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Everything in life
is a negotiation. When you cross the
street is a negotiation. Getting your coffee at
Starbucks is a negotiation. You’re probably in three
to seven negotiations every single day. Your life could be in a
completely different place just by improving
how you negotiate. REPORTER: Negotiators are
working around the clock. REPORTER: The deadline
for execution has passed. REPORTER: With us now to help
break down the investigation, FBI special agent, hostage
negotiator Christopher Voss. My role as a hostage negotiator
was to connect authentically with the victim,
the victim’s family, and with the hostage taker. Everybody really
deserves to have somebody hear what they have to say. In my MasterClass, I’m going
to give you all the strategies and tactics that I developed
as one of the top hostage negotiators in the world. You’re going to learn
everything from bargaining to reading body language
to the neuroscience that you can use to literally
bend people’s reality. You know, negotiation is letting
the other side have your way. So mirroring creates
the opportunity for them actually to present
you with your deal, only they thought
it was their idea. It’s just the simple repetition
of the last one to three words of what somebody said. We’ve got the actual recording
on the Chase Manhattan Bank robbery hostage taking. CHRIS VOSS: (RECORDING)
We’ve got a van out here. Know anything about it? BANK ROBBER: (RECORDING) You
guys chased my driver away. CHRIS VOSS: (RECORDING) We
chased your driver away? My training was to mirror,
and the bank robber started blurting out stuff that
he had no intention of saying. People love to be mirrored. They love to be
encouraged to go on. These skills help you
improve your life. Sometimes people say
to me, these tools are just manipulation. It’s about win/lose. That is not the case. Great negotiation is
about great collaboration. Why does it matter to you
that you should get better at negotiation? Because however your life
is now, you can do better. I’m Chris Voss, and
this is my MasterClass.

Dereck Turner

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