Card Throwing Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Card Throwing Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect. What’s up, guys? We’re Dude Perfect–
I’m Rick Smith, Jr. –Professional magician and master card thrower. Let’s have some fun!
Wooooo!!! This is the olive slicer. Dude, that was amazing! Nicely done. This guy’s a magician, literally. This is my version of a three-pointer. *cheering* That’s a real carrot! Whoo! Ohoho, wow! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a little segment I like to call Mini Magic Show with Rick Smith, Jr. Rick, looking forward to it. This should be a good time. You want the money?
I like that.
All right. Dollar bills… How much do you want right now, man?
Preferably more than $4. More than $4? So if I was to take the dollars and make them look like hundreds that would be better, right? But both sides of each bill, you know you can tell that there they are front and back *amazed laughter* I’m telling you, dude Hope I don’t split his melon *cheering* Oh, nice. Right by my goodies. *record scratch* Did you see that little high-five fist pound? Let’s run that back. Bang! Ohoho, nice! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a little segment we call: Trace My Face, and basically the rest of my body. Rick? You ready?
*nervous laughter* Trust me
Whoo, okay! This is the Mobile Card Sticker *thunk* Oohhhhhh!!! What a toss! This is the Long-Distance Bottle Breaker
Whoo! I want you to sign one playing card. Do not let me see it, but show everybody at home. I’m going to go through the cards like this, you’re going to say stop, we’re going to put it back in. Just say stop. Stop! Put the card back. How well do remember your card? *laughter*
You had to look at it. Think of the playing card. I’m going to find his card in a unique way. I’m going to eat the card. Like this, ah? *speaking with mouth full* Hold. Let’s do this. Hold on Hold on, hold on. *laughter* No way! I’m sorry, what?
*laughter* I don’t want to be part of this trick anymore. *offscreen* No! Nooo!!!
*applause* Yes!!!
No! Take it out of his mouth! *laughing* Oh, my God! Oh, my gosh!!! Is this a joke?! Slice it, dude. Dude! Where’d my banana go? *laughing* Oh, my gosh. There’s a card in my apple! Pull! *cheering* Go right now and like this video, ’cause my man Rick deserves it. That was nice! Now the fun part, the face. Oh, boy. oookay. *offscreen cheering* Yeahhhh! Oookay. Ah! A little help? Yep, I gotcha. You get that side Guys! Take the corners, (name)
Come on, guys! *cheering* I think that’s it! Are we good? I think we’re good! Okay, how do Iook? Ohhh Whoa!
Wow! This is the Moving Balloon Blaster *pop* *cheering and applause* Garret, you might want to cover your face! Got it Wow Nice. Lighting the candle… so Rick can put it out with a card. We’ve got light, folks. Let’s do it, Rick! You are going to choose any card you like Hold it like this Okay, hold tight. Ah, you’re scaring me
Don’t be scared You want me to close my eyes?
Yes, close your eyes. You got it? I got it
On the count of three – one. two. *smash* three. *cheering and laughter*
Rick: What?! Rick Smith, Jr. – the Bottle Buster! Nooooo!!! How do I never see it coming? This is the Upper Decker Party Popper *cheering* This is the Lights-Out shot Whoa!
Dude! That was sick! THAT is how you turn the lights off. What’s up, guys? Thanks for watching. If you’re not already a Dude Perfect subscriber, make sure you click down here so you don’t miss out Also, if you want to see more card throwing and magic from Rick, click right here If you want some awesome DP merch, right down here. And if you want to see the last video, click right here! Rick, leave ’em with the signature sign-off! Pound it! Noggin!
See ya!

Dereck Turner

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