Chris Jordan: Turning powerful stats into art

Chris Jordan: Turning powerful stats into art

My work is about the behaviors that we all engage in unconsciously, on a collective level. And what I mean by that, it’s the behaviors that we’re in denial about, and the ones that operate below the surface of our daily awareness. And as individuals, we all do these things, all the time, everyday. It’s like when you’re mean to your wife because you’re mad at somebody else. Or when you drink a little too much at a party, just out of anxiety. Or when you overeat because your feelings are hurt, or whatever. And when we do these kind of things, when 300 million people do unconscious behaviors, then it can add up to a catastrophic consequence that nobody wants, and no one intended. And that’s what I look at with my photographic work. This is an image I just recently completed, that is — when you stand back at a distance, it looks like some kind of neo-Gothic, cartoon image of a factory spewing out pollution. And as you get a little bit closer, it starts looking like lots of pipes, like maybe a chemical plant, or a refinery, or maybe a hellish freeway interchange. And as you get all the way up close, you realize that it’s actually made of lots and lots of plastic cups. And in fact, this is one million plastic cups, which is the number of plastic cups that are used on airline flights in the United States every six hours. We use four million cups a day on airline flights, and virtually none of them are reused or recycled. They just don’t do that in that industry. Now, that number is dwarfed by the number of paper cups we use every day, and that is 40 million cups a day for hot beverages, most of which is coffee. I couldn’t fit 40 million cups on a canvas, but I was able to put 410,000. That’s what 410,000 cups looks like. That’s 15 minutes of our cup consumption. And if you could actually stack up that many cups in real life, that’s the size it would be. And there’s an hour’s worth of our cups. And there’s a day’s worth of our cups. You can still see the little people way down there. That’s as high as a 42-story building, and I put the Statue of Liberty in there as a scale reference. Speaking of justice, there’s another phenomenon going on in our culture that I find deeply troubling, and that is that America, right now, has the largest percentage of its population in prison of any country on Earth. One out of four people, one out of four humans in prison are Americans, imprisoned in our country. And I wanted to show the number. The number is 2.3 million Americans were incarcerated in 2005. And that’s gone up since then, but we don’t have the numbers yet. So, I wanted to show 2.3 million prison uniforms, and in the actual print of this piece, each uniform is the size of a nickel on its edge. They’re tiny. They’re barely visible as a piece of material, and to show 2.3 million of them required a canvas that was larger than any printer in the world would print. And so I had to divide it up into multiple panels that are 10 feet tall by 25 feet wide. This is that piece installed in a gallery in New York — those are my parents looking at the piece. (Laughter) Every time I look at this piece, I always wonder if my mom’s whispering to my dad, “He finally folded his laundry.” (Laughter) I want to show you some pieces now that are about addiction. And this particular one is about cigarette addiction. I wanted to make a piece that shows the actual number of Americans who die from cigarette smoking. More than 400,000 people die in the United States every year from smoking cigarettes. And so, this piece is made up of lots and lots of boxes of cigarettes. And, as you slowly step back, you see that it’s a painting by Van Gogh, called “Skull with Cigarette.” It’s a strange thing to think about, that on 9/11, when that tragedy happened, 3,000 Americans died. And do you remember the response? It reverberated around the world, and will continue to reverberate through time. It will be something that we talk about in 100 years. And yet on that same day, 1,100 Americans died from smoking. And the day after that, another 1,100 Americans died from smoking. And every single day since then, 1,100 Americans have died. And today, 1,100 Americans are dying from cigarette smoking. And we aren’t talking about it — we dismiss it. The tobacco lobby, it’s too strong. We just dismiss it out of our consciousness. And knowing what we know about the destructive power of cigarettes, we continue to allow our children, our sons and daughters, to be in the presence of the influences that start them smoking. And this is what the next piece is about. This is just lots and lots of cigarettes: 65,000 cigarettes, which is equal to the number of teenagers who will start smoking this month, and every month in the U.S. More than 700,000 children in the United States aged 18 and under begin smoking every year. One more strange epidemic in the United States that I want to acquaint you with is this phenomenon of abuse and misuse of prescription drugs. This is an image I’ve made out of lots and lots of Vicodin. Well, actually, I only had one Vicodin that I scanned lots and lots of times. (Laughter) And so, as you stand back, you see 213,000 Vicodin pills, which is the number of hospital emergency room visits yearly in the United States, attributable to abuse and misuse of prescription painkillers and anti-anxiety medications. One-third of all drug overdoses in the U.S. — and that includes cocaine, heroin, alcohol, everything — one-third of drug overdoses are prescription medications. A strange phenomenon. This is a piece that I just recently completed about another tragic phenomenon. And that is the phenomenon, this growing obsession we have with breast augmentation surgery. 384,000 women, American women, last year went in for elective breast augmentation surgery. It’s rapidly becoming the most popular high school graduation gift, given to young girls who are about to go off to college. So, I made this image out of Barbie dolls, and so, as you stand back you see this kind of floral pattern, and as you get all the way back, you see 32,000 Barbie dolls, which represents the number of breast augmentation surgeries that are performed in the U.S. each month. The vast majority of those are on women under the age of 21. And strangely enough, the only plastic surgery that is more popular than breast augmentation is liposuction, and most of that is being done by men. Now, I want to emphasize that these are just examples. I’m not holding these out as being the biggest issues. They’re just examples. And the reason that I do this, it’s because I have this fear that we aren’t feeling enough as a culture right now. There’s this kind of anesthesia in America at the moment. We’ve lost our sense of outrage, our anger and our grief about what’s going on in our culture right now, what’s going on in our country, the atrocities that are being committed in our names around the world. They’ve gone missing; these feelings have gone missing. Our cultural joy, our national joy is nowhere to be seen. And one of the causes of this, I think, is that as each of us attempts to build this new kind of worldview, this holoptical worldview, this holographic image that we’re all trying to create in our mind of the interconnection of things: the environmental footprints 1,000 miles away of the things that we buy; the social consequences 10,000 miles away of the daily decisions that we make as consumers. As we try to build this view, and try to educate ourselves about the enormity of our culture, the information that we have to work with is these gigantic numbers: numbers in the millions, in the hundreds of millions, in the billions and now in the trillions. Bush’s new budget is in the trillions, and these are numbers that our brain just doesn’t have the ability to comprehend. We can’t make meaning out of these enormous statistics. And so that’s what I’m trying to do with my work, is to take these numbers, these statistics from the raw language of data, and to translate them into a more universal visual language, that can be felt. Because my belief is, if we can feel these issues, if we can feel these things more deeply, then they’ll matter to us more than they do now. And if we can find that, then we’ll be able to find, within each one of us, what it is that we need to find to face the big question, which is: how do we change? That, to me, is the big question that we face as a people right now: how do we change? How do we change as a culture, and how do we each individually take responsibility for the one piece of the solution that we are in charge of, and that is our own behavior? My belief is that you don’t have to make yourself bad to look at these issues. I’m not pointing the finger at America in a blaming way. I’m simply saying, this is who we are right now. And if there are things that we see that we don’t like about our culture, then we have a choice. The degree of integrity that each of us can bring to the surface, to bring to this question, the depth of character that we can summon, as we show up for the question of how do we change — it’s already defining us as individuals and as a nation, and it will continue to do that, on into the future. And it will profoundly affect the well-being, the quality of life of the billions of people who are going to inherit the results of our decisions. I’m not speaking abstractly about this, I’m speaking — this is who we are in this room, right now, in this moment. Thank you and good afternoon. (Applause)

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Chris Jordan: Turning powerful stats into art

  1. batukhan says:

    You know, i would be perfectly happy with clean FREE energy, which solar is, if only it would be affordable and effective. Frankly, i think it's neither.
    Here in Estonia, the discussion is between wind-turbines and nuclear power. It seems to me, that turbines have an unnecessary environmental impact (they take a lot of air-space), they're too weak, and don't last as long (turbines need to be changed in ~20 years)

  2. batukhan says:

    What do you think of fusion power? That's still in the far future. But would you oppose that also?
    Just, some anti-nuclear activists do, and unreasonably. Fusion power is a lot safer, and endless.

  3. Tom Eveson says:


  4. Shaun Young says:

    wow, i just read your reply, and simply by stating that nuclear power is "incredible in-efficient", and "the only long term solution is through using solar power." Both these statements are inaccurate. Nuclear Power is actually highly efficient (high 90% range) compared to solar panels actually only replacing the energy it has taken to create it after many years. At this point in time, solar power is unsustainable, due to high costs, short lifespans, and large environmental footprints.

  5. kev3d says:

    I find it funny how he begins his piece with a comment about unconscious actions leading to particular (and harmful) consequences….no kidding. Preaching to people about the dangers of Teens picking up smoking acts like a magnet. Kids smoke BECAUSE its rebellious. So I think the talk is a little sanctimonious. How many resources did this guy use to make his pictures? What's his 'carbon footprint'? Its easy to throw stones, humans are fallible, but I don't like the finger wagging approach.

  6. kev3d says:

    Probable. However with TED, I usually prefer solutions and ideas, rather than condemnation through (what I consider) pretentious art. Now a robot that sorts trash…or better methods of extracting methane from landfills…THATS some to get excited about. That's my take anyway.

  7. kev3d says:

    I don't think that is his point. Besides, thoughts are not energy that spread beyond the brain that contains them unless of course the thoughts compel the thinker to express those thoughts. But we do not have radio transmitters in our heads. I somehow doubt the dinosaurs collectively though negative thoughts that resulted in an Asteroid wiping them out.

  8. kev3d says:

    Whatever spaceman. Drop some more acid and see if you come up with a cure for cancer. New age fucktard.

  9. Aelle2000 says:

    I think what he says has merit, but the way he delivers is more suited for one-on-one persuasion than selling an idea to the masses. Being "feely" is not for everyone, its definitely not going to get enough people on side. But at the end of the day, I think thats the way he communicates, and I respect him for the attempt.

  10. Aelle2000 says:

    Generally, at TED you get two types of ideas/solutions; first is the kind you refer to: engineering and science. The second is psychology and anthro-centric stuff. Whatever floats your boat is fine, but I think what Jordan says has merit, the problem is the delivery. It did remind me of a church towards the end. Now its true he doesn't offer a solution, but I think hes trying to raise awareness and get people involved in his cause that can construct realistic solutions.

  11. From Somewhere, A Transmission says:

    Better smoke, then drive.

  12. Utsusemi says:


  13. starwarsgeek8 says:

    This guy is incredible.

  14. Alex Aitman says:

    For example?

  15. Cannibalzz says:

    Definitely one of my favorite Ted Talks

  16. Bitcoin Motorist says:

    A common trick by anti-smoking enthusiasts is comparing smoking related deaths to deaths by accidental or violent causes. Smoking can shorten your life by 5 years while a tragedy like 9/11 or a car wreck can shorten your life by decades. But the two types of deaths are compared as being equal. Also, is he worried that we are going to run out of plastic cups?

  17. lilpeasncarrts says:

    thats because most people who smoke are aware of the dangers. No one who showed up to work on 9/11 knew the planes were coming. Its different. Its why people react differently to the two.

  18. jazzyrick says:

    In simple terms there are 2.3 million Americans incarcerated. That is 1 in 4 or 25% of all people incarcerated on the whole planet.

    He's saying there are 9.2 million people in the world incarcerated and 2.3 million of them are Americans.

    Anyone have a more simple explanation for people like tqtube to be able to understand what he meant? Feel free to explain.

  19. ivanmikhailov says:


  20. MathausLC says:

    Like commenting on youtube videos?

  21. St37One says:

    presenting big incomprehensible numbers with no context

  22. Radjehuty says:

    That's kind of not true. Health risks of second-hand smoke have been seen in studies and I certainly don't choose to breathe in the smoke someone else chose to exhale.

    While the immediate smoking is a personal issue, the effects of it are not.

  23. Radjehuty says:

    While your comment about the cups is amusing, I think you're sidestepping the point. His work is about making our dismissed excess conscious to us.

    We won't run out of cups, we're wasting unfathomable amounts of plastic and paper to something as insignificant to us as disposable cups.

  24. Radjehuty says:

    We're blindly enjoying life. The problem is we're wasting resources which he is trying to make us conscious of as a culture. Resources are not infinite and it's a growing problem. The trend of "living good" won't last forever if we continue to be this barbarically wasteful.

  25. internetilliterate says:

    There is no sight in evolution

  26. internetilliterate says:

    Also, 'living good' is a matter of context

  27. St37One says:

    you dont seem to get it!
    but dont worry, I can explain.
    The reason why it is wrong/stupid/misleading to present incomprehensible numbers out of context in the first place is that there is no standard for comparison. There is no way to gage where these numbers should be, so they are meaningless, and this activist is not making them any more meaningful, he is just trying to amp them up because he assumes that the public is not concerned enough about his pet anxieties.

  28. cohen karnell says:

    hah this talk reminds me of the music video from forgetting sarah marshal called "we gotta do something". it's not like humans don't know we're being wasteful, and the problems will be taken care of when technology allows for it. bringing it back to the front of our conciesness momentarily is just a baseless plee to make us feel bad, and will have no permanent effect on anyone, in my opinion. cool art, though.

  29. Poneet Rahul says:

    I think this is brilliant. A few people seem to be upset by this video, for whatever reasons. It's actually a good context for the TED talks themselves.

    If anything, I think these works are valuable in helping us visualize large and otherwise personally meaningless numbers. Anything that helps us as human beings to see/understand ourselves as a larger group and species is extremely important.

    As long as this work helps people make meaning out of those huge numbers, its done society a service.

  30. Scott A says:

    I think he's absolutely right! The world is numb because of marketing and media.

  31. Justin Richardson says:

    there is no "where they should be" obviously all number s and statistics and "good vs. bad" etc is all relative. the point is that are we really happy with the amount of people that are dying every year to a non-necessity habit of smoking/drugs. are we happy with the amount of waste of ie. cups, and demolished forests, decreasing animal habitats, and CO2 > O2 production. are we happy with the violent tendencies and tax dollars wasted on keeping the prisoners alive, etc. .. that is the point

  32. jenellego says:

    excellent way of explaining! Very thorough! He explains things so that people can understand the problems of this world better…..the numbers he talk about cannot be explained through words and statistics only…there is no comparison for them….Thank you for sharing this! Ashton posted it on twitter and he apparently likes it!

  33. Mathy Scott says:

    I love the breast made out of barbies. That's some sort of alarming…

  34. HeavyLikesSandwich says:

    How come non of the 32,000 women gettin breasts implants live near my neighborhood ?? Wher the hell r they ??

  35. Mfitz1960 says:

    He has a way of communicating, visualizing and presenting the strange, yet REAL phenomena of the impact of this cazy world and its consumption

  36. Jady Surrounding says:

    what an absolute genius… i'm so in awe

  37. Sarah Burrill says:

    way to go Delta!

  38. St37One says:

    "are we happy with the amount of…"
    well, if your point is that since these are all negative consequences, that even a single unit is too many, then there is still no point in presenting unfathomable numbers out of context. If, on the other hand, you do have a preconcieved idea of a tolerable or realistic quantity or a non-absolute target (which you deny), then the size of these numbers would actually be meaningful.
    This is pure propaganda, and that really should be obvious.

  39. cankazima says:

    I watched this thanks to Mr. Kutcher.

  40. c0ldsquishy says:

    Def watched this because of Ashton too

  41. Jess says:

    lol propaganda? it's statistics using art. something we can actually feel. you can't feel numbers.

  42. St37One says:

    You do know the definition of propaganda.
    dont you?
    you cant deny it!
    I wouldnt call it "art" either.

  43. kailey harris says:

    thanks for sharing this ashton 🙂

  44. Linda Rogers says:

    Very important topic – thought provoking

  45. Cory Boughton says:

    I am so happy this exists… If only the whole of our nation could see this and push their attention deficit disorders to the side and really listen… Wake up everyone…Its time for a change…

  46. Jaime Casarez says:

    Wow! This video really puts things into perspective.

  47. Dan Abey says:

    haha, that's exactly what i was thinking.

  48. Zaltus says:

    The number of paper cups that humans use is astonishing.

  49. smurd20 says:

    For the most part, pretty good, then he jumped on the smoking ban wagon and he really lost alot of credit with me.

  50. Jess says:

    btw these are from merriam webster.
    art: "decorative or illustrative elements in printed matter"
    propaganda: "the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person"
    so i guess it's both. propaganda is very vague.

  51. St37One says:

    propaganda is designed to bypass the rational faculties and achieve its influence by direct appeals to emotions.
    Propaganda is the tool of a demagog, not an educator.

  52. dramasoul32 says:

    He's not an educator, he's an artist. Take him as such.

  53. mark28map says:

    just imagine the toilet paper we use…….
    Other countries use Bidets or shower head hoses to clean first and then pat dry with just 5% of the tissue americans use. Not only that its quicker and more sanitary.

  54. Jess says:

    propaganda is a very vague term and i think you think it's something very specific. read a dictionary before you start to use words. and dramasoul32 is correct, he is an artist not an educator. And of course he is dealing with emotion. That's the entire POINT of his ART. dumbass. he is trying to bring emotion to statistics that would just be numbers on paper. trying to get us to see the bigger picture. literally.

  55. Havilah Tower says:

    Beautifully stated — and impactful how he is developing art to bring awareness. Glad to know about him as an Artist and Educator.

  56. St37One says:

    Conveying or stirring emotion is not really the point of art, although that is one popular theory in the philosophy of art, and art does often accomplish that.
    Persuasion, attitude change, awareness raising, political activism. recruitment, proselization, this is not what art is for.
    Art is innocent. It is style/culture for its own sake, it is an outlet for creativity/experimentation/novelty. Art is honest. When art becomes a mere tool for special interests, then it is dead.

  57. Jess says:

    who are you to say what art is?

    and if you read i said:
    "And of course he is dealing with emotion. That's the entire POINT of HIS ART"

    not all art. his art.

    why are you so carried away with politics? because he is bringing out facts that you don't like? get the fuck over it. everyone has an opinion so stop thinking your opinion is the only one that is right or matters. what ever happened to freedom of speech? jesus fucking christ. agree to disagree anyone?

  58. Jess says:

    really if you listen to yourself you sound like fucking stalin. you're the one saying he can't believe what he wants. it's "dangerous" to you. i think everyone should be allowed to believe whatever they want until it breaks a law.

  59. St37One says:

    You sound like a deluded moron.
    and according to you I sound like stalin.
    Thats not stalin, its the voice in your head.

  60. St37One says:

    You clearly have no concept of freedom of speech, if you can come away with the impression that I am impeding it.
    You have the freedom to lie to me, to others, and to yourself, and you also have the freedom to try to expose any lie that you notice with your own speech.
    Freedom of speech means freedom to criticize or disagree with anything. Supporting or agreeing with everything would be the opposite.
    I never said that it was "dangerous", only that it was absurd.
    Excuse me for giving a shit.

  61. trevfrank says:

    9:10 How do we change?
    Everyone needs to watch the movie called Addendum. Help end the profit and monetary system. That's how we change.

  62. Jess says:

    lol but you just put down everyone that has a differing opinion from you. you're a hypocrit because if you met yourself you'd get in a fight. people are allowed to have their opinions just like you without having to be called a liar. he's not a liar. he's fucking using statistics. you really want to fight numbers?

  63. St37One says:

    you obviously dont know what i think or what i am really arguing.
    I dont see the point in arguing with you because it seems like this only causes you to retreat further and further from reality.
    But still,
    I never called him a liar, I didnt call you abusive names either, I would not get into a fight with myself, and i am not a hypocrite.
    And if you really care to know what i think then just ask. I didnt even put u down, and Its misleading to refer to yourself as "everyone who disagrees".

  64. Jess says:

    the only thing you were right on was that it can be considered propaganda. Art always has the abilityt to be propaganda but propaganda is not neccisarily a negative term. propaganda is extremely vague. it can be used to help or to hurt and it can be ideas, information, or rumor. my question is: how can a statistic lie? all he is doing is taking statistics(data) and making it into art(pictures/print).

  65. Jess says:

    what does this have to do with politics? that's what you've made it into. All because they are facts and statistics that you don't want to hear so you call it "propaganda". freedom of speech DOES allow you to disagree with people but you do it in such a way that you are saying, "I'M RIGHT, YOU'RE WRONG". that's ignorance.

  66. St37One says:

    Hurting somebodies feeling, making them feel "wrong", making them feel inferior or stupid.
    These things might be associated with arrogance, or indifference, but certainly not ignorance.
    People can be wrong, and when they are wrong, I think that you have an obligation to let them know, regardless of what they want to hear.
    It is not ignorant to tell someone else that they are wrong.
    Dont just give up on being right, you can do it if you make an effort. Ignorance and humility is easy.

  67. St37One says:

    Propaganda is a negative term.
    Just like violence and coercion can be used to help or to hurt, so can lies, misleading statistics, and brainwashing techniques.
    Why do I bring up lies?
    because they are an extreme/clear cut example of misleading information.

    When somebody gives you a thesis "what is wrong with western civilization" or says that their goal is to "raise awareness" then its political.
    How can a statistic lie?
    You must have heard the cliche about statics 😛

  68. St37One says:

    emotionalism, and communitarian collectivism is dangerous to any society that values freedom.
    "look at how many people make bad decisions routinely. All of these bad decisions add up to something more than the sum of thier parts. What can we do about this?" – this is the overall message that I am getting. He is not only saying that these people are WRONG to get breast implants, smoke, etc, but he is saying that something must be done, and that we need to get ANGRY about it!

  69. St37One says:

    If you are presented with a huge number like 500000 to represent the number of americans that die every year from smoking, Would it make a difference on how you emotionally guage the significance and scope of this problem you were presented instead with 50000?
    What is missing from these numbers is not "emotion" its context and an idea of what to expect. That is why 500000 is not ten times as shocking as 50000
    Desensitization is not the problem.

  70. Eric Schirtzinger says:

    I have seen your work on the internet

  71. djboony says:

    i think picasso said "all art is propaganda, but not all propaganda is art"

  72. iglooworkshop says:

    Worst liberal bullshit I've hear in my whole life!

  73. Recon.777 says:

    1100 Americans die every day from smoking. A tragedy indeed. Too bad the video neglected to mention the even more startling 3750 unborn American children who were killed by their parents on that day, and every day since. A figure which tops the 9/11 death count.

  74. Sandy Jahrling says:

    Choice. I cannot make choices for others, only myself. I choose to be the best me I can for the betterment of life for myself and others

  75. mlehotta says:

    Thank God for smokers taking population control so serious!

  76. Highland Fleet Lute says:

    Drachmonoid creep.

  77. Highland Fleet Lute says:

    And smoking too. I took up smoking in the late Seventies, and haven't had a cold or flu since then. Not even once. It's time people woke up to the fact that we've been lied to about tobacco. The chief reason governments have sought to ban it is that every time you have a cigarette your I.Q. doubles. Can't have that now, can we? Also: The Greeks have the lowest cancer rate in Europe, and are the heaviest smokers in Europe – go figure.

  78. Highland Fleet Lute says:

    Baa-aaa-aaa. I'm sure you're as much of a stranger to research as you are to grammar and punctuation.

  79. Kathryn Alexander says:

    His images of the number of sharks killed and tuna caught brings home the terrible waste – the destruction of our planet!

  80. hamiltonguevara says:

    Chris Jordan is brilliant, saw some of his work in Vancouver.

  81. AlgeKalipso says:

    So, the beginning seemed like he was going to give a talk on behavioral economics and how to increase awareness about our collective stupidity in an economically feasible way. Then he was an artist. I mean this as a joke, because he is very admirable and creative (probably as much as he could be), but I tend to expect computer simulations and experimental data on innovative approaches from the average TED talk.

  82. billyg89 says:

    This guy is awesome! wow. he's possibly the most moral artist out there by simply using statistics and art.

  83. warrior4just says:

    and how did u prophesize that ? the world is simple, is the ppl tha try to make it complicated "as in gray". rules r the essence to mitigating chaos.

  84. crudhousefull says:

    I like that the guy is driven, but you need to compare what's happening as a ratio to get a good understanding of he importance of the problem. People don't need to get more stressed…if anything they need to be less stressed!

  85. Shotgun Bear says:

    I wish he'd take a drink of water.

  86. Denya Dean says:

    hes amazing. shhhhh

  87. Cassius Hamm says:

    Ms Jost is a BITCH

  88. NETB says:

    He talks about US culture.. Which culture? maybe the gun culture

  89. FluroWaves says:

    He practised law for 10 years.

  90. designal says:

    Gefunden via @sommerlaune

  91. Brandi Whitney says:

    "demagog" isn't a word. If you're going to insult someone's artistic style, the very least you could do is use words that exist.

  92. Brandi Whitney says:

    Art is most certainly NOT DEAD when it's used as a "mere tool." Look at the clothes you're wearing, the food you eat etc. Art was used with all of these things and it caught you up in it, hook, line and sinker. You're not above anyone else with your propaganda tirade. If you feel it's propaganda and it makes you angry, there's a real simple solution…DON'T LOOK AT IT!

  93. Ethan Cohen says:

    Demagogue: A political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular passions and prejudices.

    It was an incorrect spelling.

  94. abark says:

    Wow. This smug fuck sure seems to think he knows best for EVERYONE else. 

  95. Sydney Storie says:

    It's interesting to see the true facts many of which shock people. People should be more aware of what they do. Very interesting

  96. Tamara Borine says:


  97. Holland Oates says:

    "Rapidly becoming the most popular gift for graduation" where are your stats for that???

  98. Nicolas Cardenas says:

    Mans looks like McLovin from Superbad 20 Years later!!!!!!!!!

  99. iman kedir says:

    It is really amazing even though  how the statistical number is huge; it show us we need to do ssomething to the next generation, it is alarm to take action

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