Chicken 65 – Indian Food – By VahChef @

Chicken 65 – Indian Food – By VahChef @

I started this show hoping to have at least thirty thousand
hits per month that is thousand per day but I was
surprised it is thirty thousand hits per day right now not for month and if you’re watching
this congratulations you are among the 1 million hits who access this website now
it is so very encouraging and it’s pushing me to do more hello namaste salaamwalekum and satsriyakaal and welcome back to another episode with your VahChef at which by all accounts is getting even more popular as we shoot this episode many thanks to you I was forced to scale
up and move to my own private chat box server and I’m loving it so to celebrate today i will tell you
some nice stories about one of the best things you can make with chicken I have said many times on this Web cast
there is so much in a name a rose by another name will be totally a
different flower so here i am strolling around in a quiet
evening in my kitchen in Chennai and I decided to ask around as how the every popular chicken 65 got its name so here are the many stories if you are
still having a tough time to figure out where it originated from one junior chef
told me seriously, anna the chicken used in the recipe only 65 years old otherwise the dish won’t taste so good other wild discussion on the web says it is because the recipe demands that they should be
exactly sixty five ingredients to make this dish I pity the cook that tries and tries this myth to make this beautiful dish here we are going to show the
ingredients under 20 ingredients ok to make this dish here is chicken that is cut into small cubes and I prefer to use chicken thigh meat because when it is
fried it is tender and nice juicy green chili that is slit into slices, cumin
seeds coriander leaves one egg chilli powder curry leaves salt cumin
powder ginger-garlic paste ajinomoto red color I’ve got some chili garlic paste this
chili garlic paste is from Vietnam so try to get this chilli garlic paste it really comes out good corn flour chopped ginger chopped garlic and pepper powder so to prepare this dish take your chicken and add some salt to your chicken ok little bit ajinomoto and very little of ginger-garlic paste half teaspoon of pepper powder ok one or two teaspoons of corn flour and
mix it real good after you mix add one egg and mix it; we’re going to fry this chicken so what the egg does is it forms a nice coating and it won’t let the juices escape and would seal the edges and that’s how your chicken is going to
turn out really tender we got some hot oil so we’re going to fry this chicken make
sure do not have a lot of chicken into this add little by little so let’s look at the other story
someone else told me that this dish was at its peak of popularity in nineteen
sixty-five and someone else that it takes about 65 tries to get a restaurant like taste let me kill this story right now because
you are going to get it right just in one try. I have added to my second
batch of chicken to fry and I go on telling you all the stupid stories behind chicken 65 but here is the absolute truth this humble yet fantastic dish
originated in a military canteen in Tamil Nadu there’s so many items written in tamil
and to the military man that came from all over the
country the easiest thing to do to overcome the language problem was when he wanted the most popular chicken dish was to use the serial number on the dish of the menu; chicken 65 was simply the 65th item on the menu that is all now the chicken is fried and we got a good amount of salt in it so whenever you’re making this sauce for this try to use
less salt but let me tell you this is not exactly the recipes we used to make for the chicken 65 at the Park Sheraton but let me assure you that this is an improvised
version of the chicken 65 and it taste even better so to make this preparation add some oil
in a hot pan and add half teaspoon of cumin seeds when you’re cumin seeds splutters add half teaspoon of chopped ginger add 1 tablespoon of chopped garlic maybe I know this dish because of garlic you know add any amount of garlic and I’m like it’s fantastic now add your chopped chillies chopped curry
leaves now if you want to add, add very little ginger garlic paste the ginger garlic paste is not necessary
but if you want to add you can add a little bit and a little bit of pepper powder
little bit of cumin powder half a teaspoon of cumin powder and half a teaspoon of chilli powder salt little bit not too much and then add chilli garlic paste add little bit of ajinomoto now this is
an optional ingredient add red color see you know some dishes we are used to red color so much and you know you can add a little bit red
color and just before adding chicken add few drops of water drop your
chicken into this mixture just toss the chicken little bit I’m like your chicken 65 ohhh you know the amount of spices there’s a possibility that you can sneeze maybe there is some true to the fact that because of the spicy nature of this
dish its effect may last on you for 65 minutes after eating it but don’t go
telling people that it take 65 types of chilies to make this delicious
dish I have heard about that story too many times it sometimes makes you feel that way if
you don’t prepare it the way I told you all you do is sprinkle little lime juice take a piece good luck with your experiments with
chicken 65 if it comes out lip-smacking good remember to come back and tell me so and also try to use less spices than what I did because I am like a chili chilli eater and I’m hot hot all through i hope you have enjoyed today’s session of learning to make this
great finger-licking chicken 65 you know that vahrehvah is all about
inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips so others
may benefit from your great cooking

Dereck Turner

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