Crazy Good Lightroom TIPS You Should Know!

Crazy Good Lightroom TIPS You Should Know!

I’m gonna share with you my favorite
Lightroom tips and tricks for 2019 and some really cool shortcuts that I use to
speed up my whole editing process so let’s get into it okay so let’s say you
have this photo with a white background you want to set the right exposure
levels but also the dark levels the shadows you have the histogram up here
but if you are just starting out with editing in Lightroom maybe it’s a bit
hard for you to understand the histogram so what you can do is to hold down alt
or option and remember alt is a magic key in different sections of Lightroom
so hold down alt or option and drag the exposure slider to the right until you
start to see pixels the completely blown out areas are in white so you need to
make sure you avoid them seeing just a few pixels is not a problem at all but
you don’t want to have something like this so I will drag the slider back to a
better position you let go of the Alt key and here we go you just made your
photo much better a bonus tip here you can hold down alt and use some other
sliders from the basics section as well so for example if I want to make sure I
don’t have 100% black pixels in the image I just hold down again alt or
option grab the shadows slider and bring it to the left when I start to see black
pixels I just dial it back just a few steps and here we go you just took good
care of the blackest parts in your image and before tip number 2 let me say a big
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workshops okay back to tip number two which is about the background let’s take
this photo and by the way this was the thumbnail for the review of this amazing
light you’ll find a video on the channel or down in the description as you
already know YouTube for example has a white background when you search for
videos so in order to maximize the effect of the thumbnail you need to make
sure you’re working on the same background as the website or any other
platform when working for clients so in Lightroom you can change the background
lightness you just have to right-click outside your image and then switch to
white or any other shades of grey which are listed here you don’t have 50 shades
of grey but it’s still worth it you know I can choose for example white so now
you can simulate how the image will look like on a website now if you enjoy
watching this video and you find these tips useful please hit the like it will
help me a lot and if you have other tips to share please leave them the comments
below okay so let’s get back to tip number
four this is a great tip when syncing files very fast so you probably know
already that after you edited one photo and you have a series where you want to
apply exactly the same editing you press shift select all the photos and then you
press sync this window pops up and lets you choose which of the settings you
want to sync with the other photos but there is a much quicker way to do it and
here is how you just hold down alt or option and then press sync you’re
welcome all your photos have the same edits now and the process was much
faster tip number five this one is quick so there are often times when you just
want to take a look at your photo without being distracted by all these
menus and sliders one method is to press L, 2 times or you press Shift + L to enter
full darkness lights off when you want to get out of that you just press L one
more time and everything is back to normal
tip number six let’s say you get back from a vacation you visited a bunch of
very cool places you have lots of photos unedited but your family and friends are
like can we see the photos when can we see the photos so you just get back to
your laptop enter the library module by pressing E that’s another tip and you
press G to enter the grid mode let’s say these are the photos from your vacation
you select the first one shift and click the last one all the photos are selected
and then click here on Auto tone so now all the photos were adjusted for the
perfect exposure individually and if you want a shortcut for this it’s ctrl + u
and it will do the same thing except that you’re moving much faster and if
you don’t believe me you can just enter the develop module by pressing D make
sure you have the basic tab opened here on the right side and then if you select
each photo you will see that the slider positions are different so every single
photo was Auto toned separately which is very cool number seven entere the crop
mode by pressing R you’ll notice this grid
it’s the most popular it’s the rule of thirds but this is not the single one
just press o a few times and you will be like oh there are some other grids and
I did I knew about them well now you know cycle between them learn about them
experiment and choose what’s the best for you number eight you are editing
a photo you have multiple tabs open on the right side you want to go down to
curves then go to split toning then back to the basic tab and then it’s a whole
mess okay so go with your mouse over the top of any panel from here on the right
side and choose solo mode and now you’ll work in one panel at a time the rest of
them are closed now you can see them better and your workspace is much
cleaner you work in the curves panel everything else is closed you want
defects everything else is collapsed that’s a nice tip and it’s one of my
favorites tip number 9 this is a cool tip when you want to use split toning
you normally choose a color for the bright parts and another color for the
shadows you lower the saturation and so on but you don’t see exactly what you’re
doing there so what I like to do is to have more control over the process so I
hold down again alt or option key and Lightroom will show me the exact color
cast that I will have in the shadows so let’s say I want to blue tone here okay
Lightroom is doing a simulation for me I choose the color I let go of the alt or
option and then grab the saturation slider and raise it then I take the
highlight slider I hold down alt choose a nice orange and then push the
saturation slider to the right until I feel the image looks okay so I think
this method of using the split toning section is much better is much quicker
and it’s more efficient because you can see clearly what colors are you choosing
for the highlights and for the shadows and tip number 10 the tone curve panel
in Lightroom is very very powerful and helpful but sometimes adding points and
moving is like a pain if you just want to make
subtle adjustments so if I want to add a new point on this line when I add it
there is a chance to move it and I don’t want that so here’s the trick
hold down alt or option when you add points or make adjustments trust me you
will love this because you have more control over the whole process
especially when you want to collaborate using curves you can move the point
slowly and position them very accurately so as I told you the alt or option key
in Lightroom is just like a hero so these are my top 10 lightroom tips and
tricks for today tell me in the comments which one was your favorite make sure
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related to photo and video I’m Chris take care and see you next time
oh and by the way you can click on the screen for another video

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