Budd Co. Car Body Artwork

Budd Co. Car Body Artwork

GUEST: I purchased them at an auction, here
in Detroit, about 20 years ago. They were labeled as new body designs for
1933 in the catalog. That’s all it said. And I believe that these are original artwork
from a design stylist for the Budd company. The Budd company manufactures bodies and body
panels for the automotive industry. APPRAISER: They were really at the forefront
of modern design in the 1920s and ‘30s. And it’s fascinating that they employed this
very interesting artist. Russian immigrant Alexis de Sakhnoffsky. You can see his signature on most of these
drawings. He’s a well-known industrial designer. He did furniture but he’s most well-known
for a very, very famous and important car. The 1929 cord l-29. It was a car that Sakhnoffsky actually designed
for himself. It’s made record prices in the auto industry. Just four years later, Budd company employed
him to do these designs on speculation for the auto industry. And they are these beautiful, modern, sleek,
streamlined, kind of jazz-aged designs. The medium is gouache, which is an opaque,
water-based medium. There is some colored pencil. And then some of these hard lines are pen
and ink as well. He employed a lot of different media to get
his point across. How many drawings do you have in the portfolio? GUEST: 12. APPRAISER: 12 drawings. GUEST: There are 12. A number of cars, and then some component
or partial vehicle designs. APPRAISER: Would you mind telling me what
you paid for them? GUEST: $250. APPRAISER: In the motor city market here in
Detroit I would think each one individually would sell for about $250. So, GUEST: Okay. APPRAISER: in total, about $4,000 to $5,000
for the portfolio. GUEST: Hmm. Beautiful work.

Dereck Turner

2 thoughts on “Budd Co. Car Body Artwork

  1. Johnny Lagore says:

    Wow-Wee…what a master designer this fellow was, & E.G. Budd recognized that and hired him. Nice piece of Budd History..thanx Bob

  2. kimaboe says:

    $250 a piece, 12 pieces… that doesn't come to 4-5000…

    I get that the portfolio is probably worth more as a complete set, but she doesn't say anything to indicate that, leaving people thinking she's just awful at math.

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