Christmas Stereotypes

Christmas Stereotypes

CHRISTMAS!!! MOM! DAD! WAKE UP! [Screaming] SANTA CAME! SANTA CAME! WAKE UP! AHH IT’S CHRISTMAS IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME! This has got to be my least favorite Christmas tradition. [Photo Click] Well, you got your photo, I hope Facebook explodes. Heh…Don’t tag me, please. It’s almost go time, okay?? You’re too old to cry this year. Remember, what’s your line? Santa, I want a tracker boat for Christmas. You got it? Okay. Hey, let’s do this. [Crying] [Crying] Merry Christmas. All right, this one is from Uncle Dave. Oh! All right! New grill spatula! Guessing I should go ahead and open mine from Uncle Dave. Got a killer deal: 3 for 20! Oh, nice–wait, 3? Oh, Andrew hasn’t opened his yet. Oh ho! Nice! [Celebrating] Kristin, remember: We’re trying to save that wrapping paper for next year. Got it. [Shouting, rock music playing in background] Trying to be so careful right now. Yeah, you have to. [Continued Shouting] So close! I can almost see what this is now. [Even more shouting] 6 hours!? I mean it’s a trampoline and a basketball goal! [Metal Clanking] I don’t need this! They must’ve given me like 4 trampolines in this box! That $25 fully assemble fee ain’t sounding too shabby right now. [Ruffling Noise] [Creaking Sound] (Kicks Box) *Ruff* [Rattling Noise] Dude, Ty, what are you doing? (Drops Box) [Loud Shatter Noise] Hey! What are you doing over there!? It’s dad! [Plastic Bag Noise] Ok ya’ll, throw me your trash! [Paper hitting Cody noises] All right, let’s try, and make it in the bag, okay, wow. I thought we were keeping bows! Was that this year, or was that last year, I never remember. [Shopping Cart Noise] [Muffled Clothes Sound] [Hanger Noise] [Heavenly Choir Sound] Stan, John, Jony, Johnny, JP, Amanda, Coby, Tyler, Garrett… and anyone else I forgot! All right kiddos, this is from Uncle Coby, ya’ll are up next! [Coby Chuckling] Okay, this is good! [Ripping Noise] Last year, he got you a hammer. *Gasp* [Kids Screaming] HE GOT A PUPPY! [Coby laughing] IT’S A PUPPY! YES! Dad, what should we name him? I don’t know, maybe like a modern name, like Temporary? How about Oliver? Yeah, Oliver! Guys, that’s so good!. Woah! A lightsaber! That’s awesome! Mom always gives the best toys. All right from Mom to me… Oh! A belt… This is kind of a transition year for you. You know, everything can’t be a toy. You know, everything can’t be a toy. [Tyler sobbing] It’s a good practical year. Thanks, Mom and Dad, thanks. Does anybody have a pocket knife? Yep.
[Knives whooshing] Thanks. -Yes!
-Aww… Alright boys, you have to get all four of these right, or the girls win. Hey, it’s a dial-in, here we go. Timer! Anytime a bell rings an angel gets– It’s a Wonderful Life! Nice! Welcome to the party, pal! Oh! Die Hard–probably not a Christmas movie. Debatable, we’ll talk ’bout it after. [Scream] Home Alone! Nice! Bye Buddy, hope you find your dad! Heh, thanks Mr. Narwhal. I love smiling! Smiling’s my favourite! Are you kidding– You smell like beef and cheese, you sit on a throne of lies! Son of a nutcracker! [Buzzer Sound] AHH! Girls win! Woooo!!! ELF! I’ve never seen it. Are you serious Clare? Oh I know that one! Christmas vacation! IT’S TOO LATE! IT’S. TOO. LATE. ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!! BLEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!! [Smashing Noise]
[Glass Shattering] [Smashing Noise] WAAUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHH!!! [Silverware Clattering] AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! [Glass Breaking] [Loud Thump, Tree Cracking] AAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!! [Sudden Stop] That would be a little bit too far. By the way, if you’ve got your nativity set up like this, technically it’s not Biblically correct. The Wiseman weren’t actually here yet. They were still traveling. Anyways, (rage monster) BLEEEEAAAEAEAEAEAEEAEAEAEEAEAEAEAEEAEAEAEEARRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!! [Shouting Again] [TV being smashed] [Plastic Crumpling] Waaauuuugh! PUT IT OUT! 𝘖𝘞! 𝘐𝘛’𝘚 𝘚𝘖 𝘏𝘖𝘛!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t see a name here…This is to Dad from Mom…and.. yeah, there is no name tag on this present. What? I’ve been doing this for 59 years and that’s never happened. That’s Christmas 101. Who could be this careless? What is this, amateur hour? I say we open it. I think we should burn it. How hard is it to put a name tag on a present? This is the kind of thing that could get you kicked out of the family. Oh, man. That’s definitely mine. I mean I don’t want to point fingers, but that’s definitely Kevin’s wrapping. Oh man! I got Santa’s eyes way too close together. [Laughing hysterically] NO! GARRETT GET IN HERE! [Both laughing] Dude, what is that? [Everyone (except Tyler) laughing] FAIL! [Continued laughter] Two more steps…all right! Merry Christmas! OH MY GOSH! It’s even better than the one you got me last year! Seriously babe, I love it! Well you better, it cost me 25 bitcoins (~$450,000 USD). What’s a bitcoin? Beads are like railroad tracks–they don’t cross. Have you ever been to Christmas? 6 inch spacing between the bulbs on the tree! Bethany: Saw that! Wedding bulb, as a statement bulb, make sure it’s at the middle of the tree! Are you mocking me? No! Love you. Aw, my nephew would love this! Ha, so would I! What was I shopping for again? Ha, oh nice! Cody: You guys have this in a kid size 6? Clerk: All I’m gonna have of that is an adult 13. Cody: Oh! Actually, that’ll work! I have been pretty good this year. You know, it really is a gift for the whole family. Let’s do it. Man, it’s humid out here. Morning Bill! Merry Christmas! No shirt, good call! Hey, y’all make sure to head on over later! Got a rack of ribs on the grill, we’re gonna take a dip in the pool. Gonna be a good time. Hey, thank you guys for coming. This better be impressive. Heh heh…check this out. [Jolt of Electricity] WOAH! -WHAT!?
-WOW! OH MY GOSH! What’s up guys, thanks for watching! If you’re not already a Dude Perfect subscriber, make sure you click down here so you don’t miss out on any new videos. Special thanks to our friends at Bass Pro for making this whole video possible. Make sure you head to Bass Pro Shops to get some awesome gifts for the whole family and get a free photo with Santa! Click here to shop Bass Pro online. Click here to see the last video. Santa, hit em’ with a signature sign off! Santa: Pound it and noggin. Tyler: SEE YA! Garrett: Hey, someone toss me that sunscreen! I’m getting roasted out here!

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