Collaborative Spreadsheet Art

Collaborative Spreadsheet Art


Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Collaborative Spreadsheet Art

  1. John Headstrong says:

    nice art, but I really want that music

  2. Jakob Külzer says:

    Awesome!! And yes, the music is great, too! Anybody knows the name of the artist? 😀

  3. pbhj says:

    how do you get multiple people to edit an MS Paint canvas across the 'net, must have missed that feature …

  4. Sandy Dunlop says:

    Who mentioned anything about MS Paint?

  5. jeegd says:

    The music was made using garage band.

  6. trees91 says:

    Yeah, it's a really basic track from garage band..

    I've used the fiddle pieces before.

    That being said, I love the snowflakes ;-D

  7. Sky-net says:

    The music would make great programming/writing music, only if it lasted longer. Anyone know of any music that sounds similar?

  8. Xuan Jiang says:

    Yes, that's the first thing I did when I heard the music-jumping to google to find out. And that's why I asked if there's a similar tune of the music. Because I swear I definitely heard it before. The programmer DID a FANTASTIC job, the music is full of holiday spirit. I just like to know where he got the inspiration.

  9. Xuan Jiang says:

    Thank a million. I'll reinstall Garage band now. 😀

  10. elisabeth314 says:

    Just incredible…wow. Must've taken forever!

  11. DaVince21 says:

    Well, the video itself clearly shows how it didn't really take forever. It's nice, but so are the most impressive works of pixel art at the Pixeljoint for example.

  12. xslr says:

    pure awesome 🙂

  13. neverhadachoice says:

    no .. just marketing. it makes no false claims as to what it is.

  14. Leonardo Rodrigues Magalhães says:

    awesome !!!

  15. NeccoWecco says:

    Indian? No. Celtic, maybe.

  16. Valdrone says:

    The song would be twice as awesome if it had a didgeridoo.

  17. jbock2009 says:

    that was…AWESOME!!!

  18. Jiaqin Xu says:


  19. FancyFalcon says:

    That was an amazing video. Show us more awesome projects like this one =)

  20. Chan Qian says:


  21. ettab says:

    that roxxx!!

  22. ololh4xx says:

    obviously you dont even know what a "software engineer" is …

  23. Ghakimx says:

    Holy cow, that was too awesome.

  24. Cid yuu says:

    then don't watch youtube, since it's a part of google, DUH!

  25. vef444 says:

    "This is a really practical thing."

  26. fmbahrt says:

    OMFG Get a life

  27. Mohammed Khalid says:

    that is … too geeky and awesome
    ..just how? how can 4-5 ppl think of the same drawing 0.o

  28. dhcpy says:

    is it possible to do the "zoom in/out" in google docs now??

  29. Rafael Luft says:


  30. Nebnampach says:

    looks like waste of time… but a good waste of time

  31. Julien Tremblay says:


  32. 1024zer says:

    now i can replace all my macros. 100+ indians in delhi with OLPCs signed on to 'collaborate' with me. 0mg h4x

  33. Zanethic says:

    I really hate to say this, but I dont think that song is original, especially the intro part (0:11 – 0:26). If my memory serves me correct, that intro part sounded like a Taiwanese's singer's song intro too. I'll try to hunt that down and post it here. Great vid tho, just the music sounded too familiar…

  34. Brad Porcellato DBA Porcellato Engineering says:

    Greetings from Canada,
    My name is Brad Porcellato. Gary Levers and I have created a poem called Meaningful Metal. It is our way of thanking the coalitions fine soldiers and their often forgotten families.
    Thank you for viewing/listening,
    Brad Porcellato.

  35. lovesthetunes says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm k

  36. qweenofthestars says:


  37. crawn says:

    That music sounds alot like the intro from "LaZee – Rock Away"

  38. 521182 says:


  39. thomasamagne says:

    I think having a few of my lab associates working entering data on the same spreadsheet together will boost productivity quite a bit

  40. mrbill932 says:

    there is no I in GOOGLE

  41. farhmoha says:

    I just did a project with a friend using the google docs. Man did we save time. It was better than having us together at the same place. What normally would have took 6 hours took 2.5 including talk time. If only there was webcam was available. I'm sure there was chat but didn't figure that out yet.

  42. Augmen1 says:

    you guys have got some time…

  43. thetravellingpetsitter says:

    get a life

  44. shaunWrox says:

    cool vid

  45. illicusefan79 says:

    i would call that too much time

  46. KILLERTX95 says:

    seriously how long did that take altogether.

    and why bother.

  47. snomeister says:

    Why do people post comments like, "Get a life"? What they did in the video is a lot more productive than what you are doing now.

  48. ThatGreenhowGuy says:

    I Agree

  49. asdf ghjk says:

    Hahaha, you would have to catch all of your friends when they are all extremely bored at the same time to pull off something like this.

  50. Patrick Nelson says:

    Clearly what Google apps were intended to be used for… art.

  51. growlingmetal says:

    Art pushed at its tech limits :0

  52. fuggetaboutit90 says:

    That's pretty cool. 😀

  53. bennymcfarlane says:

    God Bless you guys!!!!!

  54. sam O says:


  55. matunos says:

    That's great… but can you create a spreadsheet with it? 😉

  56. gameprogta4 says:

    1.hold your breath
    2.go to a different video
    3. copy this comment

  57. statikeffeck says:

    this tune can be heard in the playstation game Grandia.

  58. thehungryduck says:

    I love it. Amazing products, all of them. I must say though. The Garageband samples are stupid and obvious. I would expect much more from you Google! Multimillion dollar corp. can't afford some decent music?

  59. knightofskylark says:

    sweet. Merry Chirstams

  60. handrew says:

    read the description. Music by Richard Mapes, a Google software engineer.

  61. Josh McFarland says:

    love it! well done!

  62. Thomas Atkins says:

    Thanks for all of the creative hard work all year long! I use your Docs on my website…

    Looking forward to even more magic.

  63. handrew says:

    Hey! It may be useless, but it's the coolest thing I've ever seen on YouTube!

  64. tokbutt says:

    Wow….that is cool!!!

  65. Josh Vogelgesang says:

    Very cool!

    What music was used to accompany the video?

    – Josh

  66. Katie Grenier says:

    cool =oP

  67. pandabozu says:

    there are some comments that say its from apple's garageband. most or all of it is just loops put all together from the program.

  68. Ann-Elizabeth Nash says:

    Fun! And ditto–we could not run our non-profit without your incredible work!

  69. mlevko says:

    lol i never know google had a youtube account

  70. Rexie R says:

    Now THAT is creative!

  71. Cazetz says:

    wow pretty nice i wouldn't mind having that its pretty sick

  72. dima gedevanishvili says:

    Lol Macs are better.

  73. lisamariestube says:

    Kudos on the garage band project!! It makes me feel much cooler that i don't use logic, knowing that google does the same thing!! hahah…wait..

  74. JonseySquarepants says:

    lol google on youtube 🙂

  75. Xiaowei Zhao says:

    I love!

  76. progamer Smith says:

    ояебу хуйня

  77. CheeseDeluxe says:


  78. melanyebaggins says:

    soooo coooool

  79. riosmoreno says:

    lindo ……perfecto.

  80. BestofYTChannel says:

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  81. sfbay_ says:


  82. ourtubenotyours says:

    wowsers! i just made a mess in my trousers!

  83. Artstore Uk says:

    I could imagine this becoming a too many cooks spoil the broth situation quite quickly… but great if it works!

  84. pauldonovan08 says:

    …"remember your colors…?"

    Mmmkay. Anyone else who pictured four people with NO purpose say "I." I'm not even talking about the project or the art. Whatever, it is what it is. I'm talking about the frame at 0:08. jason says "remember your colors" like it's a fucking preschool. It doesn't take much to make people feel like they're accomplishing something anymore, does it?

  85. TheRealDeathSheep says:

    @supertrinko why? this is just as possible on mac as it is on windows, fail much?

  86. Amber O says:

    @TheRealDeathSheep Wow, okay, because they didn't do that to inform the AUDIENCE of their colors in an indirect and artsy way, nope, not at all. Way to totally miss the point, dude.

  87. cabby007 says:

    Co-Op excel FTW

  88. Brad Gibbs says:

    @Moosezorz In the description, it says that the music is by Richard Mapes, a Google software engineer.

  89. KJB Lynx says:

    GoogleDocs has really become one of my favorite tools online; it just makes collaboration a lot easier when you need something simple that doesn't take effort to get to. Awesome video!

  90. Isaac Enigz Han says:

    The music was also used in one of Jay Chou's song, hope this helps..

  91. ebbb6108 says:

    how can i protect a range of cell from deletion or edition from collaborators, only owner can edit or delete from that range

  92. TheSunChamber says:

    Can't believe people get payed to do this!

  93. Frossilium says:

    I misread 0:08 as, "me: whites and gays".

  94. Braden says:

    How do I make all of the rectangles into squares really fast???

  95. estufa88 says:

    selecting all cells using the top left square and changing one column/row size

  96. Billy Markowitz says:


  97. Георгий Куприянов says:

    Did they use any script for it? 😉

  98. Setsumi -san says:

    The song has similarities with Sonic Rush's "Wrapped in Black" (CD version) song. At least for some, that's why it may sound familiar.

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