Can Blind People Draw? (Blind Man Draws A Cat, A Car, & Himself)

Can Blind People Draw? (Blind Man Draws A Cat, A Car, & Himself)

Look, I’ll hold it, I’ll show it up to you. So, this is the way I drew it. He’s called spot. (laughs) (Computer Voice) Can you draw a picture of what you think thinks look like? (Tommy) Drawing for me is sort of a weird thing. I mean, everything in my world is three dimensional. Everything, right? Everything I touch or experience. So it’s very difficult for me to imagine putting a three dimensional thing on to a flat piece of paper. Like, it doesn’t make sense to me. You know what I mean? So, this aught to be interesting. I’m dying to see what we come up with here. You asked for things like a cat or a dog. Right? Some animals. A picture of myself. A little piggy. Somebody wanted to see a giraffe or an elephant or even a rainbow. Someone wanted to see me draw the world See, those things are little tricky for me because I’ve never touched them at all. or felt them. So I don’t know what they are. So I think it’s just things that I’ve experience. (Computer Voice) A kitty cat. (Tommy) Okay. We’ll just try and draw one. I mean, I’ve seen them before. We had them as pets and stuff, so… let’s try a kitty. We’ll do a round little head. Like this. Okay. Some sort of triangle kitty ears. Um, another triangle. Two eyes. See, the thing that’s hard to do is to remember where you’ve been. You know what I mean? So let’s put a nose on him. So there, we have a kitty head and it’s got a — well, it doesn’t really have a mouth. Just put a couple teeth in him. He’s a healthy cat he loves to eat. Look the teeth on him. Oh, he’s ferocious. Like, so the back of the kitty, right? So, he down like this. And sort of… like that… right? He got the legs. A leg over here. And the feet. Oh, and his kitty cat tail. (whistle sound) Right up it goes. Right? Why do cats do that anyway? I think that’s a kitty now. I know he’s only got two legs but from where I’m sitting this is all I could see of the kitty. You can almost hear him purr, can’t you? Um, what else could I draw? (Computer Voice) A car. We could try it. So I’m going to look at car from the side. Like, where I come into the car, you know, passenger side. We’ll start with our wheels. Alright, so I’ll use my hand here to remember where the left tire is. All the way around like this. Nice circle. All the way over here… Uh, let’s get about even. Okay? So, all the way around in a circle. Now we’ll make the doors here. And now our back door. So there we go. Hop in everybody! What’s next here?
(Computer Voice) Yourself. (Tommy) That should be easy, right? I see myself all the time. Well… (laughs) We’re going to start from the top. And we’ll start with… Like, the forehead. See, and then down here we can draw like an eye. Right, there’s the top of the eyebrow and stuff. Ooh, a little far. But look, see… then a circle inside. Then we put the nose here. For me, the nose is a triangle somehow. Put the eyebrows in again. A round eye in the middle. And then down below the nose here, we’ll put the mouth. There’s the teeth. And there’s — Oh boy. This is hideous. Okay, and then my broad shoulders over here. See? Let’s a put an arm at the end of that. 1, 2, 3 4, 5 fingers. Now if we can remember where our other shoulder was here. And again some fingers. This is like a front view, right? So you’re looking right at me. Can I just take this picture, I’m going to show you. Look, you probably tell which is which now. Okay. It’s tricky, right? (laughs) (credits music) Oh! And I forgot to sign it. Because this will on sale in the lobby.
(Computer Voice) LOL. (music fades out)

Dereck Turner

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    I like the fact that he had the right idea, you could probably make it better by giving him markings and that’s amazing

  2. gunner says:

    Why did I enjoy this so much

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    if he's blind, how does he know what the questions are?

  4. IYGD Toxic says:

    Who edits your videos

  5. Matcham says:

    People who are blind AND deaf have literally no form of communication. Hmmm

  6. DydLike says:

    hahahaha, you are so awesome

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    How do you imagine death and afterlife?

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  14. Adolf Hitler says:

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  17. Đức Anh Ngo says:

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    At first I never thought about how it would be hard for a blind person to draw. But after he explained what it's like I'm very impressed with his drawing

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  50. F S says:

    Its awesome that even when he is blind (which in my opinion and i think you will agree with me is sad) he still makes something positive out of it. These videos are heart warming, and it really makes you think, what people that can't see experience. I think this channel's idea is great, and I hope that he won't stop creating these videos 🙂

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