can you name me a tribe?” And they can’t. Not one. It’s very frustrating. And I think that’s the thing, it’s that I think, what I would say to those people is just to listen. And understand that people can have different viewpoints from you and they’re not necessarily coming at it from a place of attacking you, they’re coming at it from a place of, this is my voice, and my voice isn’t necessarily always heard as much. As an individual, you’re going to be attracted to whatever aesthetics appeal to you, whatever stories appeal to you, whatever you find, through travel, through relationships, even the Internet. And it might not necessarily be something you were raised with. But what people are raised with doesn’t necessarily echo who they are. When people say they are trying to promote diversity and acceptance, I think it’s very important to remember that not everybody wants “white validation”. The point isn’t that white people need to wear things to normalise things. Seeing people who aren’t of that culture, dressed in that way, embracing it and understanding it from the food, to the language, to the music. That for me is a truer expression than putting a bindi on at a festival because you think it looks cool. I think when it comes to saying that cultural appropriation is a problem, and then saying that only white people are capable of it. That’s also up for debate because anyone can appropriate another culture. We also have to identify when it happens and white people aren’t necessarily a part of it. Because I think there’s always this demonisation of like, “White people have done this again”, or: “White people don’t get it”. I think it’s beyond white privilege and I think you can look at other examples like Nicki Minaj with “Chun Li”. I think if you do it, you have to be consistent with it. It takes a lot of time when you become an adult to unlearn all the small, racist things people have said to you as a child. and all the feeling ashamed of your own culture because it feels so weird to white people. How can you embrace and feel like you’re embracing a culture, if the people of that culture aren’t happy with you embracing it. So if you are happy to do that and align with that are you truly embracing a culture in the first place?

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Cultural Appropriation: Whose problem is it? BBC Stories

  1. Sneg8 says:

    Looking down on other cultures and people is bad. Picking up something from a nother culture is good. This means that we are communicating with other people.

  2. CoellnBrueder says:

    If it´s "cultural appropriation" whenever a white girl dresses up as Pocahontas or any other ethnic figure, isn´t a black man in a suit, a car or even sneakers also cultural appropriation? Or is white man´s heritage open for everyone to take?

  3. Ggh Bgtdg says:

    Do what you want and if it offends someone well sounds like their problem not yours keep doing it they can go away. You have a life they don't so they focus on you doing what you want they should have no say in what you do.

  4. Aubrey Penrose says:

    Cultural appropriation is about taking aspects of another culture, that is not your own, then turning it into a costume or caricature and creating a parody of that culture. It is not about a white woman wearing a beautiful Qipao to a dinner date or an Asian guy wearing a sexy kilt to a wedding! We need to get things into perspective! So I have friend's who are white British and now live in certain Asian countries, being fully immersed in the cultures they now live in. Would it be wrong for them to dress in say traditional Korean clothing?

  5. Lance Ladner says:

    I am Latino and I have an honest to God question for everyone. Can someone please explain to me why white people are the only people who can’t do this or can’t do that? This is all stupid as hell. According to this cultural appropriation, white people aren’t allowed to dress a certain way, wear their hair a certain way, or they will be deemed as racist? Come on people this is so stupid 🤣🤣🤣 nobody wanted to say anything about when Nicki Minaj made that “Chun Li” music video. 😂 ALL of y’all were on hush mouth about that!!

    Oh it’s because she’s not white. It’s all good. But God forbid if it were Katy Perry dressed as an egyptian in her “Dark Horse” video and all of a sudden the world goes nuts. 🤣🤣 well not the world, only US. 🤣Our society really needs to grow the hell up and live life to the fullest. It’s REALLY not that deep you guys. There’s people out there dying and we’re over here fighting over some white chick wearing braids like please get a hold of yourselves..😂

    Oh and by the way, other cultures like the Asians for example are flattered when other cultures borrow from them. They take it as a compliment. Why is it that our society act as if it is a damn sin if a white person dresses like “their culture”? 🙄 like get over yourselves for real. 😂 y’all do realize that this is just one example of why other countries sit back and laugh at America’s foolery right? They laugh at our never ending racism and our new profound “Cultural Appropriation” 🤣 we are like a reality TV series to these foreign countries because we as a whole are so damn ignorant. Smh…

    It just amazes me how we want racism to end but in the same damn sentence we are quick to pop off on someone for wearing this or doing that all because we don’t think they should be allowed to do whatever they are doing due to the color of their skin. Isn’t this a bit ironic? Now think about that for a second. 🤔

    👋🏻👋🏼👋🏽👋🏾👋🏿 Remember we ALL bleed red at the end of the day.

  6. Coding Grunt says:

    Noone owns culture because every culture has been influenced by many other cultures to make something new..How can you pinpoint what every tiny thing came from where?


    If we are going to be serious about this, I, as a North American of European descent, demand that the rest of the world stop using electricity, air travel, modern medicine, the printing press, the internet, classical music, hamburgers, and any form of internal combustion engines. Fair enough ?

  8. TheVertical92 says:

    Damn these People have Problems…
    These Crybabys should care about serious Problems. People like this are actually a Part of Racism, because they dont see themselfs as just a Human. They are the ones that see Peoples Color, Culture etc.. We are all just Humans.
    If someone is offended because i appreciate thier creative cloth without knowing the Backround, then come to me and tell me. Im always interested in other cultures.

  9. Wilson Flores says:

    We can all appreciate creativity. Oh I forgot, the leftists are at it again.

  10. Xi Jinping says:

    I wear what I want and cut the hair the way I want, if you hate me for that then so be it.

  11. Preet Srivastava says:

    Art defies and defines culture. The lineage of inspiration is tricky. Tracing lineage is not impossible. That said, who gives credits? What culture is pure? What's more impossible — deciding what percentage of blood belongs to what race or deciphering what percentage of art is derived from cultural appropriation, appreciation or one's personal journey. The issue is less of ownership and more of respect. Cultural Appropriation seems to be more of an issue where there is an underlying cultural pathology of a lack of sensitivity towards the sacred. This seems to be overlaid by an ethnocentric exaggerated defense of a specific culture above the rest. The issue is fundamental ethnocentrism – the idea of cultural superiority. The idea that the world is at one's disposal. When cultural meaning is used as disposable symbols, offence and defense is taken, the Swastika (卍).

  12. Riya Chalil says:

    I completely agreed with the Indian girl!!

  13. Imasha says:

    I Think a lot of people in the comment section dont get the point. It's not about that white people are not allowed to wear these type of clothes. It's that white people can wear it and its festive. But when I walk around with a bindi I always get make fun of it. Without a doubt always. And that makes me sad

  14. Heidi Babb says:

    Embracing other cultures is the most beautiful thing. I would love for another culture to embrace Britishness and celebrate it! What an honour! Respect is always important and as long as that is maintained I don't see a problem with a white person wearing Indian dress. I just LOVE India, the fabrics, beautiful colours and all the handwork of embroidery. Amazing…

  15. Carson Young says:

    It's the problem of those claiming offense. You don't own a culture. You know why? Because you didn't create it. Stop being morons

  16. In Your Room You Say says:


  17. Chris Adams says:

    Dumb. No one owns culture. It keeps the economy going when clothes retailers around the world make international sales. Cultural appropriation is not a real issue. It's just privileged people with victim mentalities making up problems to complain about.

  18. Robert Francis says:

    Can these black and Indians go back to their own countries please

  19. Dude says:

    Cultural appropriation is best described as yet more complete bollocks pedalled by some moronic dimwits who have even less common sense than they have understanding of the development of societies.

  20. Zachary says:

    I mean if they want to keep their clothes and stuff by all means, but then you cant appropriate westerner's culture? So please stop driving cars, flying in airplanes, quit using your computers and the internet…man the list could go on and on and on.

  21. David H Cobbald says:

    What a load of absolute bullshit. So what then is the point of visiting other countries and learning about their culture and history if all it is gonna be classed as cultural approprotian?? Might as well all just go backwards to segregation again and be done with it.

  22. Evo Sagan says:

    BBC have balanced it okay for Me.
    If ye are wearing these things at a festival, perhaps You should know about their origins, but it's not something to get mad about. People are just trying to have fun ffs!

    It's like Me taking offence at someone wearing green on Paddy's day, that's not from Ireland!

  23. Trevon Brown says:

    If you wear native American headdress you are not culture appropriating when you wear a native American headdress and call it something else and say your people created it that's cultural appropriation these people don't know what culture appropriation is but I do cause I'm black and our culture is ripped off world wide more than any other culture. More in Korea than any where else our culture is ripped off and not only are we not given credit but they lay claim to it.

  24. marco sanchez says:

    even Halloween costumes are more controversial.. but festival costumes?? those are pieces of art!

  25. Ricekook o人o says:

    something that has a great value, meaning and history behind shouldn’t be worn just for aesthetics and fashion. For generations people have been looked down upon for wearing their traditional clothings etc. But now you’re saying it’s okay to wear it like it has no meaning, these people still get to keep their privileges whereas for us it’s a different story. I’m not saying everyone but majority of people have normalised things like this.

  26. SamLazer says:

    I know who's problem it is: SJW's problem

  27. Pi says:

    If you call it cultural appropriation you should be round up put in a pit and shot

  28. Honey Matthews says:

    Being white and British, I know our history was bloody. I know we invaded and killed and cleansed, but that doesn't reflect on the majority of us today. I do not remotely associate with my history, so to use it against us today is just stupid. I know it's not the biggest issue in the world, but we are living in a world where we are more united than ever before. Yes there are still racial issues that do need addressing, but I feel things like this is punishing people for things they didn't do and don't like in their cultures history.
    If the use of someone's culture is completely disrespectful, I understand the upset. But when it comes to white people and dreads, or specific clothing, I find it quite ridiculous.
    A lot of clothes worn by other cultures are absolutely stunning. The same with ornaments and decor. Why hate on people who like these things? They're appreciating the culture you have. And let's be honest, British culture is hanging 'live laugh love' signs everywhere.

    If someone does not recognise the struggles of a culture, then I can understand the frustration. But at the end of the day, we are all the same species, let's just allow one another to share and enjoy our history and the amazing things that have come from it.

  29. Honey Matthews says:

    As long as someone understands the meaning behind something and appreciates the heritage, and allows those of the culture to do so and stand up for them, then I don't see an issue.

  30. William Turner says:

    If people don't understand what has been gone through, take their interest as a chance to teach. If they don't care that is a problem but it is minimally related to whether someone wears something of another culture.

  31. Kc Flick says:

    I call bullshit on cultural apropreation. You are NOT your culture. You are an intelegent organism using technology. Yes cloths are technology.

    All humans true culture is to be nude in the woods

  32. DEL says:

    Guess I won’t be ordering a curry or Mexican food tonight then 🧐🧐🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  33. Aashma Pathak says:

    If you really think about it’s the same problem as “can you wear a band shirt if you don’t listen to their songs?”

  34. Kawaii Potter Potato says:

    People should respect different cultures, nourish them and expand them, therefore welcome people in, invite them to get to know your culture, to learn about it. We should not exclude people from our culture or circles based on our differences, if sb for example moves to India and wishes to wear a sari, then they are not insulting your culture, but instead trying to understand it. And who is anyone to say to sb not to wear sth due to the fact that they are already wearing it? Culture is not owned by anyone.

  35. Girls Tor says:

    This video took a balanced look at the conundrum of Appropriation. I do feel like people need to stop being enraged and dismissive and just be open minded to the other side’s arguments. I wrote a quick guide on what I believe would be appropriation and what is appreciation. Feel free to disagree but don’t insult me.


    Wearing a sari

    Wearing a kente cloth shirt

    Eating authentic Mexican, Indian, and other foreign foods

    Wearing a kimono

    Wearing cornrows

    Celebrating Chinese New Year.

    Dancing authentic hula and wearing the kapa and ti-leaf skirt with the flora specific to the deities of that story


    Naming a team the Redskins

    Wearing a war bonnet (seriously guys, it’s a military and political honor. You wouldn’t wear a cheap Purple Heart to a music festival would you?)

    Wearing a bindi if you are not Hindu or a Hindu convert(yes non-Indians can wear bindis if they subscribe to the Hindu faith)

    Wear a plastic lei and plastic grass skirt with a coconut bra and meaninglessly flapping your arms claiming to dance hula

    Putting on a party city leprechaun outfit for St. Patrick’s Day

    Feel free to disagree. Treat other cultures with respect but learn and appreciate them.

  36. Odetuber says:

    Okay, if there was an African festival and you decided to go there and wear a traditional piece of Cameroonian/ Tanzanian/Nigerian/Egyptian clothing I would honestly appreciate it. As someone who is half African I like when people accolage all the different cultures in Africa and as long as you doesn’t mock the culture. It is 100% okay

  37. Mironian says:

    According to cultural appropriation only Greek that worship the pantheon can take part in the Olympics

  38. Tanveer Ahmed says:

    When I see people from different backgrounds wearing my cultural clothing or eating our food, I feel like I'm being appreciated and most brown people I think would agree with that. Even though I was born in Canada, I never felt offended by other people celebrating our culture. People nowadays are just looking to be offended.

  39. chanctonbury63 says:

    The whole issue is pathetic. Just another niche to be shafted by the clipboarding jobsworth brigade.

  40. Carlos Pimenta says:

    Well, I guess, from now on, only americans are allowed to wear jeans. And when native americans call them self Latinos, isn't that cultural appropriation? This is just ridiculous. Throughout history All cultures trade their stuff with each others , and all cultures adapt stuff from other cultures in theirs because of that, now is supposed to be some issue to be dealt. This is just anti-white propaganda, that's why the word "white" starts to pop up in the end of the video.

  41. Eagle Flies says:


  42. spiko 1337 says:

    No 1 should care what you wear if you like it, unless ur private parts r showing or something 😭😂

  43. bop says:

    Can you guys please stop wearing jeans and t-shirts because your cultural appropriating the white culture and I really don't like it and think that its quite racist.

  44. Andrés Gómez Emilsson says:

    You can't really appropriate anything because there is nothing to appropriate to begin with. There are no essences. All there are is focal (Schelling) points. Using other people's Schelling points can be upsetting to them. At the same time, a lot of those hurt feelings come from attachment to something that never was, i.e. this phantasmagoric idea of "heritage". We are all one consciousness, and our ancestors are not part of us. That's an illusion which Buddhists have known for a long time. There is no essence to your culture. There is no "it" when it comes to groups of people. There is just grasping and attachment, which can be explained as cultural narcissism. Hence, I would say, we should be able to use any low-entropy pattern we want, whenever we want. Unless, of course, we all coordinate in a positive sum game to use low-entropy patterns wisely in a way that contributes to the whole of consciousness. Then it would make sense to point out when people are not following the rules, which are agreed upon for a good reason, rather than grasping and attachment, which is bad for all of us.

  45. yaronimus maximus says:

    preaches on cultural appropriation. tatooed the Nefertiti bust on her arm. what would the queen say about a commoner "stealing" her image and stripping it from it's HOLY and RELIGIOUS meaning?
    the thing is, i don't think it's a bad thing. she does seem hypocrite, but unlike her i believe that what she calls "cultural appropriation" is a beautiful and natural process.

    culture is not set in stone, it is alive, ever changing, ever expanding, ever gaining new meanings. we cannot adhere to the original meaning because: 1. we cannot live in the past or relive the past. 2. to adhere to this view would mean cultural stagnation, misunderstanding, and division.

    instead, we can: honor the past and / or give it new meanings, so it may stay relevant. even honoring the past means giving it a new and relevant meaning.

  46. Brian Smith says:

    Does that mean Drag queens are sexual appropriation?

  47. Franz Ferdinand says:

    "No." That's how you respond to someone asking you if its an implant. If you want to sound smart, which I do not recommend as you clearly aren't, you can also extend the response to "No, it is not an implant".

  48. vikotto says:

    Cultural appropriation is using things of other cultures for enjoyment. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. I don’t need to know, appreciate or honor that culture. All I care is that it looks good on me. I do have an issue with people that say they invented or came up with the idea when clearly they didn’t.

  49. 50% off Bleach says:

    When black people say the n word it’s cultural appropriation and theft because white people said it first

  50. Queen laqueefa says:

    It's an excuse for wankers of color to bash white people.

  51. Abby Arlena says:

    Does anyone happen to know Ayesha’s Instagram or twitter handle? X

  52. JJ says:

    This is only a racists problem. Let people wear what they want.

  53. Someguy020 says:

    1:36 Say no and laugh goddamit!

  54. Honest Comments says:

    White people are appropriating Yoga because you cannot take Hinduism out
    of yoga. Yoga is founded by Hindus. Ever since Beatles learn yoga
    about and took it to West, Westerners have been making money out of it.

    Thank you for admitting that westerners are appropriating yoga. it
    makes them uncomfortable that when you practice yoga you are praying to
    Hindu gods so they deny that yoga is Hindu practice.

  55. Honest Comments says:

    White people are appropriating Yoga because you cannot take Hinduism out
    of yoga. Yoga is founded by Hindus. Ever since Beatles learn yoga
    about and took it to West, Westerners have been making money out of it.

    Thank you for admitting that westerners are appropriating yoga. it
    makes them uncomfortable that when you practice yoga you are praying to
    Hindu gods so they deny that yoga is Hindu practice.

  56. On Taka says:

    And the BBC is making a headline where Justin Trudeau dressed up as Aladdin, wearing blackface at a fancy dress party nearly 20 years ago.

  57. Whitney Ryshae says:

    TELL ME! Is this cultural appropriation? Country living is my culture. I"m surrounded by country folks. Born and raised around cornfields. Many friends and family are farmers. Yet, I find this video utterly hilarious. I would love it more if he was wearing a cowboy hat and boots. People need to calm down, slow their roll, get their panties unwadded. If I want to dress up as a sexy cowgirl, native american, british colonial, english maid, ninja, japanese anime, geisha, african queen, arabian princess, or even Jesus…. shouldn't matter. Do we not dress up like the devil? IT'S THE DEVIL. Yet people would be less offended of Lucifer himself than an indian costume. If a young white girl wants to wear a geisha dress to prom or a victorian dress shouldn't matter. Quit being victims, people! Get your own house in order before you criticize the world.

  58. mudpuddlestruck bylightning says:

    I love the Balkans – do I need an approved list or commissar to tell me how to act, what to eat and how to speak, when I'm down there?
    Trust the BBC to take this shit seriously and not mock it for the ludicrous crap that it so obviously is.

  59. 22grena says:

    Cultural Appropriation Day is 17th March.

  60. MrCbirtwis says:

    Doesn't adopting and accepting ideas/practices from other cultures lead to a unified world race where you can see yourself in others and they see themselves in you? This will never happen if things like clothing, music, and spiritually are out of bounds for out-groups. Cultural appropriation seems like a misguided, often racist, way to separate people based on where they were born.

  61. Purrbox says:

    Anybody that is offended by clothes shouldn't be living in Britain. Trust the BBC to champion something as ridiculous as this.

  62. Tania Yunuén Santiago Hernández says:

    Is the Nefertiti tattoo in the African girl's arms is cultural apropriation?

  63. ChordFunc says:

    Whenever I see an African person hold an iPhone I think to myself. "How rude to appropriate American culture like that".
    I'm kidding of course. Cultural appropriation is not anyone should take seriously. If you like something from a culture then adopt it as your own and let it influence your life in a positive way.

  64. ChordFunc says:

    4:12 – Ohhh no, "fun"…. that's horrible! For fuck sake, grow up.

  65. ChordFunc says:

    6:10 lol, this girl should really take her own advice…

  66. ChordFunc says:

    8:18 "white people", lol.

  67. Gk says:

    Theres a thing called freedom. Free to wear what you want and express yourself how you want as long as your not physically harming anyone. This is so beyond ridiculous if only they could see how much they have copied as well.

  68. Funny How says:

    All these silly cultural appropriation videos prove one thing.

    That blacks are the most petty and jealous group of people on the planet.

  69. robin mcgregor says:

    Ayesha has Egyptian tattoos. Clearly an English woman. Shut up 🙄

  70. Ojberretta Berretta says:

    OK africans and asianss pls stop wearing suits and ties also stop driving cars because i dont see you appreciating it

  71. antigen4 says:

    and yet this is being explained to us by a black person wearing a TATTOO? uh huh right – let's talk about THAT

  72. Third Sonn says:

    I hope Ayesha and Karishma never get a position of power because they will destroy freedom. These women need to have childeren soon because they have to much time 'appropriating' speech that they don't understand

  73. milk before cereal says:

    If only people put this much energy into actually helping important causes the world would be a much better place. Shame people are selfish and like to victimise themselves as much as possible to seek superiority.

  74. Louise White says:

    It is very bad manners to pass comment on what clothing, jewellery, footwear, cosmetics, hairstyle, or cologne that another person wears, and to my knowledge this rule is the same the world over, if something looks ill fitting or unsuitable then it is okay to tell your nearest and dearest only if and when your opinion is requested, it is rude and wholly inappropriate to tell strangers what they should or should not be wearing, we are all taught this as children, you would not walk up to a stranger and tell them you did not like their skirt or hat, if you personally dislike what someone chooses to wear, and you are very familiar with the person you could tell them that you are offended by what they choose to wear, and explain why, and then you would both have the choice of whether or not you continue the friendship, I do not particularly like festival thongs, but I dont know anyone personally that wears them so I feel it is not my place to tell others not to wear them

  75. Ali Yavan says:

    Cultural appropriation doesn’t exist.

  76. Gabriel Incognito says:

    Who's problem is it? The mentally challenged.

  77. Simon Trent says:

    You do realise you've been appropriating our culture for decades? If this practice is soooo deplorable, how about you go back to whatever s**thole your ancestors came from and stop appropriating our wonderful highly evolved culture. I hear cannibalism and non-stop tribal warfare can be really rewarding!

  78. Mary Sanchez says:

    Definition:' stealing it without "doing the time."

  79. banana fish says:

    You can never tell me its appreciation when white people frollic in headdresses after years of trying to force assimilate native americans and destroy all traces of their culture. That is a massive slap in the face, and though the intentions may not be malicious, its just very ignorant.

  80. banana fish says:

    The problem is that these cultural items were something that society looked down upon until a white girl decided that it was suddenly cool.

  81. Sometrash 1 says:

    There’s no such thing as cultural appropriation. If you live in a diverse country full of race and culture you will realise that they actually like it when other people wear their traditional dress or really anything about their culture because that means people love their culture. Plus,this is targeted more towards white people. For exp: white people cant wear dreadlocks. How about black people then? Should they not be able to wear jeans? I mean,white people created that stuff

  82. Danish says:

    A black woman, portraying a tattoo of Nefertiti, which has ZERO black features! What do you call that? I call it hipocritical.

  83. Majin Snake says:

    All the people from different races who whine about cultural appropriaton should stop using everything which was invented in white etc. countries.

  84. Wanda Woman says:

    Same people championing multiculturalism are pushing for cultural segregation.

  85. Francis Bawasanta says:

    You can do what you want, but hopefully you do it with some respect. Maybe cultural items are ok but I can see traditional religious garb being on that line which my turn some heads. Hopefully it brings people closer and they gain more understanding.

  86. saiello2061 says:

    Whoever invented the concept of cultural appropriation, the advocates and the concept itself need to be shot in the face and buried in a shallow grave. End of story.

  87. Nora Muldowney says:

    You should be able to wear what you want this is ridiculous 🙄 we are all human !!!!!!!!! This political correctness is gone crazy. What's happening to society I fear for the future population of this planet …if you say anything do anything it will be scrutinised beyond belief …something is going on here making everyone argue about every little thing has anyone noticed that the last 6 years or so…keeping people occupied with correctness so they don't notice other shit in the world ….

  88. Automaticbill says:

    Almost everyone in the comments have the wrong definition of cultural appropriation & and are basing their openions on it.🤦‍♀️

  89. Rob G says:

    It’s just a way for liberals to hate white people for no reason

  90. Bonus Malus says:

    She's got a tattoo picturing an Egyptian. Egyptians lived 4.000 years B.C.

    Still talking about cultural appropriation

  91. Hexa Decimal says:

    Cultural appropriation. What an absolute waste of peoples time. A drummed up reason to be offended, if your offended by some French dude wearing a sombrero then get off your stupid social media mirror and go out more.

  92. Agatha Acris says:

    Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland and he invented the telephone so unless you are a White British please return your phone to us and stop appropriating our culture.
    Please and thank you.

  93. Travis B says:

    Utilizing oxygen is appropriating plant culture.

  94. Willow B says:

    The British woman speaking is not Egyptian yet has an Egyptian tattoo on her arm. Yet she says "Cultural appropriation" is wrong?

  95. Sprink Hole says:

    Stop speaking in English. That's cultural appropriation. SEE HOW STUPID THAT IS?

  96. Doyouknowwhatupdoggis Help says:

    Just respect the culture that your using. Hell respect it and also help those people who's culture your taking from. This all includes fashion, Art, Ideas and religion. Racism Is still going on if y'all like it or not. You can turn a blind eye on it and say it's not, btw that a lot of privilege showing. People are still being attacked just because they look a certain way.

  97. A Little Wheiser says:

    Cultural appropriation is a myth. Only Americans believe in cultural appropriation. People dress up in festival clothing because it's their chance to wear something beautiful they wouldn't have the chance to wear.

  98. Lyalya D says:

    The headdress is an issue for sure. This iconic/leadership symbol isn't just given to anyone and the fact its displayed in such a careless way as a "costume" is disrespectful. This is a great example of colonialism. In which, removes and creates indigenous people into myths. Because of these acts, this continues to devalue the Nationhood of indigenous people. Same with this whole comment section

    Also, this wouldn't be an issue if we didn't have a history of genocide due to being indigenous and the practices that were stripped from us. Also, take into account the current injustices happening presently. Therefore, people saying this isn't cultural appropriation is sadly mistaken and are willfully ignorant or carrying out a sinister agenda since colonialism started.

  99. Archie the Afrikaner says:

    Any black women with a weave is cultural appropriation

  100. xExtremelyTiredxx says:

    The only point were it becomes offense is when they knowingly mock a culture. Like woah Vicky wearing braids and saying she is black. Culture of all kinds are so beautiful and should be celebrated and shared and bring people to together to create a beautiful colorful world not divide us and make us hate each other. Who you should hate is the people who oppress culture by saying you can’t wear (traditional clothing) or you can’t wear your hair like, not the girl/guy that loves the beauty of the cultures clothing. We have this mentality that oh because some asshole said I couldnt wear this that means that Ashley from school can’t celebrate dios de los muertos. In reality the people who want to wear/do something from a different culture, like that culture and most likely never tell you to stop being you. It’s so ignorant to assume that everyone has such nasty intentions and that they’re not aware of the issues cultures have to go through (ngl some are). Let’s not forget it’s America who is mainly pressed over this. I’m mixed btw and would find it more ridiculous for someone to deny a whole cultures beauty. Some of y’all are just sound lowkey racist. like y’all want it to be the early 1900s we’re mixing races was considered a crime

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