Cloud Acrylic STEP by STEP Painting Tutorial (ColorByFeliks)

Cloud Acrylic STEP by STEP Painting Tutorial (ColorByFeliks)

Dereck Turner

99 thoughts on “Cloud Acrylic STEP by STEP Painting Tutorial (ColorByFeliks)

  1. Mina Ariel says:

    Great lesson, thank you for your generous tips , I learned a lot .

  2. pastuh says:

    Its fluid paint? Or somehow heavy body?

    I got Conda.. (student version), to test how feels acrylic..
    But looks like i need to check other brands.

  3. Steven Beard says:

    I'm going to try this, thanks for sharing.

  4. Loretta Crowley says:

    I so enjoyed your video as you created beautiful cloud formations!
    Thank you so much for your expertise! I'm subscribing!

  5. mjtru57 says:

    This is mesmerizing. I often feel like beautiful cloudy skies and sunsets are little love notes from God. This felt like watching a bit of His creation process. Love it. Thank you for sharing your gift!

  6. Cary Manttari says:

    Excellently presented. I've watched many, and people ramble too much, you only presented what was needed with great detail. I'm a subscriber😋
    Thank you

  7. Kantibhai Patel says:

    Wonderful , Thanks for teaching Cloudy Sky

  8. Nihan Nibaled says:

    جميل جدا ششكرا ع الترجمة♥️♥️

  9. Nabila Aouichat says:

    C'est très intéressant, en faire une autre comme celle-là mais avec plus de couleurs pour un levé de jour et une autre pour un coucher de soleil pour voir la différence.
    Merci beaucoup.

  10. dalmatina says:

    Dude! You got my name written in the background and upside down ! 😀 😀 😀

  11. Shjsh Huej says:

    Why do you write in the canvas ?

  12. David Jinks says:

    Just starting out with acrylic paints so yes I'm a beginner so who would you recommend to watch? and when they say subscribe how much does it cost?

  13. xXGamerLolitaXx says:

    This is amazing!!!!! Thank you! Found you in IG. I’ve been painting a lot recently. It’s fun

  14. John Sumner's Learn To Paint Better says:

    The Center of Interest is an important element of a great painting, where the darkest dark meets the lightest light.

  15. Karin Bayartz says:

    Bitte weitere Videos in deutsch, ich möchte alles sehr gut verstehen . Ich finde deine Videos super bitte noch ganz viele neue Videos

  16. Payton says:

    Would a makeup brush work in place of that fluffy brush?

  17. Katrina Webster says:

    Wow thank You 🙂 this is the best tutorial I have seen so far on clouds. I take photos of the beautiful clouds around me in the country and with this lesson I know I can achieve that look I have always wanted to paint. Following you for sure.

  18. Mary Randall AAA says:

    Such beautiful graceful hand 😊

  19. Molly Smith says:

    I feel like there is an upside down subliminal message in this video. Is this supposed to make me feel like I am 'THE MERRI ARTIST' ??LOL Great video though!

  20. Ruthie Miners says:

    I TRULY ENJOY your videos. Thank you for helping us all out here!

  21. نصرة العهداواى ارت says:

    Very good

  22. S Little says:


  23. SARA qp says:

    I love your painting ❤️❤️❤️ you’re so talented and I’m glad that I following someone like you , can you paint “full moon “ 🙏🏻 Thank you

  24. At 34 minutes i was just going to ask you,whether you paint from imagination or from photographs and lo you answered it. It's like you read my mind😂.Anyways beautiful lesson, thanks .God bless you!

  25. Rocelee Benedicto-Sheldon says:

    Your one of my favorite artist hope you visit my channel too. Thanks for sharing

  26. Hamid Hamid says:


  27. EK Art says:


  28. Erica Leverett says:

    Really great cloud instructional. I've watched so many tutorials on how to paint clouds, always left with a thousand questions, but you've explained every single step, every meaningful gesture to enable us newbies to learn. Thank you!!

  29. karlang Diate says:

    I love it

  30. Marthie Scholer says:

    THANKS so MUCH!!!!!!!!

  31. Vietnamese Calligraphy says:

    Very beautifully. I like it’s. I subscribed

  32. Candy Trippiedi says:

    Love your videos and art work. I love your realistic and vivid colors that you do in all your paintings. Just think you are a great painter. I have tried some acrylics a few but always fighting the drying of them. I started in oils and now doing all other mediums also. Your work is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing you way with us.

  33. josee campion says:

    Tank you so much for the Tuto i lerning with you a lot you are the best for me

  34. Jerry Gunning says:

    Go outside and look at some clouds. Looking is what saves us. Paint what you "see" not what you "know". No black in the sky.

  35. Petra Posavec says:

    It looks so easy when you do it it’s beautiful😍

  36. guitarizt68 says:

    Demonstrate dark, rainy skies.
    Non one seems to have a video on that.

  37. Esen Lin says:

    28:19 MEOW . WOW ,your clouds are so beautiful. I love acrylic paints!

  38. Marie-Bernadette Perret says:


  39. Harpgurl says:

    The merri artist! Lol! Cool demo! Thank you!

  40. Zoubida Zoubida says:

    جميل 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  41. Zoubida Zoubida says:

    نريد مزيدا من هذا العمل مترجم بالعربية

  42. The Art Of F. Kenneth says:

    Nice! One of the better cloud tutorials I've seen

  43. Di Pan says:

    Thank you so much for explain every step so clearly. It's really useful to beginners like me.

  44. Uma Agnihotri says:

    It’s really very nice and kind of u to explain as an expert for beginners like me.At the same time can u be more honest teacher to tell us the does and donts ….. Which we may miss.Because in acrylics I tend to make mistakes while blending .So can u please show us very slowly how to blend the colors…??We are waiting for ur kind reply.With ur calm ,serene voice U Are a Good Teacher.Thank u soo much.

  45. Uma Agnihotri says:

    Bless u sir!!!

  46. Jules Hoffman says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I just started painting in October of 2018, and have had two gallery shows to date. Coastal scenes are my focus. I struggle with painting clouds, but thanks to you (bowing down) I have created some beautiful AF clouds to go along with seascapes. You are awesome! Thanks for showing your technique.

  47. maria e says:

    The best tutorial for making clouds, thanks a lot, God bless you

  48. Kuldeep Singh says:

    I gonna try this 😍❤

  49. Reem Ahmed says:

    This video was the best for me .. Thank you very much

  50. Swarn Lata says:


  51. mooch shoom says:

    You are a true teacher… Thanks showing full video and techniques of paintings….thanks

  52. Navneet Kaur says:

    Its amazing awesome beautiful…. I would love to see more of your artwork… thank you

  53. Kobong Lima says:

    I really really beginner and I still confused to fix colors. This video so clearly how to fix the colors. Thank you so much for sharing 🙇

  54. Akanksha Agrawal says:

    Can u share any Mahadev painting tutorial

  55. Kimberly Bradford says:

    I'm having a horrible time with clouds,thanks for the video,gonna give it a try,Question ,Are Your Paints Iridescent?

  56. Ingrid Sauer says:

    This is perfekt. Ist my Favorit and i live the good te Technik. Ist easy.:)

  57. Anurag sunil says:

    Wow so good
    Thanks thanks for posting this video 😍

  58. Carmen Wagner says:

    I’m a beginner and struggle with clouds. I have watched several cloud tutorials and yours is the best. Thank you!

  59. Toni Perme says:

    IAM very impress wow this is really gud ..

    IAM the one who trouble in clouds …..

  60. Sala Sufyan says:

    This makes me so excited to try it!! The video was so relaxing and the way you added details gave life to the whole’re amazing!!

  61. T PJ says:

    If one does not have and or cannot afford your "fluffy" brush. What kind or size brush do you recommend?

  62. dave lucas says:

    thank you a new way of looking at clouds realy good video

  63. Cennet Karaköse says:

    Eleven 😘

  64. Elif Türk says:

    my clouds are never fluffy as yours…

  65. Julie Peck says:

    So I’ve been watching you for some time and I’ve so wanted one of your blending brushes for some time. I started saving up to purchase it , but you know how that goes something always comes up. And most of the time it my kiddos lol 😂 but anyway to my point. So I ran across a brush at a craft store that said it was a mop brush and of coarse it wasn’t anything like the quality of yours,but I thought well maybe I can use this until I can get his. Well I tried it last night and Omgoodness it wasn’t so good!! 😆 haha what a mess! I guess I’m just gonna have to get it ASAP!

  66. MohammeD Hussein says:

    يعني تستطيع تتكلم عربي😍😍ياريت توجد الترجمه في فيديوهات اخرى لانني فعلا احتاجها 😢


  67. HR IF says:

    أستفدت كثيًرا😭💙
    THANK YOU 😭💙

  68. Katrinah Mas says:

    Thank you. Excellent!

  69. Allison Wilson says:

    The first blue you mixed was what you called "that blue"??? What was it, apart from Ultramarine blue? It was the first one you put on the canvas. Did I miss something???

  70. Marcel80ful says:

    Very nice. Thanks for the tutorial. Congratulations!

  71. Katie Meyer says:

    It always makes me laugh that halfway thru the painting always looks weird as hell but at the end the overall is just so beautiful

  72. Paule Fourment says:

    pourriez vous parler francais svp

  73. Mike L says:

    Stop with the ads. Learn how to paint, how to teach, and how to produce worthwhile videos. Until then stop pretending to be CNN, or Disney, or OX. Until then, screw you and your ads.

  74. Jackie Hiles says:


  75. Artwork Ranaji says:


  76. Cat D says:

    Amazing clouds. I love your tutorials. Straightforward and easy to follow. go raibh mile maith agat! 🙂

  77. Manuela Heimzmann says:

    hallo ich habe eine Frage: meine Nichte wünscht sich zum 18. Geburtstag ein Bild : Skyline mit Brücke da ich Anfänger bin habe ich keine Idde wie ich das malen soll.Ich habe auch keine Vorlage .Kannst du mir helfen

  78. Manuela Heimzmann says:

    hello I have a question: my niece wishes for the 18th Birthday a picture: Skyline with bridge since I am a beginner I have no Idde how I should paint that. I also have no template. Can you help me

  79. Manuela Heimzmann says:

    buah das ist Teuer 1 Pinsel 45 Euro gibt es eine Alternative

  80. Debra Srnek says:

    Thank you very much : )

  81. Ömer Demirel says:


  82. M Vehar says:


  83. Madiha Madiha ismail says:

    You teach very well really nyc

  84. Madiha Madiha ismail says:

    But I've a question?

  85. Coach Coach says:

    🙂 ♥

  86. Sian Creus says:

    That's a really good job !
    thank's a lot…

  87. Esperanza Gonzalez says:

    Quier information de pinturas y pinceles necesarios para una pintura

  88. Ellen den drijver says:

    Thank you !

  89. moviemadness says:

    Best cloud tutorial!!! Nice work man, explained very well and nice process . My personal comfort zone is , and always will be pencils… graphite .. coloured… etc etc. .. but really envy what can be done with acrylics… I'm now ready to explore. Thank you for the video.

  90. daniel wieten says:

    Could you just mix paint with the knife for about 8 hours? Thanks.

  91. Lorraine Diamond says:

    Would love you to do a large tree with one side of the tree summer the other side off the tree winter x

  92. sherry susan says:

    I really learned a lot watching this … am a relatively new artist too in retirement as a hobby. I love cloud brushes, have not been able to find an artist who uses them w/ acrylic until I found your tutorial. Am going to do this on a practice canvas first, then on a good painting that is currently a WIP. Nice work!

  93. Swarn Lata says:


  94. 55sarajevo says:

    Nothing special ! UGLY !

  95. Josenildo Silva says:

    Muito show adoro vê essas pinturas

  96. Kody Olding says:

    Lol the merri artist

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