Camera+ for iPad New Features Reviewed

Camera+ for iPad New Features Reviewed

Hi, this is Rob with VentanaMedia. Camera+
has just expanded to the iPad with new features that are only available thru the iPad. Let´s
take a look. The popular iPhone app, Camera+ has arrived
to the iPad. The iPad version has new features that are not available to the iPhone version. This new feature, iCloud syncing, is available
to both, the iPhone and iPad version. This will allow you to take photos with your iPhone
or iPod Touch and edit them on your iPad. This is a huge and nice feature. Let´s open a photo with Camera+ for iPad.
Go to the upper left. You can either take a photo with your iPad or add a photo from
your iPad Photo Library. Now you can also add a photo from your Flickr account or your
Facebook account. I´m going to add a photo from my iPad Photo Library. I´m going to choose this photo. Then press
import on the bottom right. Touch the photo you want to edit. Then this
drop down menu appears. You can instantly share this photo on Facebook,
flickr, twitter or email. Click the edit button to begin editing the
photo. On the bottom of the app, you still have the
same five main groups that are on the iPhone app. Scenes, for applying automatic touch ups.
Adjust, Crops, FX Effects, and Borders. In scenes, nothing has changed from the iPhone
app. The big changes are in the adjustment group. In the iPhone app, in the adjust, you
can only rotate or flip the photo. Now in the iPad app, not only can you rotate
a photo, you can straighten, apply white balance, add tone. In tone, you have control over exposure,
brightness, contrast and saturation. Let´s add some saturation. Remove red eye. Detail, which is sharpening
or blurring. And add a vignette. Let´s take a look at two other big changes.
Brush effects and layer effects. With brush effects, you can brush on FX effects
exactly where you want that effect to be applied. Layer effects. You can add two or more FX
Effects in layers and adjust the intensity of each layer. Let´s look at the brush effects. Go to the
FX Effects group. In the FX Effects you still have the same effects as the iPhone app. Color,
Retro, Special and Analog. I´ll choose vibrant. Here´s the brush panel. You have a brush, eraser, quick brush settings,
and a mask. You can set the size of the brush, the softness,
and the intensity. When using the brush, I like to erase all
and then paint in that effect. You can use the eraser to erase part of the
effect that you just applied. OK, that´s it! That´s a basic overview of
the new features from the Camera+ for iPad. When you purchase this app, make sure you
are downloading Camera+ for iPad. That´s the name of the app, Camera+ for iPad. It
looks like this. If you download Camera+, you´re just getting the iPhone version on
your iPad. If you want to update your iPad to iOS 6,
please see my video on updating to iOS 6. If you like this video, please give me a thumbs
up and please subscribe to this channel.

Dereck Turner

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    Background music is too loud…anyway good review

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    Good review. Subscribed. πŸ™‚

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