CANDYMAN | Draw My Life

CANDYMAN | Draw My Life

Dean Arnold Corrl, also known as “Candy
Man”, was a serial killer from the US who, along with two accómplices, kidnapped, tortured
and killed at least 28 young people between 1970 and 1973 in Houston, Texas. He was born on December 24th 1939 in Fort
Wayne, Indiana, US. He was the first son of Mary Robinson and
Arnold Edwin Corll. His mom was very protective, but not his dad,
strict and tough with his two kids – he usually grounded them. Corll was a very shy boy who had a rough time
interacting with others, tho he always cared about the well-being of other people. His parents argued more and more frequently,
so they ended up getting a divorce when he was 7. After this, his mom sold the family house,
and after moving several times, they settled in Vidor, a small town in the west of Texas. His mom married again, and with her new husband,
she started a candy company in their garage. Dean was really involved in the family business
since day 1, and he worked day and night after he got out of school every day. There, he was seen as a well-behaved and generous
student who used to give candy to his friends. The family business kept growing and growing,
so after Dean’s graduation the family decided to move again. The place they chose was Houston Heights,
a low income neighborhood in the city of Houston, where they opened a small store. During his teenage years, Dean never showed
any kind of weird behavior,; in fact, neighbors would say he was a model boy, kind, who gave
candy to the kids in the neighborhood. However, it all changed in August 1964, when
he was drafted into the US army. He soon showed his disdain for the service,
and after 10 months he asked for a leave of absence, with the excuse of taking care of
the family business. He would be later on named the vice president
of the business. When he went back to Houston, he restarted
his work in the company, and he moved to an apartment right above the store. It was then that his personality changed,
drastically – he became iráscible and gloomy. With the excuse of the candy, Corll started
to spend more and more time with teenagers. In 1967, he became friends with David Brooks,
who was 12 years old – one of the kids he gave candy to. The family nucleus of this young boy was totally
unstructured, and Corll’s attention soon made the kid look up to him as a father figure. Dean’s dark instincts sparked in September
1970. Jeffrey Konen, an 18 year old boy who hitch
hiked on the road became his first victim. Corll picked him up and took him home. On their way there, he gave him some candy,
and once they were home, he hit him on the head, leaving him unconscious. After this, he tied him to a chair and tortured
him for hours, until he finally ended his agony by hitting his head until it was destroyed. Dean was surprised by Brooks in the middle
of the slaughter. He managed to blackmail him and keep him silent
about it, offering him in exchange a car, a Chevrolet Corvette. The influence of the killer upon the kid was
such, that he even made a deal with him: he’d give him 200 dollars for each kid he’d bring
him. Brooks accepted, becoming, automatically,
his accomplice. His mom’s marriage failed again, and the
family closed down the candy company, so Corll started on a job as an electrician. His mother moved again, to Colorado this time,
and even tho they talked on the phone regularly, she never came back to visit her son. In 1971, David Brooks introduced Elmer Henley
to Dean Corll – he also came from a humble family with financial problems. Dean decided he could be a good accomplice,
and he offered him, again, 200 dollars for each kid he’d bring to his apartment. Henley’s family was so poor that he accepted
the offer, without really knowing about Dean’s intentions yet. Dean carried out most of his murders during
the following 2 years. All his victims were teenagers, younger than
20 years old, who lived in the outskirts of Houston Heights. His modus operandi consisted in attracting
his victims to his apartment with the help of his accomplices. After that, he’d offer them drugs, and then,
he’d strangle them or shoot them, tho torturing them first. Corll became more and more cruel: he’d cut
their bodies, he’d break their bones with a hammer, or he’d choke them with plastic
bags, lengthening the agony of his victims for hours. Once they were killed, he bathed them in lime
and covered them with layers of plastic – he’d tie the ends and wrap his victims as if they
were a piece of candy. And then finally, he’d bury them. However, everything went wrong in August 8th
1973. Henley had taken a boy to Corll’s house,
but he had also invited Rhonda Williams, a friend of his. She was 15 years old. Corrl got furious with Henley for taking a
girl inside his house, but he managed to calm him down. The two teenagers kept drinking and taking
drugs until they fell unconscious. When they woke up, they found themselves gagged
and with their hands tied. Corll threatened Henely putting a gun on his
temple, but the young boy calmed him down again, promising he’d participate in the
torturing of the other 2, so he set him free. Dean offered him a hunting knife and asked
him to cut off Rhonda’s clothes while he tortured the other boy. But he refused to do so, and tired of these
slaughters, he grabbed Corll’s gun and threatened him. They both struggled, and finally, he shot
his head, tho the bullet didn’t make it all the way through the cranium. He shot other 5 times, until the killer collapsed
and bled to death. It was Henley himself that called the police
and confessed not only Dean Corll’s murder, but also his and David Brooks’ participation
in the torture and death of more than 20 teenagers. They collaborated with the justice by pointing
out the location of several bodies, and they both were sentenced to imprisonment for life. And this was how Dean Corll went down in history
as one of the most heartless serial killers of all the ones we know. And also… now our parents warning finally
makes sense… the one that says… dont take candy from
a stranger.

Dereck Turner

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