Can These Chefs Turn This Fairy Drawing Into A Dessert? • Tasty

Can These Chefs Turn This Fairy Drawing Into A Dessert? • Tasty

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Can These Chefs Turn This Fairy Drawing Into A Dessert? • Tasty

  1. 10,000 subscribers with no video says:

    Star should taste like vegetables and eggs,
    Me: that's technically an omelet

  2. Gaming with Christian says:

    She talks so fast for a 7year old

  3. 러브 팬ʙᴇɴᴏᴠᴇʟʟᴀ says:

    I felt alot of tension in the video 😂💀

  4. Aleena._ Kim says:

    I don’t know if this kid has any brain cells left 😂😂😂

  5. Banana Pop Productions! says:

    when she said egg and tomato

    I thought


    When she said powerful
    Energy drink?

  6. Banana Pop Productions! says:

    Rie always wins!

  7. Asha Hernandez says:

    It’s okay

  8. Unicorn Dreamer says:

    I wish I could be in this series 😔

  9. Amy Hernandez says:

    Who is your favorite Rie or Alixs like Alixs comment Rie

  10. Daniela says:

    Egg, vegetables and strawberries ice cream! Little kids are amazing

  11. Andres Vasquez says:

    i wish i could do that but im 11

  12. tiffany zackery says:

    Can I be on the show. how do you get on the show

  13. Julianne Kim says:


  14. Starry Stars says:

    I'm FAIRY glad you guys are challenging yourselves!

  15. Stacy Brown says:

    I love Alex's food

  16. Kenneth Bagaporo says:

    Imagine bringing Alex here and made a big one of that

  17. Minecraft vs Roblox Kid says:

    I was thinking for the drink Gatorade because it’s powerful

  18. De best Tim Tam says:

    Who noticed the aliens from Area 51?

  19. Itunu Lit says:

    how do u apply for this show

  20. Isabella Bowman says:

    I love this little girl so much she’s so adorable

  21. Clare Chow says:


  22. Ordinary Armend says:

    Alix: do u think we could make u this drawing
    Girl:ur going to have to 😂😂😂

  23. Niel Tsui says:

    When Alix disappeared Rie has no reaction hahahah

  24. hans kartosentiko says:

    i dont like the kid

  25. Talia Koh says:

    Rie doing asmr with the pop rocks is the cutest thing ever 😂😂

  26. Isa Shareef says:

    What is that noise at 5:55

  27. Lucelie Ah says:

    Rie I love her I just learn about her and I'm obsessed.

  28. Brenda Guzovsky says:

    Why does the kid speak like amethyst from Steven Universe lol

  29. Raposa Chan says:

    "water but powerfull" don't spike the kids drink

  30. Pickle Pop says:

    These kids on here are such brats what is with this generation smh

  31. multifandomed But Girls Generation Forever says:

    the kid reminds me of Crazy Eyes from OITNB, which is a compliment

  32. Vivifoxx 08 says:

    I love it when Rie and Ali’s cook together for a kid, please make mooooooore!

  33. melai dujaco says:

    Thus kids kinda bossy than the other ones i think

  34. Braelyn Burgess says:

    There pretty good drawers 😔😟

  35. Sofia Paita says:

    This was kinda bratty of the girl.

  36. Amanda Leys says:

    did anybody realize that once she announced the winner she immediately looked at Alix

  37. Madison Smith says:

    I like tomatoes

  38. Shereen James says:

    Will you give me some Minecraft 🎂

  39. Jinnin Socheat says:

    I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this

  40. Maria Clara Plácido says:

    Algum br?

  41. Eryka Ara Tomampo says:

    A vegetable with an ice cream •_•

  42. Naiomi Hume says:

    Can you come to my house and do that

  43. Plebby Potato says:

    The kid is so honest and also very hyper

  44. Eduard Sylaj says:


  45. Erdi Haliti says:

    We call them popping candy in
    Britain so I didn’t know until she said
    That either

  46. Grace Bat says:

    If you look at the thumb nail if I draw you cook you can see the winner of each episode

  47. V H. says:

    This is one rude little girl 😂

  48. Spoopy_B00ty says:

    I love how both Alix and Rei were stumped

  49. Aerilyn Lewis says:

    I got a pop rock in my eye one time

  50. Chickens Go Floof! says:


  51. amber woods says:

    The other cook looks like Mulan

  52. 李秋Vaporwave says:

    Yay Rie!

  53. Nia watson says:

    Every like I'll add a poo

    I'll start 💩💩

    Edit: it might take a while

  54. Charlotte Dove says:

    Wow a seven year old can draw a star better than me

  55. Charlotte Dove says:

    ` what are the voices in my head? `

    Chef mind: shit she dosent know what pop rocks fucking are what am I going to dooooooooooo

  56. Audreylikesswans says:

    If I ever go on this show they should not give me egg cuz I HATE eggs!

  57. RunFromHumanContacts says:

    Give her some whiskey. Thats powerful

  58. Suhana Shishodia says:

    Alix seems like she’s scared of when the pop rocks pop in her mouth

  59. SapphireGirl says:

    With the star I would've made a vegetable omelette and cut it into a star and with the trail I would have laid out fruits and for the fairy dust I would put a little bit of coloured powdered sugar. For the drink I would do a dyed lemonade or what rie did (sorry if that's spelt wrong)

  60. RUBY kharel says:

    Other:wow i am impressed

    Me:do they really cook in such a little time or do they edit?

  61. Gamer of chaos says:

    Who’s thinking of devan key while watching this?!

  62. Toxic boy JaYdEn says:

    Girl: eats ice cream and looks at spoon

    Girl: can I just eat all this?

  63. Brooke Herther says:

    Can I go no the show please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🙂😉

  64. Feel Special says:

    I only watch the ones with alix and rie

  65. mohammed bakkar says:

    Tie did half a dessert

  66. fresh breeze says:

    We want SEASON 3!!

  67. RCA says:

    13:37 Rie 'I finally won !'
    me: kinda sad..

  68. Aali Aani says:

    Alix is just so cute💜

  69. Taco Girl says:

    This child is so weird Ice cream and eggs? With sour pixie water? Tha kind of messed up

  70. 44EllaBonbon44 says:

    Looking at he thumbnail, I expected the rainbow shooting star trail thingy to be sort of like a cream of sorts? Like each color has a different fruity type of flavor?

  71. Calico cat ネコ says:

    watching again uwu


    Hi my name is Adhu and when I was seven years old I was satisfied with mixing water with a spoon

  73. kackerlakensalat says:

    I was waiting for a starfruit

  74. Gaby's Channel says:

    I don't like rie…im SORRRYYYYYY!

  75. Gaby's Channel says:

    That girl sounded like dora…( 10:43 )

  76. billy t says:

    Girl- power flavoured drink
    Scots- WhIsKy ?!

  77. Isabel Madrigal says:

    For the drink they should have put sour fun dip. And for the end of the stars rainbow they should have also put fundip

  78. every day always KOOKIE says:

    8:35 JEON JUNGKOOK ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Lemon squzie

  79. Francesko Pasho says:

    Look at 5:56

  80. YearlyDogs says:

    Rie: spreaded white chocorate

  81. Nobody #sorryornot says:

    "Looks like someone pooed in it"
    me taking a dump

  82. Artsy Gamers says:

    Me: .
    Also me: ..
    Also Also me: …
    Everyone: Oooo~
    Me again: Oooo—f.

  83. Neon glitter Kitty says:

    You guys are literally the best I would give the world for you to subscribe to me!

  84. Aleena._ Kim says:

    I felt very uncomfortable when the little girl was talking.

  85. Adons Vlogs says:

    The girl is so cringe

  86. Bijeux Lux says:


  87. Linda Polite says:


  88. Nani Chantel says:

    alix always the most literal good to the drawing and i love it

  89. Sinem Yıldırım says:

    Sandwich and İcecream ¿

  90. Bunny Gacha says:

    Uhh u are like trying to copy So yummy

  91. Juno_ millie says:

    Alix: bading!
    Rie: unimpressed

  92. Star Light says:

    Rie is creative , But alix knows what a kid wants . They're both so talented

  93. Oxygen Gaming says:

    Chefs are so confused at the girl's reaction lmao

  94. Dana Melhem says:

    Alix is right that that the kids don’t really know what they want


    Ummm okay

  96. Zoey Ray Dela Cruz says:

    I like these Two chefs cooking! Their both my favorite!

  97. KPOP TRASH says:

    But nasa thumbnail si STARLA😂

  98. Tarana's World says:

    She is kinda crazy 🤪🤪🤪

  99. elizabeth cruz says:

    I wanna do that

  100. Ailey Mobley says:

    I love rie

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