Can These Chefs Turn This Yeti Drawing Into Real Food? • Tasty

Can These Chefs Turn This Yeti Drawing Into Real Food? • Tasty

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Can These Chefs Turn This Yeti Drawing Into Real Food? • Tasty

  1. fizza fatima says:

    The kid is sooo well mannered 😊

  2. Jen Rose says:


  3. KT LoveBTS says:

    ‘I have good hopes for you’
    Alvin at the back ….🙂🙃•.•

    This was less of a competition and more of a Alvin admiring Rie

  4. JK TD says:

    They should open restaurants all over the world presenting all the winners from this series (but of course they perfect the dish a bit more because it might be a bit weird to eat broccoli with sweet food)
    But yea just wanted to throw this out here:)

  5. yasna dini says:

    Alvin: ohh I should have thought of that!!!! I’m Asian too!
    I’m dying l 😂

  6. Darlene Tate says:

    Such a fun competition!!!

  7. Ky Queen says:

    Alvin was literally praising rie the whole time 😭💖

  8. Jazmine says:

    I liked Alvin's better.

  9. Ky Queen says:

    Alvin’s like panicking and it’s a new side we don’t get to see bc we usually see his planned out works. I feel so bad bc his confidence level next to rie is like at a 2/10 😭

  10. Jadesola Obasa says:

    Who else wants Alvin in more you draw we cook

  11. Andreea tingly asmr says:

    Tj is my favorite kid in this show

  12. Ken cHunGGus says:

    Does nobody know that the bone looks like… You know what

  13. Tina J says:

    yes! Two of my favorite cooks

  14. Hayden Gaming_YT says:

    I thought he drew ballz and a penis

  15. Mei :D says:

    Alvin getting frustrated is hilarious 😆😂

  16. Adam S says:

    15:56 why did I think he said semen 😂😂

  17. Hossam Sib says:

    That drawing looked like a two sided pen!s 😂🙊

  18. As Flowerie says:

    My two favorite tasty chefs ❤️

  19. Benjapon Hummel- Schluger says:

    To be honest, I can totally see Rie and Alvin as a "Thing". The RieLvin. They would be the cutest couple ever!!

  20. Anna Jacobus says:

    This makes me sooooo hungry!

  21. Nahl Abbas says:

    I swear the kid called Alvin Andy 😂 but that’s kid is sweet

  22. Dango Dango says:

    He's just drawing dick with 4 balls

  23. Anna Jacobus says:

    I would love to be on this show.

  24. LoveableGirl_15 says:

    When the kid draws a dick…. LMFAO

  25. Noor28 says:

    Idk why but I think Alvin and Rei would make a good couple😁 ❤️😌

  26. Your Girl Aliya says:

    4:13 I said make it fancy with her

  27. RAEYA CHAN says:

    "why didn't i think of that i'm asian too" HAHHAHAHAHA

  28. Anjum Mansoor says:

    Rie cookies looks like dog shit not rock

  29. RGM Dylan says:

    Man I find this funny 2 Asians and the kid looks Asian man

  30. skittlebeape says:

    Thes people are home cooks. Not chefs

  31. Amanda Topel says:

    Good job you guys

  32. Galactix_StarYT says:

    Child: yeah I think it's broccoli

  33. Kamryn Ogg says:

    Is no one talking about when he said the yeti needs bones because he needs carbonation… did he mean calcium?

  34. Orleans Germond says:

    Literally saw Alvin and Rie, and clicked!

  35. Mihir Ghosh says:

    Who else came for Alvin? Be honest

  36. Laro Laro says:

    I really enjoy watching this. best episode if this segment for me. just because my two most favorite tasty producers are in here, RIE and ALVIN. love them. ^^

  37. Fisha says:

    Kid: Broccoli with cake!

    Alvin: No it’s not broccoli, it’s green coconut

    Kid: It’s broccoli, yeah i think it is broccoli

  38. Francis W says:

    I mean at this point the only fair way to go is Rie vs Rie

  39. Faith Avery says:

    I don’t like seeing Alvin so flustered 😭. But I love the duo here haha. And that child is so cute

  40. ChenTea says:

    Alvin is being bIG mOoD 😂

  41. Okaasan says:

    I’m a simple man. I see Rie, I click. No questions asked.

  42. Eloisa Gomez says:

    Alvin you are a good tasty cooker

  43. spongeythumbjr says:

    This is like a laid back version of chopped

  44. Keren Salazar says:

    Is it me or is Alvin and Rie flirting like crazy haha so cutee

  45. Aldrin Santiago says:

    Alvin is so cute 😛

  46. Alice앨리스 says:

    This is the coolest kid on these series. <3

  47. Jaidynn Johnson says:

    I’m so so so so so so so so SO sorry to say this, but when he drew that bone my mind went to other places

  48. jump start says:

    I love the background

  49. Nelly Wilson says:

    I ship the components and the kid looks like them so they look like a hole big happy family:)

  50. k Divya says:

    Alvin is like rie in first season

  51. Misaki Nguyen says:

    I love both of them! My favorite part was probably when Alvin got excited about the big bone and then break it as soon as he set it on the plate

  52. laylay love08 says:

    That bone drawing tho😕😒😱

  53. Audrey Phou says:

    This video is basically Alvin hitting on his rocks for 20 minutes

  54. Anne Farhanissa says:

    Oh i want Alvin in this season more

  55. holly persona says:

    Guys, I think there's something wrong with Rie. She didn't use any kind of alcohol or alcohol flavored things in the branches. (I say alcohol flavored things because I'm aware that she served it to a child and I don't want hate)

  56. Darawath Dina says:

    0:03 wow look at his armpit hair

  57. Lindsay Sinclair says:

    I feel bad for Alvin

  58. Mia Capistrano says:

    Omg the collaaab!!

  59. Rose A. says:

    I ship them

  60. Lucero Quintar says:

    the best tasty duo for sure

  61. Jennie Epperson says:

    Hello I am 10 and I want to be a baker and it seems cool so I look up to Tasty especially Alvin and Tie. I'm a boy just to clarify.

  62. Jennie Epperson says:

    Excuse me Rie or Ray

  63. Michele Yoakum says:

    Please post more of these videos!!

  64. My Opinion Doesn't Matter But says:

    Alvin and Rie In one video!
    "Perfectly balanced as all things should be"

  65. Asiya Rifaa says:

    "He is literally getting everything wrong" lol

  66. Lavender Chan says:

    Hello I am 9 years old I am a girl where do you do this? I wanna join ;^;

  67. Julia amber says:

    Alvin didn't say it so I have to say it. His rocks ROCKed. HAHAHAH

  68. Zenia Calixterio says:

    It's ok Alvin. I love you hahahahahahaha

  69. Caro_ DM says:

    Alvin: * makes 30 pound s’mores*
    Also Alvin: *has to make toffee for a competition *
    *full panic mode*

  70. J C C R E A T I O N ' S says:

    Alvin is like my older brother i never see him panic and he always look so chill , And he is "OoOh ThIs Is CoOl:DD"😂😂😂

  71. J C C R E A T I O N ' S says:

    Alvin is like my older brother i never see him panic and he always look so chill , And he is "OoOh ThIs Is CoOl:DD"😂😂😂

  72. Kenji Fatima says:


  73. Ai Estalilla says:

    Alvin is so adorable. First time to see him like this, anxious and nervous. Much love to you two.

  74. Kathryn A says:

    This is probably the most enthusiastic and kind hearted kid whose been on here

  75. Emily Gomez Vlogs says:

    I really want you guys to go on Nailed It

  76. Alexis Trevor says:

    "Yeah the rocks look really cool."
    "Im a little bit worried."
    Le sarcasm rie lmao

  77. Karleigh’s Still here says:

    No ones going to talk about the “bones”

  78. cheesecxke says:

    alvin and rie? iconic

  79. So Tasty says:

    nice job. I love it so much

  80. Danyel Yogi says:

    Rie finally takes the W bless this kid man !!!

  81. Forever Young says:

    0:36 OMG rie said the said the same thing in the witch 🧙🏻‍♀️ I draw you cook 👩‍🍳

  82. Syberyah says:

    Alvin: this isn't turning like I wanted
    Rie: my bone cookies are exactly like I wanted

  83. I don’t know lol says:

    Oh else ships them 😏

  84. Haycel Schmidt says:

    this is the best episode ever!!! love rie and alvin ❤❤❤

  85. Caitlyn Miller says:

    Rie – Make it fancy
    Alvin – Make it big
    Alexis – Make anything with any appliance ever!!!!

  86. Jerzzie Nevaeh says:

    for the hair shredded hair i would have don't coconut shreds because it wouldnt have been too much coconut and it would look similar to the hair

  87. Bea Marie says:


  88. Haleigh Renee says:

    I can’t even think of what to make for dinner, how do they come up with this

  89. damiamyr4 _ says:

    the bones drawing hMmmmMmmMMmm

  90. damiamyr4 _ says:


    "look at my hairrrrrr" omg that sounds so wrong HHAHAHAHAH

  91. damiamyr4 _ says:



  92. Rene Lim says:


  93. Pointless says:

    is that a bone?

  94. Pineappplezz says:

    that kid is so sweet hhhhh such a cute imagination

  95. Rei Ozawa says:

    The marker has improved. It’s more saturated in ink and the color is vibrant now.

    Not that anyone cares

  96. ely boo says:

    I think TJ will impressed if Alvin do to the giant version ! 😂

  97. Dark Horse RC says:

    I have a crush on rie

  98. Angel Tee says:

    Did alix quit? Because she's always the challenger in "i draw, you cook" series

  99. Rick Bo says:

    16:34 Confident Rie XD

  100. Nuclear King says:

    I want to see binging with babish do this

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