Chinese Handwriting Tutorial (请)

Chinese Handwriting Tutorial (请)

hi welcome to my channel, in today’s
video, I will show you how do I write the Chinese character 请 in cursive, now let’s get started. 请 qǐng to ask / invite/ please now that’s write in cursive 请 qǐng to ask/invite please as always, check the following words and
expressions with character 请 申请 shēn qǐng to apply for sth 邀请 yāo qǐng to invite 请问 qǐng wèn / Excuse me, may I ask.. 提请 tí qǐng to propose last one for today 请示 qǐng shì to ask for instructions can you make up any other words with the Chinese character 请? as always let me know in a comment below, I hope you find this video helpful. support my channel, please don’t forget to subscribe, Click the bell, like and help me share this video, Thanks so much for watching have a wonderful day, goodbye

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    Is it normal that the stroke order is not always the same? The top part after the 讠 you write sometimes as – – | – but in cursive sometimes as – – – |

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