Chicken Adobo – By Vahchef @

Chicken Adobo – By Vahchef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today we’re going to
make Chicken Adobo, this is one of the Phillippine preparation which I’m
going to slightly Indianize it but it is very easy to cook and very tasty so dear friends let’s go ahead and make this for this take chicken and cut the chicken into you know big pieces with the skin on if you want to make it without
skin also you can do it in this add pepper and vinegar this is a mild vinegar you know traditionally they use coconut vinegar or malt vinegar whatever but since i have rice vinegar i’m adding rice vinegar in this just add some bay leaf and some soya sauce and lots of garlic you know probably I sometimes I think I love this chicken because I add lot of garlic in this so add lot of chopped or sliced garlic in this and fill this chicken with some water and we’re going
to cover this and let it rest in the refrigerator for over night and then we cook the
next day soy sauce come on birds i know i’m
cooking a bird you know after marinating the chicken over night in the refrigerator
just take the entire thing including the liquid and then put this in a pan and we’re going to cook this chicken is nice and tender if needed i’m going to add some more water also in
this, this should be good enough and we’re going to bring this to a boil and
we’re going to cook it on a slow flame for around 25 to 30 minutes till the chicken is nice and tender, now the chicken is all boiled switch off the
flame and just transfer it into you know use a strainer like this so that we can
strain the juice separately and the chicken and garlic separately, heat oil in
this add some more garlic you know this is optional Wow when the garlic is getting cooked now
just put the pieces of chicken in this just let this chopped garlic and the chicken get nicely roasted in this oil this chicken is nicely cooked already in
the liquids what we marinated in just I want to cook it in the oil till this becomes
slightly crispy that’s when we’re going to add the sauce into this look at this you know you want every piece to be
slightly colored like this now you can see that this chicken is nicely browned in the oil now we’re going to pour the sauce in which we cooked the chicken let
this chicken stew in the sauce again and then once this is simmered and the sauce
becomes slightly thick that’s when we’re going to serve it you know look at this chicken this sauce has
reduced to almost one-tenth of the things what we started and now the sauce is nice and sticky and very sweet very nice sauce i used to have this chicken
adobo a lot when I was in US with my Filipino friends, dear friends this is one
of the easiest to make even though you may have to you know be patient marinating
it overnight and even when you’re cooking you cook it on a slow flame till
the chicken is nice and tender now the chicken is perfectly done even if i put
little bit sauce on this piece of chicken you see how thick the sauce is
nicely coating this is how i like it so dear friends I’m going to switch off the
flame and wow wow wow you know it’s been some time that I’ve eaten this so I’m
even more excited than eating other dishes hmm wow it is very important that you
marinate it overnight and that’s when your chicken will be nice and juicy you
have seen that we haven’t added too many spices are other ingredients but yet
just with a plain rice or even a fried rice like this this chicken will go excellent you’ll wondering how with simple soy sauce and vinegar a chicken can
become so tasty I’m sure you’ve seen the process first
thing is let the chicken boil in the marinade then strain out the marinade
and put the chicken in the hot oil along with the garlic till it is nicely golden and
crispy that’s when put back the stock again and simmer it till the stock is nice and thick that’s when you’ll get a good chicken adobo and dear friends make this and you will thank me for teaching you
simple dish like this wow dear friends I hope you enjoyed
today’s session and I’m sure that you will explore the cuisine around the
world and enjoy the best of the best food around the world but do not forget
vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and
cooking tips so others can benefit from your great cooking thank you.

Dereck Turner

48 thoughts on “Chicken Adobo – By Vahchef @

  1. Tropically Happy! says:

    Your're welcome! Another dish I have to try…have so many dishes to try with sooooo few people to eat them!

  2. Jamie Porter says:

    Dude. I may have to try this out this weekend. I've been looking for new chicken recipes and I also LOOOVE garlic. Thanks VahChef! : )

  3. KirilG1 says:

    Thank you!

  4. Ayden B says:

    love adobo.

  5. megha123 says:

    Mouth watering!!!!

  6. wildpinklotus says:

    C'mon bird, I m cooking a bird lol

  7. AbuOmar says:

    I never thought to boil it first like this, i make kind of similair sauce all the time but in the oven, wil try like this.

  8. Jacqueline S says:

    Lol chef! The birds are protesting cause ur cooking another bird!

  9. Jayaprakash Baskar says:

    thank u

  10. Dhiya Almosawi says:

    Awesome Chicken .. Thank u Chef

  11. varunasingh says:

    That's a LOT of garlic. Not good.

  12. Makron5 says:

    Never enough garlic.

  13. Tropically Happy! says:

    Ok, you're invited. Just know that I'm a bit far away! Trying to get a hang of making Indian food. Since I've never tried it, don't know if it tastes like it should-considering saome ingredients are hard to find outside of India!

  14. 2nigirl32 says:

    Yes! Filipino chicken adobo, yummy!

  15. Nitu Chugani says:

    Best part is the way you eat…..wowwwww

  16. obso1337desu says:

    Awe chef, my sister and I are both Filipino and we watch you regularly. I texted her when I saw this video and I'm so glad you're sharing recipes from the Philippines! It's so exciting to see you enjoying a little bit of our culture while I drool over yours!

  17. friedtubesox says:

    chef, try to put a cinnamon stick in. it makes it taste so much better (my grandma's style). and the leftover oil and sauce makes really good fried rice!!

  18. barkas mahesh says:

    what about salt sir…no need to add…;-( orelse we have salt in soya sauce

  19. stixdude says:


  20. Jasper Chrysolite says:

    Chef, greeting from Bangalore. Your recipes are always a great hit at home. Besides, Indonesian recipes, please can you post Thai recipes?

  21. My passion says:

    I had a look at the other chicken adobo recipes on YouTube and found your recipe best. Keep up the good work, vah chef!

  22. fosho says:

    Wow looks good πŸ™‚ that is the way i cook my adobo

  23. Nazia Sayed says:

    Ur the best …. thanx a lot fr all the wonderful recipees

  24. Mary Abraham says:

    Can we use this same recipe for beef instead of chicken?

  25. hansalas says:

    4:24, Food Porn alert…

  26. Adviti says:

    No salt required?

  27. Sonic says:

    Soy sauce is salty

  28. Mary Ann Laico says:

    I am a Pilipino, I have cooked all sorts of adobo. You are amazing in capturing the correct procedure of the dish. You are a great chef for sharing this. Wishing you more viewers. I am your fan!!!

  29. juan dela cruz says:


  30. Diya Kumar says:

    I love and love and love adobo..thanx chef

  31. shaolin641 says:

    I've watched several videos on how to cook adobo, and this one shows the correct procedure on cooking the traditional version of the dish πŸ™‚ This is the way my mama would do it, too πŸ™‚ Cheers from Manila! Thanks, chef for cooking adobo!

  32. Noor Vlogs says:


  33. travelswag84 says:

    i made this… came out really well… i dont like chicken with its skin on so i took that off… it tasted so delicious. thanks chef

  34. rowena chua says:

    I love your version of adobo

  35. PinayInFrance says:

    Thank you Chef. I am a Filipino living in France. I will try your version tonight but without marinating it overnight because I can't wait to eat it. I will try marinating it next time, as you instructed. πŸ™‚

  36. cookingwithroma says:

    Wow I have tried this yesterday and it has ruined my diet! The taste was so beyond wow! Im a filipino and im a fan.everyday I look on your posts…and everything I tried turned out awesome! Thanks chef you are one of the tremendous chef!

  37. Mau O says:

    This is the most authentic adobo recipe I've ever seen other people made. Thanks for sharing!

  38. friedtubesox says:

    ginger. Β need ginger.

  39. Russel Luce says:

    tiki πŸ™‚Β 

  40. Andrew Bato says:

    thank you for sharing maraming salamat

  41. Ahmi A. says:

    Btw, we filipinos do not use rice vinegar. We usually use sugar cane vinegar.

  42. Ahmi A. says:

    We dont add water to the marinade. It dilutes the flavour of the marinade too much. We use lemon juice. Use lemon juice instead of water and putting vinegar while the chicken is boiling without stirring until after 15 mins will make the adobo dish even tastier. Its a science. A tasty art of science chemistry.

  43. Pusang InangGala says:

    thanks for appreciating Filipino food

  44. RaqiS Malga says:

    cool chef! you've cracked this dish better than I do. Im a filipino, yet I cook. chicken indian dishes better than my own Philippines dishes. My dishes came from following your video recipes! and my husbands colleagues in office are surprise with every dish i cook for my husband cuz their pretty much indian! 😊 thanks for all these lovely recipes! God bless chef!

  45. Murali Krishna says:

    hi sir , in this dish salt won't use ? please say

  46. Aveeshkar Lakra says:

    do video on ginisang ampalaya ( filipino bitterguard ) . its also a simple, but very tasty dish without the bitterness of Bitterguard

  47. ZKT XO says:

    I love how he said he indianized it… while actually, he cooked this dish the way my filipino mom cooks it….

  48. gallant7 says:

    Another hit!!!!

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