Capsule Card 8 – Masked Words & Watercolor

Capsule Card 8 – Masked Words & Watercolor

Dereck Turner

40 thoughts on “Capsule Card 8 – Masked Words & Watercolor

  1. Didi Leonard says:

    What a wonderful card Kristina! The colours worked beautifully, you were so right about that Paper Fashion watercolour set and I’m happy I added it to my arsenal. Thank you for the awesome inspiration, as always ❤️

  2. Kristen Teti says:

    Where can you purchase the drying gum? I’ve never even seen that product. Thanks. Your card is beautiful!

  3. Kathy Camasso says:

    I am really loving this series! You are so very creative and I thank you for sharing!

  4. Sarah Jane Wilgress says:

    Does anyone know if drawing gum contains latex?

  5. Leah T says:

    This card turned out beautifully🌼Thanks for sharing, Kristina!

  6. Melissa Leftrick says:

    Beautiful! 💕

  7. margaret ann chamblee says:

    What a bright and cheerful card. Thanks for the reminder that simple is often the most beautiful. And, that you don’t HAVE to have those little luxuries (i.e. gum eraser 😆)….

  8. Louisa Mochizuki says:

    I've never used masking fluid before and my writing isn't great. But after watching this video, you made it look doable and I want to give it a try 😊😍. Another fabulous card in this series 🎉😍

  9. Susan B says:

    It looks great, I love the handwriting!

  10. Jean Westackroyd says:

    Lovely card Kristina. Must try get to grips with watercolour again ! Thanks for sharing a great series.

  11. Ninjamom 4 says:


  12. Vanessa S says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this month of capsule cardmaking and would be soo happy if it were to continue in some way or form. Your previous creations with minimal supplies are incredibly rewarding to both watch and get inspiration from, actually they are my favorites, so this month has been such a treat. Thank you Kristina.

  13. cljordison says:

    Great card and video. I love your handwriting it's so pretty. Clean and simple cards are my favorite. Thanks for sharing.💕

  14. Sharon Bain says:

    This is beautiful!!!!!! You make writing look so simple 😂Thanks again for sharing your skills x

  15. Karla Bostic says:

    This challenge has me itching to paint more than any other YouTube video. Thank you for the creative jolt. You are SO appreciated

  16. Christa Beard says:

    This is a very happy card.  I'm really enjoying your capsule series.  Thank you for the inspiration.

  17. Pallavi Fulaware says:

    Beautiful card….awesome video….fantastic colour combination………………so creative card

  18. Teresa Doyle says:

    So pretty AND easy. 💗 it!

  19. moeboe2 aka Maureen D. White says:

    Love!❤️ Are you picking new supplies for March?

  20. Jennifer Baker says:

    Beautiful suggestion

  21. Annie Collins says:

    Beautiful card. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  22. Judith Sigler says:

    Hey, Kristina, ANOTHER FANTASTIC CARD DESIGN! LOVE IT! Really appreciate the tip to “play with your water colors, no matter the set” to “get the feel” of how they’ll work, n’ blend n’ flow n’ create color! I NEED TO DO THIS to feel “more comfortable” n’ trusting of myself n’ the technique! LOVE THIS SERIES! Happy that February has 29 days this year~~~so we get an extra day of “Capsule”!! YAY! Hopefully, you’ll keep it up in some way! TFS n’ HAPPY CREATIN’! Have a lovely day! 🙂

  23. Monica Morgan says:

    Love this series and especially this card. I'm going to give it a try. Mwah!

  24. Betty Hornberger says:

    I never knew about that gum masking stuff! Thank you for giving us another method. I love this…I wish I knew how to letter as beautifully as you do, but I could give it a try and see how it turns out! Thanks again.

  25. Katy Glenn says:

    I always forget to let my work totally dry! This is a lovely card. I'm definitely going to give it a try. Stay blessed!

  26. Trudie Vick says:

    Another excellent card. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Marilyn Bailey says:

    What a fun & happy card! Question: What is the difference between "drawing gum" & masking fluid?

  28. Linda Gorman says:

    I have really enjoyed seeing all of your creations made with limited supplies!!! Amazing!

  29. Pamela Moore says:

    love cards like this but my hand writing is so bad I can't make cards like this

  30. jerilee kerr says:

    Beautiful, Kristina!

  31. Hillary Wendell says:

    Beautifully simple!

  32. BlackNekoHime says:

    Love this card! It has given me a great idea for a couple of large sentiment stamps I have in my stash. Thank you for sharing!! ^___^

  33. Yolande Bergeron says:

    Merci Kristina
    I love this product. This product is new for me. The white writing is like a ghost coming alive with the back watercolor. Your teaching is always appreciated.

  34. Penny Fong says:

    agree with Vanessa, these simple cards are my favorite!

  35. Deena Otway says:

    Love you hand writing, beautiful card thank you for sharing

  36. TheDeltaCrafter says:

    I am absolutely loving this capsule card challenge! Many of us don’t have limitless amounts of money to buy supplies so seeing all the things that can be made from the same items is encouraging.

  37. Judy Hartmann says:

    Great card I really try to write like this, but never as good as you do!

  38. Debadoo B says:

    I am really loving this series. I need to get some watercolors a lot of my stuff is still in the storage oh, and you definitely have me thinking about that little set your using. This is such a nice little card so easy to do but so pretty!

  39. Art Non Channel says:

    Beautiful card. Thank you for sharing⭐

  40. May comtois says:

    very pretty, thanks

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