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hello namaste salaam alaikum sat sri akal welcome back to another session with your Vahchef at today we’re going to learn how to make a basic bread so to make this add two teaspoons of yeast to that add one cup of warm milk add 2 teaspoons of sugar just mix it and let it rest for 10 minutes
by the time the yeast dissolves and ready to use to this bread dough
we’re going to use eggs eggs is optional if you do not want to use
eggs you can skip it and add little more moisture into your bread dough
break eggs whisk the eggs when you dissolve the
yeast into the milk make sure the milk is at a 105 -110 degrees fahrenheit little bit warm to this milk in which yeast has been
dissolved add egg the two beaten eggs as i have told you earlier egg
is optional to this add melted butter take around four cups of flour in the flour add salt one and half tablespoon of salt and then mix it then make a well in the center pour this yeast mixture into the center and then slowly mix the
flour slowly mix it like this and then pour the entire batch of this
mixture and then just make a soft dough just make sure that all the flour is a
scraped off from the sites with the dough the dough has to be nice
soft just keep mixing do not leave any dry flour in this this method is called folding you
fold after you knead the dough well you kind of fold it after folding the dough you’ll get a smooth and shiny texture
on the top take little more butter and just court on this dough and
you can take any kitchen towel just wet the towel squeeze out the water and just cover this dough with it after 1 hour of letting it ferment you can see how soft this dough
has become there is lot of air has been filled as soon as i touched it look at the way how its becoming flat so
now we are not going to need the dough fully but we’re going to punch it little bit
and let all the air escape now it’s become flat all the air from this dough has escaped you can see how much these dough has
become you can does the dough little bit and just punch it out the reason why we have to let this rest
for another 10 minutes is if you try to make the bread rolls with this dough it will not come now it’s become like elastic thick dough
after 10 minutes of our resting this dough you have these dough slightly proven that’s
when you can make into good bread rolls you can take a little bit of flour and a take this dough into the size you
want to make the bread rolls just shape it round and put it on a greased pan watch this simple technique
take the size of the dough you want just a press it hard take this fingers and squeeze it and it will give you a
rotational way that you can shape this bread roll
and you’ll have a very smooth outside texture okay then you can cover this bread rolls with a wet muslin cloth and let it proof for 30 minutes before it goes into
the oven now with the rest of the dough you can
make any fancy shape you want I just I wanted to show you the basic
dough just just make it like a row and you can make any fancy shape you want
you can just make a knot and so you can make any kind of
fancy ship we are going to make egg wash egg wash is
basically a thin coating that is applied to the bread to give a
very nice color on the bread so break egg and make it thinner after 30 minutes of proving you will
see that these bread rolls have doubled in the size all you need to do is take this egg wash and apply little bit egg wash on this bread rolls so we’re going to put this in the oven at 225 degree centigrade at 425 degrees Fahrenheit when you remove this rolls out of the oven
you will think they are little bit hot but just wait for few minutes and you’ll see
this bread rolls becoming soft just apply little bit butter look at how soft they are you know with these bread rolls you can get creative you can have these bread roll by themselves
or here today I made an excellent pumpkin dish I’m going to
put some of these pumpkin inside this and I’m going to enjoy this. This is better
than any burger mmm !!!! there is nothing like eating freshly
baked bread WOW !! this bread literally melts away in mouth mmm!!! Dear friends I hope you enjoyed to learn how to make
this basic bread with your vahchef but remember Vahrehvah is all about
inspiring others to cook

Dereck Turner

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