Bullet Racing

Bullet Racing

– Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. Welcome to
“The Super Slow Show.” Dan, I’ve seen people race,
horses, cars. Never seen bullets race. Not really a spectator sport,
though, is it, to be honest? – Not for humans, anyway.
– No, but in actual fact, there’s a huge difference
between different projectiles that come out
of different weapons. So today, in the safety
of our little canyon here, we’re gonna be shooting
against some sand– –four different guns– and see if
our high-speed footage can help us differentiate
the different speeds between each round. ( music playing ) What guns
have we got here? We got four weapons.
First one starting here, we got a nine-mil
semi-automatic pistol, tiny little round. This one’s much fatter.
It’s a .45. – Looks fatter.
– It is fatter. All right, this one is
your classic AK variant, 762 short. And this one is
our beefy .416 Barrett, although, only reason
it’s not .50 caliber is ’cause we’re
in California. – Illegal.
– Yeah. Still plenty
beefy enough, though. I tell you, I still wouldn’t
want to get hit by it. Absolutely not.
I mean, I wonder which one’s
gonna be faster. – Hmm.
– Can we place bets? Yeah.
( laughs ) We’ve also got
these foot markers here, so we can actually
determine the speed, based on
the high-speed footage and we’re gonna
be using the v2511, at 100,000
frames a second. As you know,
terrified of guns, so I’ll just get
out of your hair. – See you later.
– All right. ( gunshot ) Whoo. ( grunts ) – Bit ahead of me there.
– Yeah. – I’m usually the first one in.
– Should have gone “three,
two, one.” – Now I have to cross over.
– This is awkward, isn’t it? So, all right,
we’re good. – Gav: Lovely.
– Dan: I love the flame
at the bottom there. Release of gasses.
That flame probably lasts… …not very long.
( chuckles ) Dan:
This 45 is much beefier,
but slower. Gav: Oh! Dan: It’s like a little
sonic boom. ( gun report ) Frame by frame
on this bad boy. Gav: There’s one frame there
where the back of the bullet just has like a nice
flame on it. Dan: Yeah, there.
That one. ( Gav laughs ) Look at the ring. Dan: There is a slight dip
in the back of the bullet. – Gav: Oh.
– Dan: So the gas
comes out like that. That’s what’s causing it. It’s not just flat. The more you know. Dan: AK. ( slowed gun shot ) Dan: Whoa! Gav: That is out
of there. ( chuckles )
Look at the barrel, wibbling.
I can’t describe
it any other way. You can see the whole
thing just jiggle. like it’s, like, made of
liquid or something. There’s flex in all
of that metal. What was it like
firing that? Similar sort of
hit in the face
by the boom? Yeah, pretty much.
You feel it more
than hear it. – Oof!
– Wait. That one’s a different
story altogether. – It just disappears.
– ( laughs ) Wait a second,
is that the same speed? – Dan: Whoa, and it’s gone.
– ( Gav laughs ) – Gav: My money’s on that one.
– Dan: Yeah. Gav:
That one is booking it. – It’s just surrounded by…
– Dan: Where’s the bullet? …a fat explosion. All right, so we’ve
seen each gun. Now, let’s see ’em
all side by side and see which bullet won. ( whispering )
I think we know the answer. – ( whispering ) I do, too.
– Yeah. Gav:
On your marks, get set, go! – Dan: Oh! ( laughs )
– Gav: Wow! Dan: The .45 is the slowest. Gav: And… melon! Dan: The .45 hasn’t even
got four feet and Barrett’s already
destroyed its melon. ( thunk ) That is crazy.
I’ve never seen different speeds
of bullets in relation to each other
like this. Dan: The main difference
is between rifle and pistol. You know
what’s interesting is, the AK round has caused
more damage to the melon it seems, whereas the Barrett
just goes straight through it, like, makes a hole in it. ( thunk ) Just waiting on
the last bullet now. ( chuckles )
“Guys, wait up.” ( thunk ) Dan: Looks to me like
the Barrett is clearly
the beefy winner there. – Gav: Yep.
– Dan: Uh, closely-ish
followed by the AK, which is miles in front
of the 9-mil pistol round, and then,
bringing up the rear,
got the .45. But the .45 looks
like a brick compared
to the… – ( laughter )
– …the, uh, Barrett. – The Barrett is just like
a sharp pointed thing.
– Yeah. And the .45 is just,
like, you might as well just get a piece of
chewing gum, it looks like. Dan: Barrett is actually
going 3,132 foot per second
in that shot there. – Gav: Woof.
– Dan: Which is ridiculously
fast. Gav: Compared to
the slowest one? Dan: The slowest one
is the .45, which is going
846 feet per second. So that’s over
2,000 feet per second
difference. – Gav: That’s such
a massive difference.
– Dan: It’s a huge difference. Over 2,000 feet per second,
which is massive. If I was to throw
a rock or something – at 75 feet per second, right?
– Right? That pistol’s only
going less than 800 feet per second
faster than my rock. So if you chucked a rock,
the difference between the rock and the slowest gun
is smaller than the Barrett, – and that gun.
– Way smaller. I’ve got to say I’m glad
we didn’t film you
throwing a rock – at 90,000 frames a second.
– ( chuckles ) – We’d be here for about
40 minutes.
– It’s true. – That was
an interesting race.
– It was indeed, and very sadly,
four melons lost their lives – during the making
of this video.
– ( sighs ) But it’s okay,
we made smoothies again. Hopefully you enjoyed
that video and found it
interesting. Feel free to subscribe
to “The Slow Mo Guys,” and we’ll see you
in the next episode
of “The Super Slow Show.” – ( imitates robot )
– There’s no need for that.
There’s no need for that. Why not?
( laughs ) ( music playing ) Hey, everyone.
Be sure to click
right over there, and stay connected
with the show, as we’re posting
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go check out more episodes in this general region. Over here somewhere,
I think. It’s just– there?
Yeah. Maybe… there? Yeah.

Dereck Turner

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