‘Candy Art Masterpiece’ Sneak Peek 🍬 Turf War (Season 13)

‘Candy Art Masterpiece’ Sneak Peek 🍬 Turf War (Season 13)

– For this flash challenge,
you will once again win or lose as a team. – Gotcha, fellas.
– This week, we’re testing color theory. – Oh, shit. What the [bleep] is
color theory? Do you know about color theory?
– A little bit. – Thank God you’re on our team.
– Right, yeah.– It’s just using
the right colors
so that everything is just
complimentary to each other.It’s like playing
the wrong notes on a guitar.
Everything can sound
really pretty, and you’re like, “Yeah.”And then you hit
that wrong note,
and it’s painful.You throw one wrong color
in there,
and it starts to look
like a disaster. – You ready, bro?
– We gotta be. – Today, you must create
a colorful masterpiece, one piece of candy at a time. – What the [bleep], though?
– Sweet.– I’ve never thought
about candy
as a viable art from.Shit’s sweet, you eat it.
That’s the end of the story. – Oh, my God, dude. Hell yeah!
I’m all about it. – Using nothing but glue and over half a million pieces
of candy.[dramatic music]Each team must create
a sweet work of arton a eight-foot
by eight-foot canvas.
– They’re kidding, right? – This is gonna be
[bleep] insane.– We have a huge surface
to cover here,
and every piece of candy is,
like, the size of my [bleep] fingernail.– How many candies we gonna
have to put on that wall
in order to fill it?It’s so much sugar. – The winners
of this flash challenge will have the power to assign all of the human canvases
in the elimination tattoo. – [exhales sharply] – Fail to impress us, and we will not sugarcoat it. You’ll have six hours, and your time starts now. – Let’s do it, guys. – These teams have to do
a colorful piece that uses good color theoryso that the design stands out
– We could set up, like,
a still life, like, a bottle of wine,
an apple, and, like, a banana. – It’s like the building blocks
of being an artist. – There’s a lot of different
crazy, bright colors of candy. So the color rangethese artists have
to deal with is immense.
– We could go do
something cool–graffiti. Something like that.
– I’m down for that.– If I was
on one of these teams,
I would eat more candy
than I put on the wall.
– Ooh, I like these.
This is nice. – I love candy!
I love candy. Candy. – What about a big, creepy,
[bleep] evil clown? – That’d be cool and weird.
– All right, sure. Let’s do it.
– I’m cool with it.For the first time
in team East history,
we are going
with the first idea that was thrown out. Like, one of those funhouse entrances where
you walk into the crazy clown’s mouth? I love that. – I looks like the West are still figuring out
what they’re doing. – Well,
just don’t let the West see what we’re doing. – We could do, like,
a fruit basket, so we can show a lot
of different colors. – That’s basic,
you know what I mean? – What if a big–one fruit,
maybe, like, a pineapple? – Pineapple with, like,
an umbrella in it, you know, like it’s a drink. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I like that. – Five hours left, everybody. Five hours.[suspenseful music]♪ ♪– We fill this up
with part white and part pink, and that’ll give us
a light pink we put in a can. – [bleep] yeah.
We got Jason back.
I don’t know what I was
gonna do if I had to be
on this team by myself. – That looks cool.
– Yeah. They try to take
my teammate out,I can’t be the same Jordi.I have to make sure I cut everyone’s throats. – I do think this is
pretty complicated. If we commit to this,
we gotta fill the whole thing. – Yeah, I mean,
we gotta think simple.People are starting
to lay candy,
and we are still [bleep] around
with our drawing. – Is there any other idea? – What if we did, like,
the floaty–like, floatation animals? Like, a little–or, like–
– Like, a unicorn? Like, a unicorn, like, floaty.
– A unicorn floaty. – All right, let’s do this.[tense music]– I think we’re starting
to do okay
at flash challenges, guys.I think we’re starting
to get the hang of it.
– Dude, every other team has
won one now. We are due. God, it’s so weird
how soft they are. – Squishy candy. – [laughs]
Ew, stop. – Yucky.
– Yeah. That’s a disgusting sound.
– Ooh! [in baby voice]
Frankie, do you like candy? I like candy. – Oh, no, is he gonna do that
the whole [bleep] time? – Ooh, Jerrel! – [laughs]
[bleep] creepy as shit, dude. – Ooh. – And then Jimmy slaughtered everyone in that warehouse. – [laughs] – Stop laughing. – She said, “Stop laughing.” – I’m just over here
minding my own business, trying to boost up
the morale of my team. Mushy the Clown. – [laughs] – Everything I do
pisses off Angel. – The angry west coast
doesn’t like laughter. – [in baby voice]
We’re gonna win, K, ’cause we’re winners. Whee!
– Somebody [bleep] shut him up. – She’s all mad and fired up.
I love it. – Two hours to go.
Two more hours to go, guys.[dramatic music]♪ ♪– I just realized how much
of this bottle
I have left to do.Done about half,
but I need to kick it up a [bleep] notch. – Yeah, for sure. Kelly is literally gluing
so slow. – Do you wanna help me
work on this? – Yes, I do.
– I already know I’m gonna have to jump in there
and help them both. That’s why this
“team crap”–like, no.I’ll play this team stuff
as long as I have to,
and then I’m going to make
the best decision for me.[tense music]♪ ♪That there. [candy clacking] – You hear that sound?♪ ♪– Five, four, three,two, one.That is it.
Time is up. – [laughs] – Look at his shoes.
– Look at him. – I hate candy.

Dereck Turner

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  42. Shiny Turd says:

    the bottom 3

    Number 12 Jordi- I like his
    number 11 K- sadly kinda have a small crush on her and want her to make far, but the truth is this is where she is at.
    number 10 Raul- the man have balls and step up when he feels like he needs to, but this is where he is at

    the middle pack

    Number 9- kelly- the guy hasn't been shown that most I can barely remember his work or his name. I thought it was Kasey, so yeah, that why he here he not bad, but he not on top either.
    number 8- frank- the only vet who not in top 5 or I guess 7 which made think why they brought him back they could bring rolly or matt or even Deanna I wish they did pick Deanna over him. (ok I have no clue where anything lives) With Deanna, we would have another strong female other than Angel, and maybe Jessa, we have wait and see on Jessa. Last season we had 4 strong females, and this season 2 at most maybe 1.
    number 7 bob- for me, he has not lived the hype that gave I thought he would be so better than just being in the middle of the pack. I hope he will live up to, but we will see.
    Number 6 Jessa- she is my dark horse pick; she strat of bit rocky, but she slowly to start to shine. I hope she makes it far.

    top contender

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    Number 4 Jason- he good. I like I know they are trying to make him the villain this season, but it not working for me; he is 4 best guy best of the team.
    Number 3 my man Jimmy- he is my, and he is most improved vet he struggled the first season he told on this leadership well and he up game by 100% because his last season he was not top contender now, he is the running
    number 2 Jerrel- he the only non, vet that is best of team. He made cost his spot in final 3 this season to make far your going need Allie and your team you can't take long wolf this season look so what your upset that your friend who should have gone home did go home, but can't let that personal crap get to you.
    Number 1 Angel- she is the best season I also have a crush on her as well.

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