Crossing Arts Alliance Holds Class on Making Krumkake Cookies

Well, the holiday season is always a
great time to make some seasonal sweet treats, and last week, a few Brainerd
Lakes area residents took part in the Crossing Arts Alliance’s first-ever
instructional class on how to make a unique Christmas cookie. A krumkake is
a Scandinavian waffle cookie made of flour, butter, eggs, sugar, and cream. A
group of about 20 people gathered to learn how to make that dessert that
originates from Norway. For members in the class, it’s not about just simply
making a cookie, but rather the importance of heritage and keeping
family traditions strong. Many of us celebrate just the way our ancestors did
when they came over in the 1800s and the 1900s, and so that’s such a connection
back to our our relatives back there. My krumkake iron was used by my
grandmother and me and my mother, so has just special memories every time we make –
I make crumb cake on it. Now, I’m passing it on to the next generation. With the
turnout the Crossing Arts Alliance had from the first ever krumkake class,
they’re hoping to continue to have more in the future.

Dereck Turner

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