Crochet Border – Picture Frame

Crochet Border – Picture Frame

Dereck Turner

7 thoughts on “Crochet Border – Picture Frame

  1. Simal Majumder says:


  2. Linda Giacomozzi says:

    I love love his picture frame border I am making a throw,afghan this is the perfect border for it Thank you Mikey

  3. grandma beanzzz m says:

    lovely tfs mikey

  4. C Colon says:

    just a random question, did you make your sweater?

  5. Brigida Flores says:

    Lovely thank you mickey!

  6. Jeanniepeterson473 peterson says:

    what is thoughts about the magic join

  7. A Literary Adventure says:

    love this video! helped me put a broader for the first time!

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