Coding Challenge #153: Interactive Drawing with Machine Learning Model (SketchRNN)

Coding Challenge #153: Interactive Drawing with Machine Learning Model (SketchRNN)

Dereck Turner

45 thoughts on “Coding Challenge #153: Interactive Drawing with Machine Learning Model (SketchRNN)

  1. JGSgamer says:

    Nice video, keep up the good work!

  2. kumaresh madiwalar says:

    You are awesome man

  3. Ilay WS says:

    Yay another video 😀

  4. Franks laboratory says:

    Wow. Love your videos. I'm trying to recreate some of your videos in vanilla javaScript on my channel.

  5. Anil Kumar says:

    I was watching your game of life video.. And got notification for new video.. ♥️

  6. VIET NAM says:


  7. Dimas Andhika Sury says:

    Thank you again great video..
    Please do NEAT tutorial with flappy brain :))

  8. TMCicuurd12b42 says:

    The abominations that are the resulting cats are halloween worthy.

  9. prince Kumar says:

    Lovely video
    Fan from india

  10. Super 8 says:

    I love your videos <3

  11. shanmukha varma says:

    Can you video in Python

  12. Adam Richard says:

    Pen Up… Pen Down… Insert Logo's Turtle Flashbacks From The 80's Here…

    The Turtle has evolved. It "thinks", now… Nice!

  13. Gabrela Amarela says:

    10:20 aaaaa miumiui miumiu miuuuu s2s2s2s2s2

  14. Neeharika Royal says:


  15. adem djek says:

    That was stonic by the way Dan can you post a similar libraries in other languages like C or python .. I love you ❤️❤️

  16. Adam Richard says:

    Dammit! AI is just on the verge to surpass my own drawing abilities!

  17. Jeya Lawrance says:

    32:36 – That's a PIG

  18. Andrea Chinello says:


    How about implementing a visualizer of Random Decision Forests algorithm in p5?

  19. farhad pshtywan says:

    Help me.
    build and implement online students attendance management system.

  20. Woven Coast says:

    Dude,, you don't need a separate array of points

  21. Jens Huib says:

    Coding challenge:
    Apollonian Gasket

  22. Hussain Salih says:


  23. jan twentyfortysix says:

    this is like watching UFO laughing to its jokes to me.. but it is funny.

  24. Boii McFacto says:

    You and CodeBullet are the best coding channels on YouTube!

  25. Marty Lardy says:

    Did u walk towards politech a few weeks ago? 🙂

  26. Ace Hardy says:

    Keep going 💪💯

  27. Patrik Postek says:

    Way too advanced for me

  28. Angel Carvajal says:

    The white magenta website!!!!!!!!

  29. Menard Ysrael Cruz says:

    Could you create a circuit simulator with p5.js? :O I want to learn.

  30. LoPhatKao says:

    10:20 when kitty finds that 20lb bag of nip

  31. ВИДЕО ОТ ДАНИЛА says:

    Rus subtitle please

  32. Lonely Buddy says:

    I think I saw you at DeKalb station this afternoon 😄

  33. TZE GOH says:

    The resemblances are uncanny !

  34. Roma Rub says:

    hello, can someone suggest in what sequence to study js on this channel since i just started to dive into this programming world and everything seems chaotic .. thanks

  35. bhaveshTiwari says:

    Dan Please make a video series on colyseus js it's an open source multiplayer node js game server only you can make us understand how it works please ..humble request from your student and subscriber

  36. Joaquin Nahman says:

    The Coding Train, could you look over a code I made for a project? the link is
    I would like to hear if there were anythings I could improve since I'm just starting to code

  37. Trance Emerson says:

    when we do machine learning do we have to connect to google to get the AI data? I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, R E A L L Y don't want to.

  38. Moz Draw says:

    Please watch this Super Hero drawing

  39. Allayna Groove says:

    Help! I keep getting this error "Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded (sketch: line 24)" which for my sketch is the 'background(220);' inside draw.
    Here's my sketch where I'm stuck –

  40. GradySwag_187 says:

    what coding system does he have ?

  41. Q is legit. Don't trust the media. says:

    God I love this channel. The content here with our wonderful teacher cures my depression.

  42. Tips Studio says:

    thanks for this awesome learning tutorials……. i really like your works….

  43. Gerydome says:

    Guys, download your quickdraw category dataset and open it here
    to play animation of it.

  44. joao espanca bacelar says:

    Very, very inspiring. Not only for learning coding but also the logical methods are brilliant. The most useful tutorials for digital arts. Thank you.

  45. oh my gosh ponies says:

    1:15 "and then can has". Did you lol car speak while drawing cat?

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