hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today I am going to show you chef style chicken and mushroom you know what happens in a five star hotel lot of time a chef from continental kitchen, from the Indian kitchen and the Chinese kitchen they all like every day one guy has to make a dish when these chefs get together and make dishes it won’t be Chinese, it won’t be continental, it won’t be Indian, it will be mix of all this and it is going to be very very tasty so dear friends today I am going to show you chef style chicken and mushroom you know to make this dish first I am going to pan fry chicken with little one herb and little bit flour you will see how it is going to be so to make this first here I have got all purpose flour that is maida and take it in a bowl add little bit of salt and we’re going to add thyme okay today to make this i’m going to use thyme if you want you can also add little bit of pepper powder now in the pan we’re going to add some oil you don’t need to add lot of oil just very little here i have got the chicken this chicken has been brined that means the chicken will cook much faster now take these chicken pieces just coat it with the this thyme and pepper flour so that is what we are going to do make sure that all the chicken pieces are nicely coated and this coating will make it very very tasty and flavorful and also some of this flour will help in thickening the chicken sauce okay this is how we are going to do now we’re going to take these chicken pieces and fry now just after letting it cook on one side you’re going to let it cook on the other side look at this like this slightly till it gets slight color, when the chicken pieces get slightly browned you can take the pieces and keep aside and do not add too many pieces of the chicken at the same time because some of the moisture may come out and you will not get nice coloring like this now take all the chicken pieces out and you know what we’re going to fry a little more ofcourse this chicken piece is good but the chicken legs is going to take some more time and in this we’re going to add even pieces of potatoes so we want the potato pieces also to be little bit fried in this oil now even this potato pieces are nicely colored we’re going to take it in a plate with the chicken now you know we’re going to add a little more oil you know preferably I love to do this with butter now we can add garlic you know whole garlic if you want you can crush the garlic little bit and add but when they are whole they are really really good and in this we’re going to add a bay leaf also and now you’re going to add some onion slices and saute this onion, now add pinch of salt and let this saute for two minutes now once the onions are slightly sweated in this add mushroom ok and we’re going to saute this mushroom also now we’re going to add some crushed pepper now in this we’re going to add some chicken stock usually in the hotels in the Chinese kitchen we always have chicken stock ready so you can add little bit of chicken stock I already have a video of how to make chicken stock by adding little bit of chicken stock it becomes very nice and tasty if you don’t have chicken stock you can add water also because chicken is already there but we want more intense flavor in this add little bit of vinegar okay that will give nice aroma and some garam masala powder okay, add soya sauce little bit that will also enhance the flavor okay now in this we are going to add some ketchup or if you want you can also add very little of tomato puree now in this we are going to add the chicken pieces and the potatoes and the the flour that is coating on these chicken pieces will give it a very nice thickening look at this wow you know I don’t want to make lot of gravy or anything I want the sauce to be thick and should be coating my chicken pieces wow look at this the mushrooms naturally have some awesome flavor and make sure these potato pieces the damn potatoes pieces go inside now you’re going to put the lid on and we are going to simmer it for 15 minutes on a very slow flame you know the aroma from thyme is awesome even though I added little bit of soy sauce still the thyme is what giving a nice flavor to this dish, now you know the chicken is already cooked you know when the chicken is cooked when you can see the meat from the bone is coming off that is when you know the chicken is cooked and all the pieces look at the sauce you know it’s nicely thick and what shiny sauce dear friends this is not a curry this is not a stew this is not a Chinese dish this is our Universal chef style chicken and mushroom very very tasty and what can you eat this with very universal you can have it with rice, roti, bread anything and it’ll taste fantastic, dear friends this is one of my favorites make it try it enjoy it now this is a time to enjoy and wow you know the potatoes is also nicely cooked but look at the sheen of the you know meat wow even every piece you know what is very tasty these potatoes, the mushroom wow Wow yamma yamma it’s going to be fun you know this is going to be awesome koko foo whatever you say ahh mm look at the potatoes wow in every bite is so awesome so good wow so what is the world’s most tastiest chicken it is chef style chicken and mushroom try it you will know why it is but do not forget vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips at so others can benefit from your great cooking thank you.

Dereck Turner


  1. iamgeeky9 says:

    Absolutely mouth watering.

  2. ranju184 says:

    yum yum……a must try……

  3. countroshculla says:

    Is there anyone on this planet who enjoys eating food as much as chef Sanjay Thumma? Unlikely 🙂

  4. khushi chawla says:

    Haha..i enjoy you eating rather than making a dish…lovely…

  5. barkas mahesh says:

    sanjeev gaaru u have forgotten to add an ingredient at last…

  6. Tutul Putatunda says:

    Vah vah vah vah re vah..haha

  7. sajjith77 says:

    Hate mushrooms, no taste to them,, but will try ur dish though

  8. Unicorn Vloggers says:

    I'm sure my husband will love this. Thanks!!!

  9. Michael Wang says:

    can i add some ginger in it?

  10. David Ogan says:

    Hi Chef 🙂  Looks delicious and very nicely plated.  Love your revamped show!  David from Thailand

  11. Warveen Mosa says:

    This dish is amazing a different taste from what chief Vah usually makes, love all your dishes they are absolutely amazing.

  12. Magesh P says:

    Chef where can I get thyme in Chennai? And is there any alternative to thyme?

  13. Niko F. says:

    it's a fricassee

  14. arshak hamid says:


  15. Smirf SAAD says:

    u r superb

  16. Priyanka Dey says:

    sir your singing is very nice 😀😁😊..

  17. Mayward Paradz says:

    Wow looking nice.,we'll i will to do it!!

  18. Gloria Fernandes says:

    How much chicken is it?!

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