Champion Swimmers become Circus Stars | Athlete to Artist | O | Cirque du Soleil

Champion Swimmers become Circus Stars | Athlete to Artist | O | Cirque du Soleil

I went to Olympic Games
in 1996 in Atlanta. I made the finals so it
was great experience. I’ve been to Olympic Games,
2008 in Beijing and in 2012 in London. Both of them were amazing experiences. It was just the greatest honour
that any athlete could have to wear those stars and stripes
and walk into opening ceremonies. Competing in front of my home crowd,
you couldn’t even hear yourself talk. It was just phenomenal having the
thrill of swimming out there, doing the duet and team. You feel the audience were just
supporting every single diver. I was the youngest swimmer and we couldn’t go back
home without medal so that was big pressure. We got the silver and it
was like out of the dream. Training for the Olympics,
it gives you a really tough skin that you’re able to do almost
anything under pressure and I think that that skillset
made us all stronger performers. Here at O, we’re training
every day to perform for everyone in the audience
every single night. You know, outside is a different
world, different job. Our show platform is my child. Here I get to jump from
60 feet, it’s twice higher. I really like swimming at
the O pool because it’s warm. And that was a major life
upgrade when we came here. As a synchronized
swimmer in a team, you have to learn how to work with so
many people and get along with them. We all used to compete
against each other and I just feel like it’s such a gift to
be able to work now on the same team. The whole world just stops and comes
together for a collective effort. That is the greatest quality that
I see every night at work at O. And I think that’s the
magic that O brings.

Dereck Turner

3 thoughts on “Champion Swimmers become Circus Stars | Athlete to Artist | O | Cirque du Soleil

  1. spontaneous leroy says:

    FORMIDABLE👍👍👍un vrai spectacle 👍👍👍👍👍😊😊😊😊

  2. JPoland21 says:

    Thank you for honoring the athletes with your video.

  3. Sven AERTS says:

    Congratulations and Greetz from the DG Education Sports Erasmus+ Dual Career Mgt for Top Athletes from the world of Sports, Dance and Circus. Because all these beautiful inspiring people who make us dream and who inspire us, all deserve a proper Dual Career Management and Transition accompaniment. We love you too much to see you hurt, tumble into poverty, a depression, full of anxiety or unnecessary worries, if not you, maybe your loved ones who worry sick. We are working that everybody knows there is a strong policy for your after your careers, so your minds and the minds from those around you can find peace of mind, and focus and keep inspiring us! 🙂 CU, #Sports21 #culture21

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