Can You Spin Art Resin & Acrylic Pours?

Can You Spin Art Resin & Acrylic Pours?

Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and
today we’re gonna be building a… Giant spin-art.
Yes and we’re gonna be using flow acrylics and epoxy. And a fan. *Evan blows attic dust out of his mouth*
*Katelyn laughs* I’m gonna plug in the fan so
that when we’re ready we can just activate it. That seems
dangerous to have it plugged in. Ready to disassemble? Oh it’s so gross in there Are we done? Hahaha. Throw paint on there hahaha. Will you unplug that for me?
Thank youuuu. I should remove some of this hair.
Oh… I’m sorry. Haha see now, now we just have a
motor right here and we can like attach anything we want to this so after our first flow acrylic project- I don’t know what I’m doing I’m just adding colors now one of our viewers sent us-
*Evan snaps fan loudly* …sent us the account
Sheleeart on Instagram and she does flow acrylics but spins them and you
looked into it apparently she uses a fan she doesn’t say how she did it but it
seemed like a good place to start let’s see. Do you wanna unplug it? seems a little off balance we
go fully remove all of these. Yeah yeah Look at these fancy 3D printed vise inserts ooo yes I wonder how you could figure
out how to make one of them that’s way better that doesn’t work You’re not gonna drill into
the motor are you? Haha… Yeah that’s better haha that seems like it should work Oh! Should we try spinning it? Safety glasses on. This is so exciting It’s going.
It’s not wobbling… well it’s wobbling a little bit I mean it’s little… it’s a little off-kilter it’s shaking the table oh it can handle it though It can handle it.
Yay! Alright let’s stop Yeah let’s not run it for too long I think it’s ready for a test run
and by test run I mean real run Yeah I think we should, we should-
Let’s make a box. We should make a box There you go. I feel good about
this. I feel good. Time to prep the colors
for the dirty pour So we have some
leftover color tubes from our first acrylic pour. Basically you just get
liquid acrylics and you mix them with a pouring medium, there’s a few
different kinds you can use we just get the one that’s ready to go. Ohhhh I don’t think we have white.
Here’s a little bit oh boy Can’t just be all willy nilly with it…
Like last time… Gonna do more white! Whew! So we’re gonna do a dirty pour
first which is where you combine a bunch of colors and
a cup put it facedown on your canvas wait how are we gonna do that?
Before it spins. No… but, like when we did it last time, we put the
canvas on top and then we flipped it I’m just gonna really quickly slam it down. Oh god. Ok.
Hahaha I mean it’s gonna
turn out fine even if it all pours out it’ll still do… a thing. Alright, so I’m gonna get
a little crazy I’m gonna put a little bit of alcohol at the bottom. It creates
cool like bubbles and cells Ohno…
Once it starts it starts to like react amongst itself. Especially with
the alcohol. Ready? Yeah Alright… Go ahead and turn it on Do you pick it up? Once it gets
going I’m gonna pick it up Oh no, oh no! Oh nooooooo!! What have I done?
Just… just don’t panic Just don’t panic and don’t do
that again. Nobody look at it! Hard lessons learned guys
Man… Look at all that flow acrylic…
Wasted. Wasted… Ok let’s do this again Ready? That’s cool. I don’t think any paint is escaping What do you think?
Turn it off, yeah. Don’t do that- you’re gonna
smear the edges Hmm it’s cool. It looks like tie dye
It’s cool it’s not what I expected I like that you see the
wood underneath Do you like the circles? I like it!
You like it? I like it! Alright. We’ll consider it a successful first attempt I feel like we can get more control if
we did a non dirty pour (straight pour) though yeah you wanna try that next?
oh yeah oh that’s so pretty It’s very pretty
Perfect Looks like you’re about
to newscast. This just in Delicious coffee sent to your door
from Trade Coffee! oh did you almost whack it I almost whacked it so before we do our next pour, I’m going to POUR us a nice cup of coffee
because this week’s sponsor is Trade Coffee Mmm this is, this is actually really good so I’m a coffee with milk and honey
type of person and I think it’s cool that Trade has this
online quiz where you input what you like in your coffee how you like to brew
it all these different factors and it will pick out of their 400 types of
roasts which one is the best for you which is really cool it’s a lot better
than my previous method of walking up and down the grocery store aisle and
smelling all of them. My method is just taking whatever Katelyn makes cuz it’s
always really good but another really cool thing about Trade Coffee is they
roast things fresh as soon as you’re done with your quiz so that you’re not
getting like stale coffee. That would be sad. So if you want some delicious coffee
yourself use the link below the first 100 people get 50% off their order by
using code EVANKATELYN, no “and”. Thanks Trade! Thanks! Take two! Okay so we’re gonna
do a clean pour (straight pour) this time which is where you pour it directly onto there.
it’s weird cuz I just place it in the middle and I don’t really have control
over where it goes. Can I be the agent of chaos here and drop them some alcohol?
Sure, you’re good at that role. Hehehe I think that’s enough okay I’m gonna try to like not go
crazy with this. Well this is speed two instead of speed three so
let’s see what it does I need more paint. Stop. That’s kinda cool and kinda
ugly at the same time. Should I add some more?
Haha sure! Let’s try it again. That’s pretty cool. Let’s extended let’s
get that last a little bit Ummm I think dark blue yeah Just like around here? Yeah.
Oh it’s looking cooler and cooler Maybe a tiny bit more?
Tiny bit more. Yeah cuz I Feel like this one is so little left Yeah we gotta fill it.
Redeeming itself- whoa whoa I’m not ready! Should we add some more gold in there? Ok let’s do that! *clap clap* Did you just clap for me to go? No it was excitement! It wasn’t like “clap on clap off”! That gold is doing cool things!
…That’s interesting I’m not sure if I like the gold as much
there’s more colors! Cover it up! Can I do it? …No.
…Hahahaha! How come this side just keeps being dumb we can always do
…hahaha I’m sorry Let’s see what we have…
Hey! Oh that’s better! Ok I think it’s good, I think it’s good. That, THAT is cool! that is really cool looks like a
geothermal like hole. It does. you… you look like you’re
thinking a thing yours looks so
much better than mine I think I might want to be like a little
more mess with mine a little bit more cuz I feel like I can get a little bit
better I think some white mixed with that pink would look cool.
You ready? Ready. Fingers crossed guys What HAPPENED??? Uhhhhh…. That looks really bad
That looks so bad!!! lesson learned:
do it all once or don’t mess with it. Alrighty, oh gosh What have we done? Nope, I’m gonna go for it. Uhhh… I mean I think you should like be a little bit more purposeful than this.
I’m having flashbacks to our last pour where things just kept on
getting worse and worse? Where you didn’t know when to stop…
This might end up being so cool we’re gonna be like daaaaang, look at that. …yeah, maybe. ahhhhhhh.
you ready? I’m ready. Hahaha oh no. Ahhhhhahaha Why’d you do that? Hahaha. Oh gosh. Gold! Ooooo that’s getting somewhere. It’s a multi-layered thing is hard to
understand it, Fire zee lasers! I think that’s a good place to
stop. Okay. Yay! I’m afraid to mess with it more And now for something a little
different Resin! I’ll get pumping.
Uhhh we don’t know what colors we’re doing we have… five minutes to decide. I think this should be enough Seems like there should be enough
Luckily we have the slow cure epoxy so we have a little bit of time. Ooo careful! Don’t spill the pigment! definitely gold again cuz I just like gold. I certainly hope that
we have enough because… if we don’t… I don’t really know
what we’re gonna do Katelyn I’ll let you do the honors Ooo I already like this navy
And then some white I’m gonna start mixing more.
No, just hold on. they always end up looking like faces. Mehhhh! Muhhh!! It still looks like a face! Don’t laugh at him. I’m so excited and so nervous I know I hope it spreads out okay. It’s
pretty much all I can scrape out of these guys. All right you ready?
It looks cool you know It seems like it’s spreading.
Oh so much! Ok stop. whoa whoa whoa whoa WHOA
okay let’s stop right there So funky! I like it though!
That is not what I expected. Wow You know what it’s almost like? Because
the resin itself is heavier it’s almost like if it was a little bit off center
it got shifted and then just continued Okay- hot take? I don’t know if this
is a hot but like of the two- I like the epoxy a little bit more
I might also… This is this is cool Look at all those spots from
the alcohol popping up. Ok this is… this is cool. Alrighty so, it’s the next day.
We love how the sheen on this epoxy one looks so we’re gonna add it to these two acrylic ones as well. One for
the glossy… the glossy top coat, but two because it’ll protect it from getting
scraped up because acrylic itself isn’t that strong and this has a UV protection that all protect the colors from fading over time Ohhhhh.. Do the colors look more vivid?
I think the shine. Glossy taco! I’m very impressed with your skills right now Alrighty! That is nice! Yesssss Well guys I’m really happy with
how these turned out I definitely want to spin more
things in the future, maybe… square things even. You cRaZy. Also thanks again to Trade Coffee
for sponsoring us. Again there’s a link below in the description first
100 people to click it get 50% off your first order when you use code EVANKATELYN there’s no “and” it’s just EVANKATELYN thank you guys for watching see
you next time, bye! it wasn’t called 90s Spin Art was it?
Yeah, what… It wouldn’t have “nineties” in it Chocolate raiiiiiiinnnn….. Acrylic rain…. Spin art. Spin art. Spin art. Spin art. Well that one doesn’t say spin art
I just assumed. Hahahaha! How’s your day?
It’s it’s pretty exciting so far… How is your day going….? Ok I can tell that’s making you uncomfortable could spin anything. Spin anything. Yeah
like hammer.. or some paper towels Maybe I shouldn’t just look around
the office and name things

Dereck Turner

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