Cake Decorator Vs. Artist

Cake Decorator Vs. Artist

– Just look at her hands and my hands, that’s the difference here. (drums) – I’ve been making cakes for 8 years. How is this a contest? – Well, Bree has the techniques, but does she have the creativity? I don’t think so. – I am a professional cake decorator and owner of Bree’s Cakes
here in Los Angeles. – I’ve maybe made like 3 cakes in my life. I have been drawing my whole life. I don’t feel as confident I think. At least the colors will be nice. – I feel really confident about this cause I do this everyday. – Hi-five. (squeals) Let’s do this.
– Alright. – Wait, there are rules? – What kind of rules? – Okay.
– Okay. That’s necessary.
– That’s doable. – Okay. (suspenseful music) Oh.
– Oh. Okay.
– Okay good. So I decided for my Sweet Sixteen cake to do very vibrant colors
cause if I was 16 again, I’d want bright colors like
pink and purple and blue. So I’m gonna take all those colors and make a striped buttercream and then top it with a fondant bow. – So today I’m gonna be
making a cake inspired by my favorite book, The Little Prince, and I’m gonna make the
cake look like a meteor, then I’m gonna make a little
rose made out of fondant. It’s gonna be great. – It’s not as easy as it looks, is it? – Oh, no. Awful. Oh no. Are you supposed to knead it like this? – I don’t know. (laughs) I’ve never used it before. – This black goes with anything. – There’s gloves, your
hands are gonna get dyed. – Oh, it’s for art. – You’re like my competition right now, I can’t tell you everything. – Oh. I’m not here to win,
I’m here to make friends. (laughs) – I am 100 percent self-taught
and I taught myself how to make cakes from watching TV shows like Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes. I used YouTube a lot, just
kind of Googled things, and here I am, 8 years later,
and now I own a bakery. (upbeat music) – So, I’m gonna do something really crazy. – Uh oh. Are you gonna cut it? – Yes. I’ve never shaved a cake like this before. And it’s really hard. – It’s very risky of you to do that. – Yeah, I’m a risk taker. – You’re a whisk taker. – A whisk taker! – You’re welcome. – The story of The Little Prince is this little kid that lives on a planet called Asteroid B-16, and he falls in love with a rose that grows on this planet. – I’m gonna take a deep breath for her, and say a quick little prayer. (upbeat music) – I’m really happy with it. I’m happy that the colors
didn’t bleed together, and that the border
stayed structurally sound, and the bow is standing
up without collapsing. – This is Asteroid B-16, which is like, 16th birthday, so it makes sense. It’s thematic. It was an accident, but it worked out. It was a messy process, you can see that on my
hands and the table. I think it came together pretty well. Now I guess strangers are gonna come in and judge our cakes. – Do we have to be here when they judge, or can we like leave? – You know guys, I didn’t
have a Sweet Sixteen, just cause I’m really bad at planning, but I would’ve loved for
either of these to be my cake. – This one definitely
sells the Sweet Sixteen, something about the colors
and there’s a bow on top, so it’s almost like a
present and a package. This cake, I think, is
slightly cooler to me, just cause it’s weirder. – Is this like a Beauty
and the Beast thing? I don’t really know. – I think this one
represents the theme better. – I am super impressed. I do not know who to choose. – This one, though, I have
to say is my favorite. It’s a rainbow, it just looks like I want to put it in my mouth right now. – If it were my Sweet Sixteen, which I really wish it was, I would take the weird one. – For like a 16 year old girl, I would think that this
is what she would want. This is what I would want. – I like this one. – This is the cake I’d want to cut into on camera in front of all my
friends on Instagram later. (applause) – Thank you, to the people. – Congratulations. – Thank you. Well, what do I win? Yay, look at my trophy. It says, bragging rights. – The Little Prince was kind
of an obscure reference, and I kind of made it for myself, like a selfish artist. – Oh, this is going up
on a shelf in my bakery. – Can we eat them now? (upbeat music)

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Cake Decorator Vs. Artist

  1. Sofia Cadavid says:

    Siento que el pastel de Maggie tiene mucho que ver con el principito, por eso es mi favorito

  2. Karla Lopez says:

    1:35 artist:I’m not here to win am here to make friends
    Cake decor:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. Shyenne Liaw says:

    this rigged guys(jkjk) … itd be pretty embarrassing if the artist won over the actual cake decorator so…

  4. gp g says:

    Bunch of millennial AHOLES.

  5. maria khalid says:

    Well i think both r artists in just two different things

  6. Jessa Ricafort says:

    they should've asked teenagers to judge the cakes at least..

  7. Tabatha safraz says:

    are you that website that does quiz i just notist

  8. Tasha Naz says:

    I liked the cream coloured cake….made by Maggie…

  9. Say Denisse says:

    I don't see the 16 yrs old girls as judges…

  10. Ann W says:

    Maggie's humble and cute Bree's rude
    So even if maggies cake sucks I still prefering hers

  11. Taslima Aktar says:

    What kinda competition is this ! 🤯

  12. Feathered Fids says:

    I feel like this is rigged..

  13. Nice Life says:

    Did anybody notice that both of their hairstyles have dyed hair at the bottom and in the other cake decorating video the artist has the same hair dye as the cake decorater in this one

  14. Madiha Arif says:

    I would like Maggie's cake, definitely creative

  15. Bangtan_ Rovi07 says:

    I think this is unfair, the cake decorator is proffesional while the Artist is using pencils, color pens & crayons in his work. Now, let the cake Decorator draw and compit with her okay?

  16. Hello Rachel says:

    I like the artist’s cake better. It’s cute and charming. The pro ones looks like the cakes I see in shops or online cake shops. Too normal.

  17. sara eden says:

    maggie’s cake was actually very cute! i prefer it 🙂

  18. Jamie G says:

    I love the Little Prince, so I'd definitely pick the rainbow one. Psyche, that's the opposite of what you expected, which is what humans tell me is humor. Thank you.

    PS: I do like the Little Prince one more, but that's because the artist was preying on my biases. Evil.

  19. Lauriane Gaultier says:

    Actually I just Love with all my love Maggie's cake decoration ! It's really well executed and the little prince win over everything ❤🔥

  20. Delfi Tampubolon says:

    Duh the professional one ~ i dont like her attitude.

  21. Luxanna Berserker says:

    I love Maggie's cake and attitude so cute and friendly 💫🌸✨

  22. Sean Des says:

    I feel like coloring my hair too
    Just so i could feel like im artsy too :<

  23. just mel, not perfect says:

    Am I the only one who love artist's cake?

  24. SunShine_Gacha says:



    Is that hint that she’s Bi

  25. Zeba Lulat says:

    Yellow one is 😍😋

  26. I'm a whale says:

    Maggie could be the perfect person to be best friends with❤️

  27. Анастасия Петрова says:

    Oh, here’s Jackie! I love Jackie!

  28. Basma Waseem Nashat says:


  29. Jeffrey Dancel says:

    3:55 Jackieeeeee 😁😁😁

  30. Tahsan Rahman says:

    Bree is mean. The other guy Ray is so kind. he helped Maggie.

  31. Tahsan Rahman says:

    Tbh Bree’s cake was very vibrant and pretty

  32. Aesthetic Baby says:

    The classical music in the background is Danse macabre
    It's in the first part where the artist describes what she is doing
    Actually no one is gonna understand me
    I'll just
    Stay here

  33. sarah aaron says:

    I hate Maggie's cake

  34. Logitech Mimi says:

    Why not the drawing competition ?

  35. izzoneay _ says:

    hmm in my opinion bree’s cake was super wonderful and she deserved to win but i think it’s too girly for a 16 year old.

  36. lil anorhiny Martinez says:

    The artist made me happy because of the book there's a movie on Netflix called the little prince :^>

  37. sweet arooba says:

    Now do a drawing competition between cake decorator vs artist please please

  38. Namjins Daughter says:

    "Its a rainbow"
    Wdym its a bi flag

  39. SANIKA BRAHMA says:

    There hairstyle 😍

  40. Wlvs Fxs says:

    Cake decorator's attitude was… Less than ideal.

  41. Lesley Vance says:

    Well, an unfair BUT close match.. XD

  42. Cloudy Skies says:

    They should’ve brought in actual 16 year-olds…

  43. TaelienEatingKookies says:

    It’s just my opinion, don’t get bootyhurt.

    I’d pick Maggie’s cake, tbh. I just don’t go for bright colors. It’s like, a bit overwhelming for me.

  44. Mia Lee Singh says:

    This is not fair bc the cake decorator has two skills decorating and being able to do art bc to be a cake decorator you also have to be a good artist and the artist only has one skill which is art

  45. Daisy. Agility says:

    I’m glad the cake decorater won bc I did not like Maggie’s cake but they both did good

  46. Ayşegül Dalgıç says:

    this ship dynamic tho

  47. lemonie jams says:

    Anyone who thinks about ROSEKOOK here?

  48. Phinea's Projects says:

    Wow! Hope I can also do this on my channel! 👏👏👏

  49. Rashi Karnik says:

    i feel like Maggie should have been given like a powerup of sorts
    Do a painting competition next

  50. Nirol says:

    Next summer i will be 16, i want Maggie's cake.
    I love The little prince 🙂

  51. Wolfieplays Gachaotheraccount says:

    cake decorater vs artist that only made 3 cakes

  52. Safa Majaz says:


  53. gacha eizel says:

    I like both but Bree's cake is slightly better

  54. milkay says:

    i would've chosen maggie's cake if i was 16 but hEY IT'S AN OPINION.

  55. Qinli says:

    Can you all chill hating on Bree? She'd obviously be confident, that's her job, for crying out loud. She wasn't even that mean.

  56. MettaRia Bella says:

    I chosse Maggie

  57. imamudafukinonion suggestmeanamebeech says:

    Idc about the cake but that artist looks super innocent and kawaii af ;-;❤

  58. Princess Unicorn says:

    I LOVED the cake decorator’s cake

  59. Confused Fan says:

    Maggie is so sweet and adorable my emo heart can’t take this🥺

  60. Zizo Antar says:

    My sister is an artist 👩‍🎤 too

  61. Kermita says:

    How does everyone pronounce the name Maggie. My names Maggie and I pronounce it (May-gee)

  62. Sol Sebastia says:

    I love the little prince 💗💗💗

  63. Sinedu Turnage says:

    Why is everyone crying about it being biased? Yes she's a professional at decorating cakes, she's considered an artist in that field. So they got another artist, who isn't a decorator but a drawer, to compete to see how they can apply their skills in a competition like this. I think it's interesting, challenging and, fun. It's literally the whole point of the video guys.

  64. jose camacho says:

    I love Cake Boss!! I love the cakes they make.

  65. ashlayia says:

    "if i was sixteen again, i'd want very vibrant colours like pink purple and blue"

    me : "you sure bout that?"

  66. Lashen Resh says:

    It's a close win. Artist won too with no experience in cake making

  67. Qaira and her magical world says:

    I loved Maggie at 1.35 i m not here to win i m here to make friends

  68. Ana Z says:

    This is not fair at all. She is a professional chef having her own bakery competing with an artist. Seriously..
    Now lets see Bree making an art piece/drawing!

  69. Merrjen Chavez says:

    I have the little prince book

  70. Weiss Frost says:

    The little prince was one of my favorite stories too.

    It that simple detail, you already know who's the artist and the baker.

  71. Jay Jay says:

    That trophy can be used in self defense😁

  72. na sawn says:

    “artist vs artist “ is better

  73. Qandeel Fatima says:

    bree is like of course i am gonna win and maggie on the other hand i am not here to win i am here to make freinds

  74. * dropfears says:

    `im not here to win im here to make friends`
    That girl is too precious oh my god 🥰✨

  75. Ramsey Rudd says:

    I love this

  76. Bree's Wolf squad says:

    I won't to visit Bree's cake shop can y'all gess all the reasons why also SoRrY If I sPeLlEd SoMeThInG wRoNg

  77. Bored Stranger says:


  78. Barbara Araojo says:

    I'm not here to win, I'm here to make friends ❤

  79. Olivianna Moceri says:

    I actually love Maggie’s cake so much more unique it’s like food art the other cake was so basic

  80. Ranjana Chandel says:

    Maggy so tastety noodles

  81. Aqua studios says:

    My favorite book is little prince too❤️

  82. LV Gee says:

    To be honest, i like Maggie's cake more than Bree's.. The design on her cake is cooler than the regular standard one from Bree.

  83. Mika Swe says:

    The artist voice cute like a anime! ☺️

  84. Fabeauty Channel says:

    i like maggie's cake better..

  85. yeon tan says:

    how abt letting the artist draw then let the baker/chefs do it.

  86. Day Dreamer says:

    I read it as “cake doctor vs artist” , I need some sleep

  87. • cinnamochi • says:

    bree’s cake looks pretty and all, but her attitude ain’t

  88. Cyril Alain B. Albaran says:

    @3:58 Is that Jackie from the draw-off series? Her cheeks cute.

  89. park mochi says:

    i actually liked maggie's cake more bc it's really unique and she didn't sticked with being practical and the usual 'sweet sixteen' cake

  90. Quinn Allyson says:

    Who is the prettier?

  91. Trice says:

    1:37 "I'm not here to win,I'm here to make friends" she's so sweet

  92. Dali Shuhaib says:

    Bree's attitude sucks, look how sweet maggie was!! 😍❤️
    This isn't even fair, i really wanna see a drawing competition between them. 🦄

  93. Hinata - Chan says:

    I know how to draw and i can make better than that …come on

  94. DJ Melody says:

    Wow can someone just give me any of it…. I'm hungry 😢

  95. Shabnam Zameer says:

    I kinda like Maggies more

  96. bluff huh says:

    4:22 jackie from buzzfeed's draw off?

  97. Niki Lowerence says:

    No offence Bree but not a lot of sixteen year olds are that peppy or into bows , at least that's my experience

  98. Niño Manugas says:

    The cake decorator is selfish

  99. w o t h l e s s says:

    OH. we watched the little prince at school yesterday for english and it was very interesting

  100. ronee hass says:

    Lucu banget si😊

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