Coming Up With New Artwork Concepts and Inspiration

Hey guys! It feels like long time no see
because I haven’t done a kind of vlog-style video like this in ages, and it
feels like I haven’t done a video in ages either because I didn’t upload one
last week, and there’s a reason for that, and it’s because last Wednesday was my
25th birthday! So I decided to kind of take some time off and just relax
because I spent most of the days that week going out… you know, celebrating,
buying stuff, that kind of thing. So I thought I’d just, yeah, relax and let
myself just enjoy myself because we’re all allowed to do that on our birthdays.
But yeah, so that was a really awesome birthday. I had an amazing time, like a whole
amazing month because my birthday was on the 31st of January, so I went out many
times in January and I had lots of fun. But now it is back to business as usual.
So last video I did was the anatomy exercise video like where I did an
exercise practicing anatomy putting a skeleton on a figure, like a reference
photo of a figure, and since doing that I actually realised that the YouTuber
Proko – if you don’t know him he’s definitely worth looking up, he’s got
heaps of instructional videos on drawing and Anatomy figures and all that kind of
art stuff, and he puts so much effort into his videos so I will leave a link
down below to his channel. But basically there were a couple videos that I found
where he did pretty much the same kind of exercise as I was doing – so, like, putting
the skeleton over the top of a reference photo. And of course since he’s a much
better artist than I am, and he actually teaches a lot of anatomy stuff,
I thought it would be worth sharing. So the videos I’ll link below:
there’s a couple– well, there’s, there’s a… like an instructional
video where he kind of details the bones in the arms and then the legs, but then
there’s also two other videos where he gives a demonstration of placing the arm
bones and the leg bones on a reference photo, which is just kind of like the
exercise I did in my last video. So I’ll link those down below as well because they’re
really interesting to watch and he does it much better than I did. So this week
I’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming and conceptualising; just thinking up
possible artworks that I can do, because I find when I have a certain plan or
structure in place then I’m much more likely to try new things, challenge
myself, start artworks, but also I’m much more likely to finish them! I find having
some kind of plan or structure to my art keeps me much more accountable and makes me– helps me be more productive. It’s kind of like if you have a gym program you’re
much more likely to be more productive in the gym than if you didn’t have a
program and you just went into the gym every day and just kind of did whatever you
feel like. So I end up getting more done if I have some kind of plan or direction
to strive for. And I really enjoy developing concepts or ideas because it
gets me really excited to work and also it’s really motivating because you’re
getting really inspired by what you’re looking at and what you’re thinking
about, and it just challenges me to think up new ideas, but also ideas that are
closer to me and maybe a little more refined than if I just kind of grabbed a
reference photo and just copied it, kind of thing. I really want to challenge
myself to dig deep and try to convey emotions I’m feeling through my art,
and is an expression of me. My art will be a lot more personal which means that
it’ll be a lot more intimidating to share online or with other people, but I
feel like it would be really constructive and I’d get more
satisfaction out of my art… Not that I’m not getting satisfaction out of the art
I’m doing at the moment, but I guess a lot of what I’m doing is kind of more
like studies so it’s more about practice than really trying to express
myself. But basically the idea that I was– or that I have been trying to develop this week,
is like focusing on the feelings or emotions of self-discovery for a woman.
Kind of like going from a “vanilla” or boring, plain life to a much more
exciting one where she’s a lot more confident in herself and willing to try
new things and just really experience and get the most out of life, and
basically to just enjoy herself in life and have great life experiences. That kind
of… gist of things. Because I think that is kind of what I’m going through a bit
at the moment, like trying to live my life and have new experiences,
basically. So I was thinking of splitting the works into two categories; so there’d be
a “Light” category and a “Dark” category. And the Light category would kind of
symbolise the “vanilla” side of life where you’re kind of innocent and naive, in a way.
And then the Dark category would kind of symbolise uninhibitedness, and more like
pleasure and passion, that kind of thing. Like much stronger and deeper emotions.
So I’m still kind of fleshing out the idea in my head, but I have put
together lots of inspirational images, and I’ll show you guys the inspiration
that I’ve put together as, like, a kind of mood board, in a way, for two images – so
one Light one and one Dark one. So this is for the Light category image that I
am thinking of doing. And the theme I was wanting to do is “Inquisitive,” so kind of
like the beginnings of self-discovery where… I don’t know, you’re kind of
realising that there’s all this new stuff that you can learn about or… I
don’t know, like I said I haven’t really refined what I’ve been thinking about,
like I kind of… it’s at that stage where it’s in my head and I understand what
I’m feeling but I am yet to try and express it through words. And this is me
trying to express it through imagery. So I was thinking of doing a kind of
close-up of a girl’s expression, so kind of like this but maybe like a… less of a
crop that close. And then this is the colour palette that I was wanting to copy.
Kind of whites and light greys with a little pop of pastel colours. And I had a
couple of portrait pictures that I liked, these two, so it’s like a similar kind of
look that I’m wanting to go for, but I liked how these photos had a little
abstract side to them with the light reflection, but I’m still not too sure
how I’ll add an abstract part into this image. But then I also liked this makeup
look of the lips because I thought that kind of went with the naive, innocent
kind of thing I’m going for, I guess. The Dark category one is kind of hard to
show in video because most of the reference images that I’ve
got have nudity in them, but I thought these ones were alright enough to show
on YouTube. But this one’s a good example of the kind of look that I’m thinking of
going for for the Dark image. I haven’t pinned down the exact name for
the, like, feeling that I’m trying to convey, but it’s kind of like being
intoxicated by something and losing yourself a bit, and kind of like… in bliss,
or something. Not too sure, I’m still trying to work out the kinks in this one.
But kind of relaxed expression like this, and soft, moody lighting like that as
well, and I like having a rim light too. So, by kind of thinking that there’d be
soft lighting to kind of go for that mood that I’m wanting to convey, but then
the rim light would be like a pop of colour, and that would kind of represent
like a new experience, like a much deeper new feeling… I don’t know if that
makes any sense but this is what’s going through my head at the moment! But
basically that’s what I’m thinking of at the moment, that’s what the kind of work
that I have done this week. And I thought I would just film along while I just
draw up some kind of concept images trying to piece all these inspirational
images together to get the mood that I’m trying to express. So I will get cracking
on that and we shall see what I come up with in the end. This is a bit
experimental for me but that’s what I’m wanting to do, I’m wanting to challenge
myself and try new things, and try to make art that is more meaningful to me,
or kind of expresses myself, in a way. Okay, so I have some kind
of concept down, but I haven’t really added in any of the kind of abstract
stuff I want to do, which is really something that I’ve never really done
before, like having something like a realistic portrait but having abstract
features to it. Kind of like this these reference images I was talking about,
like they’ve kind of got some abstract shapes in in them, like… I dunno, I’m kind of
thinking of trying something like that. Just doing something different that I
haven’t normally done. And the way I’m approaching this is different to what I
normally do as well, so yeah, I’m keen to just try some new things and have a
different approach to my– like, the way I normally approach art. But yeah, so
I’m gonna leave it at that today because I have to see how the Dark image will go,
because it is likely to have nudity in it, I’m not sure, either way I think I’ll
leave that one for my personal time and not on YouTube because don’t know of
YouTube… how it is with nudity when it comes to art. But anyway, we’ll see how I
go with that later. But otherwise, yes this image, it’s kind of got, like, the
base of it down. I think I’ll continue to experiment with it while I’m fleshing it
out, and try to have my own twist on it so that it’s not like a copy of
the reference image that I was referencing. So yes, I’ll just continue
that and see how I go. But I’ll leave that there for this video. I think I’ll
just make it short and sweet and, yes, just kind of have a update on
what I am up to artistic-wise. Actually, one thing I might show you guys is I got a
new set of just IKEA drawers, ones that probably a bazillion other people have.
But I’ve got all my art stuff in it, which is what I really needed because I
didn’t have enough room in my drawers for all the traditional art materials
that I have, even though I don’t have that many. But anyway, I’ll show you guys
what it’s like because it’s kind of exciting. Okay, so these are my boring
IKEA drawers. Sorry, I’ve got afternoon sunlight coming through. Random camera stuff…
but, so I’ve got all my drawers and I thought this would be great because I
can put my laptop in here when I’m not using it because it takes up so much
room when I’m using my desk and I’m just using my desktop with my tablet, and I
have my laptop, and I just put it somewhere when I’m not using it, and it takes
up room. So now I’ve got it a nice, neat, little place to put it… some other
random stuff that I access every day almost. And then this drawer I’ve got
my iPad in there as well same go as the laptop –
saving room. And then just some sketchbooks and pencils, like the usual
stuff that I use… and more sketchbooks, and some writing books as well, actually
use that book for writing, like, story kind of stuff in… like, I never actually
really take the story stuff anywhere, but when I have
ideas I always want to put them down somewhere. But yes, I do do a lot of
writing, which… I enjoy it. And then I’ve got some random pencils, pens, and gouache,
which I never really use. I had to buy it for a course I did,
but I never really liked gouache much, but probably should practice it a bit
more. And that’s my little watercolour thing, which is actually really handy.
It’s nice and portable, and it’s just what I needed… get back in there.
And watercolour paper, watercolour brushes, my Copics, inks – so those are
all my different ink colours, I’ve got white, gold, and black – and then some
random calligraphy pen nib things. There are more old Copics in– well, they’re not
Copics, they’re Letraset, but markers. Bleed-proof paper, lovely sharpener, I love
these sharpeners, they’re awesome. And then I have all my acrylic paints in
here. So I still haven’t actually used these, and I really should, but at least
now they’re nice and neat. And then I’ve got a palette, like disposable palette, and
paint brushes, and canvas paper for acrylics, and yeah!
So those are my drawers. But that’s it for this video, so if you enjoyed this video and want to see more,
please like and subscribe and comment. And otherwise, I hope you guys have a
good day and I’ll see you guys in the next video!

Dereck Turner

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