Creating Custom T-Shirts – Adding Artwork in Place of Text

Creating Custom T-Shirts – Adding Artwork in Place of Text

– The CustomInk Design Lab
has lots of great fonts. But did you know that you can
use artwork instead of text. Let me show you what I mean. Let’s practice by making a shirt for the high school baseball team. I just searched baseball and found this artwork. I kind of want the baseball to be white. So by selecting, show
the white in my image, the Design Lab will show the white in that piece of artwork. I also want the name of
this school’s mascot. So lets try searching that too. There are a few nice
options to choose from, but I like this one. Now lets search the word design. Again, a lot to choose from, but I want this to be the background for all of my other artwork. We’ll leave all the pieces at the bottom at the shirt for easy layering later on. Lets use the large shape like a background which can be a good way to bring different styles of artwork together. We’ll put the baseball artwork on top and then we can layer
the name of our mascot above the baseball art. Awesome. Now we have a cool team shirt that didn’t require and text. Try using artwork instead of text for your next t-shirt design. Keep creating.

Dereck Turner

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    Is there anyway you can do custom print

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