There are plenty of legends about abominable
creatures that hide in all kinds of remote places, but none as the Chupacabras, or goat
sucker – it has called the attention of many scientists, and even nowadays it has left
some unsolved mysteries. This creature has been described as a type
of bipedalanimal with spikes on its back, big claws and red frightening eyes. It’s between 1’20 – 1’50 meters tall and
it has sharp teeth that it uses to bite the neck of its victims, usually livestock and
domestic animals, sucking their blood. It all started in the mid 90s, more specifically
in 1995, when Madeylen Tolentino, from Canónavas, Puerto Rico, said she had seen a mysterious
creature similar to an allien, going passed her Window. Then, The tragedy took place, all livestock
was found dead around that area. Their bodies were empty of blood and had no
apparent wounds, only two perfect holes with the shape of a vampire bite on their neck. Shepherds in the area would report unusual
cases where hens, goats and sheep had been attacked during the night. They all had the marks on their necks, about
2cm of diameter. Some people reported having heard strange
noises at midnight, but most of them talked about an invisible prédator, who left no
traces behind. Not only the way they died was disconcerting,
something else also called people’s attention: the hypnotic skills of the attacker. It didnt seem like the animals had tried to
scape, and they hadnt emit any kind of alarming noises either. More and more neighbors said they had seen
the strange creature, and through the press and the internet, the case became viral. Panic spread around the island, and it made
it to other places in Latin America and the south of the US, with new terrifying testimonies
that included unidentified flying objects and creatures all the way from pumas to grotesque
monkeys. In the early 2000s, new sightings appeared. This time, the creature was different, its
skin was shaved, with darker and thicker areas. It also walked on four legs. They even found the dead bodies of some spooky
creatures that could fit with the new description of the Chupacabras. With this fear around, there were many experts
who decided to investigate the phenomenon, trying to reach a reasonable theory or, if
it was actually real, find it. They started analyzing the bodies of the supposed
Chupacabras that were found – they were in an advanced state of decomposition. All bodies were horrifying, they couldnt be
identified as any known animal, so they decided to do DNA testing. The result was puzzling – they were mostly
bodies of dogs, coyotes, raccoons or even fish. All of them affected by the disease of scabies
, sarcoptic mange caused by mite, which made them look like real monsters. Solved the mystery of the creatures, they
still had to clear up the strange way in which the livestock was dying, the vampire bite
the Chupacabras used to kill its victims. The explanation they came to was quite simple:
animals like coyotes usually go for the neck when they attack, hurting the prey by causing
an internal hemorrhage The blood is filtered towards the lower part
of the body, where it coagulates. Then, the body looks like it has been drained
of its blood. In the more than 200 sightings during the
late 90s in Puerto Rico, people talked about a creature with different characteristics
– a creature that walked on two feet, with spikes on its back. This led researchers to say that it was just
people’s imagination. During the summer of 1995, the alien horror
movie Species was released in Puerto Rico. In it, there is a creature similar to the
descriptions of the Chupacabras. But witnesses are sure of what they saw, and
they describe a cold and scary feeling, as if deep in the woods they were being observed
by something. It’s true that science has explained part
of the legend, however, there are still some loose ends, such as the multiple camera recordings
of unusual creatures that make many people still debate whether the Chupacabras really
exists or not. What do you think, Tiktakers? Maybe the one and authentic Chupacabras is
still out there, crouching in the shadow, ready to attack
its next victim.

Dereck Turner

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  9. TMK AMAZING says:

    I think it's a blood Fox spirit

  10. *SobWay Man* says:

    99.9% that introverts like me know about Chupacabras from Phineas and Ferb

  11. 水木Mizuki says:

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  12. Ava Chow says:

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  37. Yellow Hearts says:

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    I remenber when my aunt used to have small livestock such as goat and chicken in her distant cottage.. one morning she did found the animals dead with dry and with the same holes..

    We don't have coyote or foxes there.. but we did once found a jaguar so maybe it was a jaguar.. idk. My aunt had this case before of the "chupa cabra" (Note we live in South america)

  53. Kaci-jane Dooley says:

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    Animal vampires:

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