Can These Chefs Turn This Ice Queen Drawing Into Real Food? • Tasty

Can These Chefs Turn This Ice Queen Drawing Into Real Food? • Tasty

hi my name is usman I’m five years old and today I’m having two chefs compete to make my dream dish how are you I’m Hannah this is alice ice to meet you ha ha we heard a little secret about you we heard that you might be an ice princess do you know what an ice princess would eat it’s family it was very low as snowballs which no that’s a good kind of suit I’m thinking that’s doable sweet usually it’s the way to go so so what’s your favorite kind of snowball flavor vanilla type MBL’s dice cute this was their grass in this winter land yeah yeah man cucumbers cucumbers okay ice cream and cucumber I really don’t understand how this is going to come together doesn’t really go together in my mind these are the shines that make it shiny okay okay do you like fruit what’s your favorite room Lynch oranges do you like pineapple oh yeah this is the Sun these are the stars this is the bread and this this of the snow these are the cucumbers these are the grass and these are the yellow lines don’t make it shiny there’s a lot going on here but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in this competition it’s to not leave anything out I think that we have everything we need to make you something truly a basis no tastic lanch of a picture this is gonna be a breeze freeze let’s see who the winter is of this competition like winner let’s go so here’s my plan I won last time based off of the simplicity of my dish so I’m gonna keep it simple again this time for the sandwich I’m doing toasted bread with butter and sugar and two different flavors of little ice cream scoops inside for the grass I’m doing a green buttercream for the stars and the Sun I’m doing cut up pieces of mango and pineapple and for the shimmers I’m just gonna do edible glitter all right here’s my plan for the snowball sandwich I’m gonna make vanilla ice cream snow balls covered in blue coconut and chocolate waffle base for the stars in the Sun I’m going to make a very simple open-faced cheese sandwich and for the grass and the shiny step I’m gonna use sweetened coconut and color it green and yellow Hannah do you think it’s to win this competition you’ll still let me swim in your pool I’ll think about it Alex and I are very good friends we joke that she’s my daughter she’s my third child and it’s like my mom I just don’t know how I’m supposed to compete against her I am going to have to let go of my maternal instincts and affection towards her which I don’t think I’ll be able to do are you making waffles from scratch no they’re the waffles I’m gonna be using pancake mix but I’m adding cocoa powder and chocolate chips to it to make it a chocolate waffle she seems to like chocolate as balls so hopefully that works out in my favor so I have this star cookie cutter and I’m going to cut stars out of value pineapple and some mango but I don’t want to get the core of the pineapple in here and this star cookie cutter is like a little too big to avoid the core so hopefully she doesn’t bite into the hard part I haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to do for the son but as long as the stars are turning out okay I’m good oh my gosh is this even gonna work oh no I mean it’s doable it’s pretty bad the mangoes are not working out they look really weird so I’m scrapping it so we’re going to pull pineapple for the stars this mango is gonna be my Sun because it’s not really working as a star oh it’s so good you can use this for your cheese can I eat it go off if I mess one up you cut it I’m going to be using a fancy waffle maker to get the waffle shape I genuinely don’t know how to use this there’s like two it spins okay here we go I have to do two waffles I feel like I’m gonna maybe need more batter how much you know the amount of effort I put into my kids meals at home this like makes me feel guilty my youngest can never find out that I have done the show because he is already a picky eater and if he catches wind of this he’s going to be demanding this for every meal okay this one’s definitely sticking to the top of this thing oh man oh man you know what I could still use it though it’ll be the bottom sandwich but how she didn’t pick it out girl so now that my waffles are cooked I am going to move on it to assembling the Stars for the stars and Sun I am using simple white bread spreading some mayonnaise on top layering that with a slice of cheddar cheese and then cutting out the Stars and the Sun shapes so I know it’s a little weird to go with an Ice Cream Sandwich but I’m just gonna give her what you wanting oh you’re putting mayonnaise on that no manis next to ice cream just weirds me out a little bit but the more I think about it the more a kid would probably be stoked because it’s kind of like the best of everything you know what she said Manny Manny this is weird but I’m putting mayonnaise on No like the mayonnaise there are two strategies in this competition give the kid what they want given what you think they want today I’m giving her what she was Wow look at this little cheese bread star oh that’s so cute now I’m gonna job my snowman friend he’s made of snow and there’s 20 snowballs that’s his body he has stick hands and he is my friend me pray items see can I borrow a couple pieces of bread only if you do the chicken dance really thank you oh my god I cannot believe I did that cook it on side Hannah is so much fun I mean we just get to chat and hang out let’s see how I can toast this bread this is a really important step because if I over toast it the bread is done for there’s a lot at stake here with this toast I don’t think people realize I haven’t calibrated this toaster well if I under toast it then I run the risk of tearing the bread when I spread the butter on this bread is not durable have you seen bread shake like this I’m toasting the bread covering it with butter and sugar and a tiny bit of salt just to cut out the sweetness a little bit the butter sugar ratio is key it’s kind of like snow kind of except it’s gonna disappear what are you making this side out of I know I guess I’m just gonna do the same cheese bread we’re just gonna chop off the star legs I guess oh my gosh thank you it’s literally just cheese bread but I have something really cool this is edible glitter I don’t know how much of this you’re supposed to use or if it actually has any taste well that worked great I don’t know if she even likes coconut I really hope she does but this will give me good grass texture I’ve never colored coconut before so we’ll see how this goes for the grass I’m coloring sweetened coconut green and for the shining stuff I’m coloring in yellow because I really haven’t made anything I’ll make buttercream my buttercream is like the most basic ever with just butter powdered sugar and milk and some food coloring I hate using food coloring I hate it my philosophy on food coloring is that parents may not like it but it works in this competition I don’t think it can’t be good for you this tastes weird oh you know what it needs and needs a little salt watch this Alex oh wow so once the frosting is ready I’m going to put it in a piping bag with this really awesome tip that actually has a bunch of individual holes in it so that when the frosting squeezes through it kind of crinkles up like grass Oh the grass looks so cute so stoked no I’m gonna start with my snowballs the last thing to make is the snowballs so I’m gonna be scooping vanilla ice cream rolling that in the blue-colored sweetened coconut you oh my god she used like a big scoop and I’m gonna use this tiny scoop to try to make tiny snowballs I’m putting my bread down for little scoops of ice cream – vanilla – strawberry and maybe I’ll throw some green sprinkles in there to imitate the cucumber cuz you know why not just load her up with some more sugar already here a little more put him across down looks like grass to me the shiny one coconut I really hope she likes coconut cuz I brought it on everything there was no point in me putting green sprinkles on these snowballs it does not look good so I’m going very small and simple and Alex is full-blown Hardy on a platter there is so much color on it it’s very bright and vivid and lively the more I look at her dish the more I hate my it looked better in my head and looks crazy my looks crazy she might be a little overwhelmed I guess I should go see who the next ice queen of the competition is tinctures display big brillouin so my dish is very simple it is exponentially simple but I think I gave her everything she had on the drawing and it is food and it is on a plate but does it look great hmm I think it should taste good I’m really proud of my dish I think it came together perfectly it’s exactly what I had envisioned the snowballs look like snowballs the grass looks like grass I’ve gotten all the elements that cheese asked for I know the flavor combinations get a little weird with the cheese and the ice cream but I hope she really loves it time for my ice cream feast like say like the picture put a shine I did the lines the stars mine was like the hard ones but they did the other ones like the easy ones well that’s what pineapple I don’t really like pineapple she says she doesn’t like pineapple do you like pineapple yeah I might be in trouble now let’s taste this mango I love mango it’s my favorite thing in the world that made me feel a lot better overall about the dish if you have a kid’s favorite food on there that ups your chances of winning by far I’d say oh the grass okay this is gonna be good it’s like frosting I like frosting she didn’t like that I didn’t put lines on the plate but she did like my grass so I say they cancel each other out and we’re neutral so it all comes down to this sugar toast sandwich oh this is heavy ah it’s yummy it’s got ice cream inside my favorite parts are the mango and the vanilla oh my god this is awesome I can hear her exclaim Wow and I know I’ve done my job yeah I kind of knew that was gonna happen when did wand oh she did the line that’s good and to me the grass Oh who’s that thing there’s a lot of coconut on this dish and I’m banking on the fact that she likes coconut oh my gosh oh my gosh and coconut I love coconut it tasted so delicious oh she’s on bread slippery flip flip flip oh man this is crazy a crazy day okay yes I read the non-display it’s delicious that’s like shockingly well she liked everything on the plate she didn’t think it was weird that there was cheese and bread and ice cream sandwiches she even loved the coconut I am ecstatic to see you again so you tried two dishes today right you liked it seemed like you liked them both a lot yeah no okay well if you had to pick one which one was your favorite the coconut you get this chef drop hahaha thank you so much I scream you scream we all scream for the eyes clean because Alex beat me she’s grounded until my feelings are no longer hurt so who are officially crowned the eye squirrel oh I scream for ice cream yeah

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