CHEN Yiching – Nihonga – Painting | [Eng Sub]

CHEN Yiching – Nihonga – Painting | [Eng Sub]

My name is Yiching.
I’m a painter. I’m Taiwanese. I studied at the Institute
of Fine Arts, Kyoto City. I’ve lived in Paris since 2007. I discovered Japanese painting
at a show in Taiwan, and it made me cry. I’d never seen any material like that. I think it’s the minerals
which brought me positive energy, so I decided to learn
this kind of painting. Japan has milled many powders, their different grains give them
different nuances of color, and I mix them with organic glue
and dilute them with water, and it’s layer by layer. All of the pigments
must be prepared by oneself, and my paintings are simply
the superposition of layers of pigment. Rough grains, fine grains like this, one can see the transparency,
and the materials. My emotions evolve over time, sometimes the end result is not
what I intended at the start, I have to be in a relatively
peaceful state in order to do this, because it’s a type of painting
which requires great patience, a great deal of time. I have to communicate with the painting. If I can’t reach this peaceful state, I cannot paint. I enjoy painting the cycle of nature, to express the highs and lows
of human nature. There is no permanence in life. I don’t paint realistic subjects, I think there are, of course,
realistic motifs in my paintings, but their composition is imaginary. I would like to invite people
into my world. For my painting,
in any event before painting, to understand the motif
one must live with it, know it. But the flora or fauna, the plants, for example,Apotheosis,
it’s the cherry blossom, the cherry blossom is the flower of Japan. It’s a magical flower, which brings strength
and vitality to the Japanese. Another painting,
for example,Lightning Strike, I see the flower which blossoms, it’s like being wrapped
in the arms of my mother, I want to return within,
I want to caress. Nihonga distinguishes
Japanese painting. It has many different forms,
many different themes, many different techniques. It’s what emerges if you use
mineral pigments with glue and water. Nihonga is very widely used in Japan. It’s like oil painting here. I’d like to make this type
of painting known, which is why I’ve written a book. I love to speak about it. Japanese art is not only Ukiyo-e,
which is well known, there are still other kinds of painting.

Dereck Turner

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  1. marie-josée Lombardi says:

    magnifique !!! j'adore cette finesse !!

  2. Kaleigh says:

    wow! i love her raw intuitioin and ambition! very taleted and well practiced!

  3. filsdedieu100 says:

    Super ! merci beaucoup :'-)

  4. Tingting Shi says:


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