CAN I MAKE COOL ART WITH SCRATCH PAPER?! // Testing Arteza Supplies!

Dude I have not seen one of these since I was a kid, ah Yes, I’m so excited for this guy. Look! Look look look at this! Do you know what this is? If you do comment below did you use this in your childhood? I mean when I got to use this it was pretty much the coolest thing ever, but it is scratch paper This is so cool. We’re gonna open it up and Draw on it because I’m an art channel and we draw here. I test a lot of supplies Here it is in all its glory let’s open it up. Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see. Just kidding! What, what, what? Here it is! This is gonna be so cool. Do I see a nail file? Hold up. We’ll get to that later Okay, before I dive too deep into this. I just wanted to say this video is sponsored by Arteza So I’ve been using Arteza for a really long time. I love their art supplies It’s really affordable and they always come up with like really cool stuff on their website So I’m kind of like stalkerish actually on their website. I always look at their new stuff Anyway, they have agreed to sponsor today’s video. So thank you Arteza. If you are curious about the scratch paper, I will leave a link below Also leave a coupon code down below so you can get a really nice discount if you want to use it How does one open this? Ooh I see a tab! Wait a second, wait a second. Yo, do you see that? Gold, Silver, Space – what is Space? Okay these – what is this? Oh You get stencils? Get out of here! Dude, I see a Monstera leaf. Oh, this is so cool What are these baby nail files? I just like to take these and put them in my purse? These are so cute These are the little styluses, styluses? ‘Sty-ly?’ What do y’all call this? What is this contraption? How do I know what’s what? I don’t see anything labeled Are we just going to get surprises? Oh wait, you can look on the corners and literally see Okay, I see some gold. Should we do it like a rainbow one first? We about to be gettin’ all Lisa Franky up in here. This is precious. I think I think I’m just gonna do a bunch of things and then see where the road takes us Okay. Okay. Let’s just start down here in the corner Oh my word y’all this this is definitely the rainbow one This is so pretty I Didn’t think it would be like this pretty like what in the world. I’m drawn to clouds right now. I think this is the most like satisfying thing I’ve ever done on my channel I’m gonna do like a rainbow connecting them Because this is a rainbow paper This is also a misshapen rainbow, but you know, it adds character. this is literally like the most beautiful thing ever Should we add eyes? Oh let’s add eyes. Oooh he’s so Cute What face should be doing this one? Like really huge eyes? This is so smooth Yeah, this is literally the coolest thing on the planet. I think I’ll do a person We’ll see. We’ll see how this goes Okay, it might look bad cuz I can’t I can’t sketch anything at first We’re just gonna roll with it Oh, how do I shade that eye? Do I do like, the whites being the color? Or do I do the color being the iris? Oh, this is a tough I don’t know what to do Also, I really hope I get the other eye right I’m a little nervous! Ooh this one is really pink. Don’t look too close because my hand is definitely shaking right now I think I drew her lips a little too big but that’s okay. Look at all these little strings That sweet! Well, this is a fun little doodle I suppose. I think I’ll make her hair like really. Look at that. These long strings are so amusing to me. Rah! Gotcha – Miranda! Ooh I found a really bad one. Why is this so amusing to me Wow There’s a lot of this dust everywhere. I’m just gonna take this fan brush and boom boom. Boom. Oh this works great This is also like the inverse stuff. We’re in the upside down. Oh if you get that reference comment down below Okay. Well, that’s pretty trippy Further record if you stick around a little longer, I will actually be doing a big art project with one of these So if you’re not into watching me doodle y’all can skip ahead. There’s gonna be something really cool coming up Aw yeah, that is sweet! Yeah, that was fun you guys ready for a big piece of art Look at that, look at that shine This is like really sturdy scratchboard too. Like when I was a kid? I remember them being way flimsier and like harder to peel cuz like the oil from your skin would get on it. I feel like This isn’t like that at all It’s come a long way I Feel like a kid again. I Hope you don’t mind that this is gonna be more of a doodlee video Than others. I like to just do a lot of different styles here Okay, how do I find the gold one? Dude I saw like a glimmer of gold earlier on one of these corners Okay, hopefully this works out. It’s kind of hard to do this in a way because you’re literally like scratching stuff off of a surface But we are as I said being doodlee today, let’s doodle. All right So I think I’m gonna draw in aloe cassia – aloe cassia? Oh gosh, how do you pronounce that plant name? I should know because I have one. Oh My goodness, it’s actually gold. We were right guys! So I thought it would be cool to just get back into my roots do some sort of like botanical illustration a lot of you guys have been mentioning botanical illustrations like on my Instagram and stuff lately Kind of hinting, maybe So it’s time. All right. Look, how gold out is. Get a load of that. Wow, okay Okay, this is therapeutic I know I did some diamond video recently This this is way more therapeutic to me. Oh, look at that. Look at oh my word Ha so cool Should I add more leaves? you think I should? Oh My goodness, this is so cool. Okay. I think I might add like another leaf like back in the background I’m not sure maybe like some baby leaves on the sides I’m gonna have some details now like this dirt. Oh, I think it would be so cool. Make it like solid gold What do you think guys? It’s like little pebbles in here Let’s just take a peek at this real quick Look at that. Do you see how much it shines? This is wild. I mean, do you guys see how shiny that is? Like I mean really Give it like some Scandinavian vibes. Oh, yeah guys if you’re looking for something stress-relieving highly recommend this. I did not think this would be So Fun I guess. but this definitely takes me back to the 90s makes me feel like a kid again. Oh You know, it’s oh, I just got a really cool idea. I’m gonna put like a Desk in the background, but wait, there’s more. I’m gonna do the wood pattern. Okay. All right lets do this Let me know if you’ve ever done one of these before that’s the question of the day have you ever done a scratch paper If you want me to do another scratch paper video, let me know below and what should I draw. Can we just talk about how cool this stuff is though? Like, I am thrilled right now. I feel like a kid again Let me just brush this off once more I Can assure you, you will make a mess if you try this. But it’s worth it And again, very satisfying. Look at that I mean tell me that’s not worth it Which one do you like better guys, let me know it down below gold or rainbow? gold or rainbow? so I experiment with a lot of art supplies and I’ve actually tried out quite a bit of Arteza’s stuff before So I’m gonna put a playlist right here And if you want to see other art experiments and reviews and just me testing supplies Click that you can keep your adventure rolling Who knows maybe you’ll feel inspired to try something new. I just realized I never used these nail files But I think they are to sharpen these I don’t know. What are they for? Let me know down below.

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