Brand New Tokyo Digital Art Museum: teamLab Planets in Odaiba | 2018 to 2020

Brand New Tokyo Digital Art Museum: teamLab Planets in Odaiba | 2018 to 2020

Hey guys it’s Linh and again today I will
show you another digital art museum created by teamLab and DMM Planets
The name of this museum is teamLab Planets and it will be open to public from July 7th
2018 to Fall 2020 The museum features 7 different unique artworks
so stick around because I will introduce each of them to you Similar to the teamlab borderless, another
museum created by teamLab that I introduced in another video last week, this museum is
also located in Odaiba, right in front of Shin-Toyosu station of the famous Yurikamome
line You can buy ticket from the official website
in advance or right in front of the museum There are different time slots and when there
are too many people waiting in the line, you can also buy the priority lane ticket to be
able to get in faster I’m waiting right now and because it’s
quite early in the morning, there are not that many people yet When I got inside, I was asked to stop at
the footprint printed on the floor and look at the screen in front of me
Then a video was shown to us to explain about the general rules like you have to take off
your shoes and put all of your luggage in the locker, you cannot take photo with flash
and you’re not allow to drink or eat inside Also you have to take off your socks and fold
your pant up or change into short pants because some areas inside the museum are filled with
water and the water can be knee-deep even for adults
Some of the floors inside the museum are made of mirror so female should avoid wearing short
skirts However, you don’t have to worry much since
rental shorts are available for free The staffs also distribute a plastic phone
case for your phone as well to protect them from the water Before going inside the museum, you will find
the locker area, toilet and changing room Leave all of your belongings here so that
you can fully enjoy the experience After going through entrance, you will have
to walk through a very dark hallway leading to a slope covered with cold water
When you reach the top, you will see a small, beautiful and bright waterfall which was created
based on another artwork by teamLab at a natural waterfall in the mountains of Shikoku The next installation is the Soft Black Hole
and as soon as I step into this area, my foot sunk and I couldn’t walk straight anymore
The whole space is affected and changed by people’s action so when you move, you’re
interacting with the space and other people as well
It was fun to try to get through this area but it was tempting to just stay there and
do nothing because the surface is so soft and comfy The next area is the Infinite Crystal Universe
and I feel like it’s teamLab’s most famous installation
The whole area covered with thousands of small lights hanging from the ceiling and each of
them acts like a colored dot to create a big picture
One unique point of this installation is that you can download Teamlab application on your
phone to change the light and the effect Because the floor is made of mirrors, the
area becomes so much more spacious and you will feel like you’re fully immersed in
this beautiful space As I walk along the hallway wondering what
else is waiting for me, soon my feet were covered with water again
The water has a light white color and it smells just like soap
This leads to a bigger area where numerous Japanese Koi fish are projected on the surface
of the water You will feel like you’re in the middle
of a real pond, and you can just walk around to play with the fish
The fish will turn into flowers when they collide with people When you get out of the water, the staff will
hand you a clean towel to dry your feet and just put it in the basket after using This installation is also one of my most favorite
The space is filled with a lot of free floating light ball and you have to move the ball to
get through the space As you move the balls, the space and the color
of each ball change as well I really had a lot of fun playing in this
room The last installation that I saw was “Floating
in the Falling Universe of Flowers” You can sit or lie down on the mirror floor
to observe the flowers blooming on the walls and on the ceiling
The flowers constantly change and move around so you may also feel like you’re moving
as well There are kinds of different flowers and of
them are gorgeous especially the sunflower and rose I wasn’t able to find one of the artworks
and that is “Cold Life” From what was described on the official website,
this is a tree that resembles the Chinese character for sei which means life in Chinese
and Japanese This was created by peeling away the surface
of another artwork called “Life survives by the power of life”
It looks so amazing that I really wish I was able to find it inside the museum So that’s all of the artworks inside this
brand new museum Some of the artworks are quite similar to
Teamlab Borderless museum but to be honest, I enjoy my experience in Planets more than
Borderless I felt like I could interact more with the
artworks and I love the fact that I could go inside the museum with barefoot If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget
to like and share it with your friends Subscribe for more videos about life and travel
in Japan! I hope to see you again! Bye~

Dereck Turner

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