Joey: What are you doing. Daniel: I’m trying to draw your eyes oh, that’s not good. Joey: Well talk about what your doing Daniel: Oh, I’m drawing eyes right now ( Joey laughs) Joey: Ah, Good day everyone and welcome to today’s video here with… Daniel: I feel so far away from you Joey: I know I can’t see you Daniel: I don’t like it Joey: Who am I here with? Daniel: Daniel! Joey: ah, Yes Daniel. Daniel:I’m back for one video one video only. Joey: So as you can tell there is an easel with a canvas on Here we are going to be both painting each other Joey: Are you excited? Daniel: I can’t paint me like one of your french girls. Joey: Yes, those well I need you to undress and get naked for me. Daniel: Oh Joey: So we’re gonna have I haven’t decided five or ten minutes Daniel. What do you think. Daniel: I’m not a painter? I am very creative in every other level, but I would say I mean ten minutes. Joey: Ten minutes, okay This is fun. I have a bunch of paints over here that we will all be able to have her and obviously take turns I’m gonna paint Daniel first. He’s gonna paint me so without further a do. Let’s get on with today’s video okay ten minutes on the clock. Three, two, one. Daniel: You better keep this pace. Joey: okay, so Daniel: That is not my skin tone. Joey: I’m going to mix okay. Daniel: Start light, oh… No Joey: bronze bronze with a mixture of best. I’ll just mix it in right in the center Daniel: I don’t want you to get chopped for this video. Give me one non okay. Joey: Let’s see we’re gonna start with the shape so let’s go up here like this like this bronze man. Daniel: oh, no Joey: Yes. Daniel: This is me in the summertime Joey: yes, exactly. Okay. so… It’s difficult, it’s been a while since I’ve like drawn or painted anyone Daniel: Oh we should auction these off. If they’re good even if… Joey: if there good! I used to take art classes. Oh whoops, that’s gonna be a big ear. Daniel: uh, oh it’s okay I have big ears so how the face shape. Daniel: It seems so bad Joey: Well you’re gonna have to wait untill the end. To pull those ears real good Okay, you know what I should do the eyes like position eyes in place because those are color so. Daniel: I think you do in the color face first. What colors are using And then the other eye is a little wonky, don’t you know you have the small You know why that’s smaller like I said okay now that I have those let me fill in the other parts with your skin tone It’ll look better what they add the detail the drama throwing these out. They’re not staying with house. Oh This is so scary looks like a scary mask Like a murderer’s mask alright now that we have His face drawn out now. We can have a small I Get some Brown going some brownish black mix together. Oh yes gorgina You don’t have you don’t have a nose currently. Oh, that’s okay good Okay facial hair is done. Now. We need to work on some details like a nose So we’re going you a little bit of rounding on the brushes on the table while there was stressing now eyeball Your eye colors next you have gorgeous green eyes a little bit darker yellow smooth silence I’m making your eye color not green Hey big lips oh my god your eyebrows I forgot you better not wear like he needs eyebrows Okay That is real. Oh my god. You look cute. Oh, I should be Yeah, okay last thing is your shirt. You’re wearing like a maroon color. I think I have that color right here That’s fuchsia you job Show me your fuchsia okay, how much time do I have so Maxine 20 seconds? Oh my gosh, okay, just Connect to the shirt wow he’s handsome Oh Time’s up, so now aren’t learn okay stop, okay? Time to sign I’m gonna sign this gorgeous green color Thank you for all the dirty brushes, I guess use your welcome. Thank you for coming second to use my dirty preference Okay, so I guess we’ll reveal to each other after you paint me. Oh, this is a lot fun I’m actually really proud of how this turned out. I think it looks very cute So I will just put this off to the side. They know you’re gonna have to wait Alright, it’s Daniels turn ten minutes on the clock begin okay. Oh, that’s a big forehead So do you want this sweet Joey Gorga? Before Botox, or well my botox is run out And brown lines so Okay, maybe I’ll make this abstract no Hey I’ve never actually made it like this before well. Now is our time draw me like one of your french girls Okay, your face down. That’s a little alien life. It’s skinny already It’s skinny you have my face down ready. That’s give me like four minutes. No like the color of your face, okay? Here’s our white Child thank you. Don’t laugh why you got a little bit controlled all right now Six minutes, and I think you’re only gonna hair looks really good that looks good Come on, Daniel DaVinci But all right let me see your facial you have Like a taupe facial liner. What’s the like a vibe? I hear my fur my three-dimensional online I don’t know how to do that. I’m just doing I’m trying to make it cute diet details you will Stop talking Now your top lip is non-existent. Yeah. Yeah, oh, you look like a toothless celebrity right now We’re gonna. Let me get your eyes, but ladies bah. Do you want your eyes green or blue green and? blue I’m drawing eyes right now You guys are gonna vote who did the best at the end? This is so much easier to do with a brow brush Painting is so hard. Okay. I gotta get your nose. Oh no. Oh wow this actually looks like you Not joking, what’s the time? Oh my god You’re under you need a shirt yeah, Richard sure when you wearing your hang-up Wearing whatever you don’t have time for that Yeah Okay, okay. Stop stop. Oh Okay time time stop stressing me out Have no malls oh Stop stop stop oh no it’s brown ah Ah Danny Boy I’m so excited for the reveal oh That’s so good for my first time. I’m kind of shocked all right. That’s very grinning I’m so ready Wait am I gonna be disappointed. No. Okay? That’s cute as handsome all right ready Yeah, I can’t see it, oh wow What is this Going on here. That’s your facial hair, okay, it’s Gorgeous, it’s definitely a few shades darker than what I look like What? compare contrast What? Looks just like you okay? It’s my hair my hair is down, whatever it still looks like you okay? All right you ready, yeah, you ready for true, art. I think this is better too. Oh BAM oh my god that terrified me that’s what he looks like You can see all this detail That’s how that’s how you look all right, what do you think I look psychotic that’s what you look like when you’re like this oh My gosh the hair looks sickening no not really, but I even got you a little peek okay Well, I’m really sure actually the structure yeah It’s texture okay, well I can kind of see it All right, are you crazy up to you guys to decide who won this on here? You hold your bubble – II would I think I won because that you look psychotic. Let’s go really? Yes You know I think people should leave a comment down below saying which one of us, won And I think we should give these away should we yeah let’s both sign though, then we’ll give them away all right? So all you have to do to enter is be one of my subscribers obviously I feel like if you’re not subscribed Coupon that athletes anyways this is an art somebody can auction this off, please comment down below and I will enter you and also give this video a big ol thumbs up and Subscribe if you’re not already and we will see you next time. I’m good at down ah *Outro music*

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