Chicken Egg Fry – Anda Pardha Murgi – By Vahchef @

Chicken Egg Fry – Anda Pardha Murgi – By Vahchef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today we’re going to
make murgi anda wala or anda murgi wala it doesn’t matter whether the egg first
or the chicken first but today we’re going to make this awesome chicken with egg you’re going to see this is very
delicious it literally melts in your mouth when you eat; for this preparation I have taken chicken I’ve cut this chicken slightly bigger just like a biryani cut do not cut them into small pieces that won’t be
good for this preparation take very little water and the chicken needs to
cook in that water, add ginger garlic paste, little bit of cumin powder, salt,
red chilli powder, turmeric, little bit of coriander leaves put all of them is the
water we’re going to first cook this chicken in
this water till the chicken is nice and tender drop the chicken pieces in this water
now you know put a lid and let this cook till the chicken is nice and tender make sure you put the lid on and cook
the chicken in a slow flame with not too much of water and then the chicken is
nice and tender now the chicken is almost cooked so let’s go ahead and make this egg chicken that melts in your mouth For this preparation i have taken two eggs in which i put a little bit of salt chopped coriander and chili flakes and i
beat this egg and now we’re going to make this preparation for this add some oil in a pan and also add some
butter adding little oil won’t let the butter burn easily so I prefer to do this but if you want
you can only do it in butter or even in oil add the boiled chicken pieces you don’t let me tell you this chicken pieces are already cooked and very nice and soft ok just let these chicken get slightly cooked on both sides haha wow you know I just want to take this
chicken pieces and stuff in my mouth but i have to wait patiently because what is going to happen is
something super delicious Wow look at this now the chicken is
all ready now we’re going to do a simple game of pouring this egg onto this chicken yes like this now as soon as you pour this just turn
the chicken on the other side so whatever the egg that is on the slide
down on the pan it will just get coated now while the
chicken is hot, over the egg once again like this and again just turn the
chicken like this now you know this is a quick process as
soon as you turn pour the egg if you can’t handle many pieces of
chicken just do it with two or three pieces and then again it will be good there is another way you can do it take
this chicken pieces hot chicken pieces just dip it in this egg and then put it
back on the pan like this coat it nicely and then put it back again same
thing you can do with all these pieces just when it is hot okay you should not let this egg coated thing burn like this put it back on the pan the egg which is not stuck just put
it back on this and then again put it back so that will stick nicely again
keep doing it till this entire egg is finished and every time you put the this
chicken back into this egg just put the opposite in the pan so that
it’s nicely cooked very little of the egg is left that’s when I’m going to show you
something now for once last time just dip this and then on the chicken just put the bread crumb and turn it the other side and do the same thing this will give a very nice texture now
do the same thing with the chicken just coat it on all sides then drop in some bread crumbs turn the
other side put some bread crumbs and then drop it
back in the pan we’re going to do this for all the
pieces you know if you want to do this with the boneless chicken it comes even more better especially if
you’re using just breast of chicken now look at this now the chicken will
get slightly cooked well on all sides you have no idea how wonderful this is
going to taste, do not color it too much look at how nicely wonderful it is and
make sure all the breadcrumb that is sticking gets a nice coloring wow you know you handle it with care that’s when you get to eat this lovely
dish wow wow wow wow look at this chicken see because of the bread crumbs in the last it gave a nice crunch mm-hmm this is awesome too tasty look at this chicken just
awesome and its cooked so perfect literally melting in the mouth, hmmm mmm, dear friends I hope you enjoyed today’s preparation
of this very simple egg chicken fry or chicken egg fry it doesn’t matter in
which way you call it but this is an awesome preparation try it and you will certainly
enjoy it but do not forget vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please
post your recipes and cooking tips at so others can benefit from your great
cooking thank you.

Dereck Turner

25 thoughts on “Chicken Egg Fry – Anda Pardha Murgi – By Vahchef @

  1. punk839 says:

    This looks amazing! I'm going to try it over the weekend. Just look at it!!

  2. 81Skippy says:

    It looks labor intensive, but delicious!

  3. Shannon Turner says:

    Is this a womans meal I feel like tgere's an actual story to this meal like American as hot apple pie and ice cream. But with the chicken and an egg.

  4. Hem Joo Yeo says:

    Yummy looking!

  5. aryaksh0406 says:

    Looks delicious Chef!!!! But my honest opinion is its too labor intensive for me!!! You made it look easy kudos to you!!!!!

  6. TrufflesTravels says:

    This is the first time my mouth waters watching a cooking show! Definetly will be trying this!

  7. Zaib Arif says:

    Hi chef i love ur cooking but i want baking recipes can u make for me i want biscuits recipes thanks

  8. mveer d says:

    chef, would it coat properly and taste great if you add rava to the egg mixture?

  9. pastorviv says:

    Oh My, I loveeee it. What a great recipe

  10. Umm Zak says:

    Can you freeze them?

  11. Janani Hari says:

    Wow!!! Too good..

  12. likepinkcolor says:

    every video of him brings a smile on my face. he loves food, that is awesome. 

  13. J Spooner says:

    Your videos are always the perfect length… Thankyou chef

  14. Faisal Aziz says:

    hello cheff, please let me know how to cook meat in white gravy, i want the gravy to be medium flavour and not khatti

  15. Taje chahal says:

    Drop lol

  16. sujeet kumar says:

    sir thanks for giving us such a yummy receipe

  17. Sana riyaz khan says:

    looks yummy …he always explain with passion…

  18. Joel Sacrafamilia says:

    I love the way in which your mouth always waters while cooking…….Keep it up….Love your videos 🙂

  19. sim sima says:

    all time chef is full present mood.keep it up. thanks

  20. indira mandalapu says:

    even after fixing to prepare one of ur recipes for the day, I cnt stop watching ur other videos..they r interesting ,unique …thanks..ur channel has become my cooking dictionary

  21. Abhishek Kr says:

    Sir why cant we cook the chicken like chicken curry instead of boiling it pllainly in water and when the chicken is 75% cooked we can take out 4-5 pieces out from the curry to  suate them with egg ??
    this'll facilitate 2 recipies of chicken at the same time and effort .
    1st as meal
    2nd as starter

    love the passion of your cooking 🙂

  22. Vallapilli Srinivas Rao says:


  23. MR SAO TRICK says:

    U leave the cooking….

  24. Soni Veeravalli says:


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