CIRCUS DUNK SHOWS │Dunking Devils Experience #9

CIRCUS DUNK SHOWS │Dunking Devils Experience #9

You have to be this close, or what? So, today we’re gonna talk about a tour we had last year *silly grinning* Anyway, we were in Switzerland, in the town of Kloten. We had a circus show there. The tour lasted for two months. It was awesome. What did I like the most?
Just one 5-minute show a day! EHWAHA HE’S FINALLY BACK! Let’s get away from Sandi, this damn Sandi A team of 5 Devils: Matej Debevec, Luka Koren, Primož Košir, Uroš Florjančič and me. We had costumes of matador, policeman, scott with a kilt, then we had a mafioso and a hotel porter We did different combinations, connected them into a story. We fooled around the whole show. It was really awesome. Just epic. This was our week: Monday and Tuesday was day off. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – one show a day So … the circus show started at 8 in the evening. We had one appearance in the whole show – and that was 5 minutes! What more do you want? Today’s second show is behind us Most of us woke up after 10, maybe around 12 … You slowly woke up, took a piss, brushed your teeth, or not, ate a little something, or just waited for lunch which was coming soon, which Debi cooked. Dude, MWAH!* After that we spent our time watching series Heros and some watched Gossip Girl? (Debi and Curi!) And then show at 8 in the evening. And that’s it! Us and some black chinese guys Just kidding. There were of course dancers, Russians with russian swing, and one girl climbing some kind of courtains. There were jugglers What else was there? Oh, a fireman They didn’t set me on fire, they set Prime on fire. Prime volunteered to try and burn a flame on his hand and that was it, he put that firepaste on his hand and burned it, and it was like wow. If only he’d put it somewhere else, if you know whatI mean. In those two months, man, I don’t think we went out five times. We were REALLY lazy. Once we went to a town’s hill above Zürich. View tower and all, it was really awesome You see everything to the other side of city, airport in Kloten Beautiful sight! We went sledding. We went with a team of Chinese performers. It’s so much fun, when you don’t have the slightest clue how to ride sleds and you go into every ditch and snow pile. On one sunny afternoon we went there were some bulls, we recorded them a bit, stroke them a bit … %$#! It shook me! We NEVER partied. NEVER. We just performed, ate, and slept. And that was it. We partied very little. The atmosphere in the backstage, where we hung out with all other performers had an amazing energy after every show. There, you saw how the Swiss tour went, but our tour in Netherlands, Den Haag was even better! We’d been in Haag for almost a month, three weeks. We drove there with our van, it was a long journey but we had fun. We stayed in a five star hotel. The right choice! We drove to our circus every day for about 10 minutes There were camels, pigs, everyting OK, stop. We made friends with all the performers, they were all really cool. We walked on slackline, hung in the air, We pet the llamas and the camels, that was most interesting. We ate out a lot. Pizzas, macaroni … That kinda stuff. We spent our new years eve there. We were on a balcony, and fireworks were going off all along the beach And on the beaches, every 3-4km there was a huge fire We were standing 100m away and it was burning our faces. It wasn’t only fun, we also worked, beacuse we came there to perform. We had two 10-minute shows every day, At first we had a lot of problems with the floor, beacause it was sand, covered with tarp, It was very slippery. Their team got really organised, the workers were great and they took care of everything. And this is how our show looked like! When we arrived there, we had 4 days of just practices. At that time we had more free time, so we checked out Amsterdam. we had fun with other artists in the circus, you can check them out here. That’s it for this vlog. If you liked it, click on thumbs-up, comment what you liked, Invite your friends, share, let everyone see it. And SUBSCRIBEfor more awesome videos!

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