BLACKPINK’s Makeup Artist Does My Makeup | With Mi | Refinery29

BLACKPINK’s Makeup Artist Does My Makeup | With Mi | Refinery29

Woah, what is she doing? What?? Hi guys, I’m here with Myungsun Lee. Hi! We are here at her amazing salon called Woosun,
here in Seoul where she’s the makeup director, and she is actually Blackpink’s makeup artist. She did the makeup for all four of the girls
and I am so excited because she is going to do a look on me that she did on Jennie Kim
in the music video for kill this love. I’m so excited. Should we get started? Yeah. Start. What’s next? Can you put my skin care on everyday? She has the softest hands. Thank you! So how did you start your relationship with the Blackpink girls? So, what’s happening now? Do you have any other tips on like application of makeup that makes your skin look really dewy? So, this look is
one that you did on Jennie Kim, in the video for kill this love, which is this beautiful
like brown smoky eye with really fun like sparkly crystal on the inner corner. How did you guys come up with this look? So, we’re obviously doing Jennie’s look,
but there are so many different looks in the video, for Kill This Love, and I’m wondering
how involved the girls are in creating the looks and what your process is for creating
those looks. Sounds like it’s a really collaborative
effort but you’re just like taking your expertise and making it happen. Yeah, I need this. This is so good. What? Yay! Alright, so contact lenses. Oh man, wait, I’ll hold it open. Are they in? Sorry. Ahh! Time for
the reveal. Oh my gosh, I look
so different! I love it! It looks so-
Jennie! She’s so beautiful. Thank you so much. Kamsja… Wait, no-
Kamshamira. Kamsha mira. Thank you. Bye! Thanks so much for watching, guys. Click here to subscribe to Refinery29, and
click here to watch another video. Bye.

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100 thoughts on “BLACKPINK’s Makeup Artist Does My Makeup | With Mi | Refinery29

  1. Refinery29 says:

    Who else here is a big k-pop fan? Share with us below!

  2. Muffin Olen says:

    When everybody talks about hate comments which i dont see and just finds a reason to hate on blinks

  3. Illosion Mouneen says:

    If I had my makeup done by her, i think I'd never wash my face in my life later 💜💜💜💜💜

  4. Ambee Bee says:

    Y’all realize the mua just does what her clients want her to do right?….

  5. Hi,ImRachel says:

    Omg girl slay

  6. Yooniversally Suga says:

    Leave the artist alone

  7. 90's kid says:

    Omg this makeup is so beautiful, she really did a good job

  8. eyra cactus says:

    I love her techniques are just wow 👌🏼
    Maeng i like your work, thanks for your natural and beautiful looks you give on the girls. ⁉️

  9. Msblck Rsx says:

    But actually what korean do is so less thing


    Natural makeup is better.. Than thick mustard foundation. This look she is amazing on her

  11. Tan Zenna says:

    if y’all are not a pro or expert , RESPECT HER PLEASE , she’s just doing what she was asked to !!

  12. ARMY_BLINK_ONCE_thatsthemodelof_V.I.P says:

    No one is hating on the makeup artist yet everyone here is saying to stop hating?? 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂 “do your fact check” – Lisa

  13. swiperyeswiping says:

    the MUA's voice is so relaxing

  14. Madison B says:

    80% comments: stop hating on the mua and the stylist
    19% comments: I can’t find comments hating on her
    1% comments: actual hate comments that I too can’t find 😂

  15. Juliana M. says:

    Lisa and Rosè left the chat

  16. Ashe Vminkook says:

    Wow she's a really good makeup artist

  17. Megan Chynthia Dewi says:

    The makeup artist herself is so pretty 🤩

  18. Killane Kurosaki says:

    The makeuplooks so pretty why r y'all hating on the makeup artist

  19. sammy olimbss says:

    Maeng666 = 666 dislikes

  20. Ravelyn Kyev says:

    Idfc if you guys hate the make up for rose, but she looks pretty all the time

  21. manni lazzi says:

    Omg i lovee the eye look

  22. subi rani says:

    Can somebody tell me how to get 1k-2k likes in youtube????

  23. Kyla De Los Santos says:

    There were some products that she used but weren't mentioned. It would be great if someone listed ALL of the products used in the video

  24. Susan XOXO says:

    She wouldn't be the main make up artist of blackpink for a long time if she wasn't good. Like do you think they would freakin hire a clown MUA for blackpink? Seriously, stop hating. Duh

  25. Jess Boo says:

    95% defending the MUA
    2% bashing the MUA
    2% can't find the toxic comments
    1% people like me writing percentages

    Oh and actually idk how some people (might) think rose got less makeup than the other girls. Korean idols' makeup always look like bb cream, blush, and faded pink liptint to me. Lol maybe that's why i'm not a beauty vlogger

  26. Livia says:

    What is going on here why are we talking about Rosé's makeup?? 😂

  27. Freedomofspeech24 says:

    Y’all do realize that the members of Blackpink can pick their make up styles, right? She does exactly what they want and nothing more. I feel like she could probably do lots more but in South Korea, really heavy eye shadow etc isn’t really that popular. In America or Europe somewhere, she’d probably go with different styles.

  28. 손동표 says:

    isit just me or is the language barrier in this video is making me feel very cringy? blackpink’s makeup artist is talking in korean and she’s talking to her in English lol

  29. Vanessa Dang says:

    Anyone know the color of these contact lenses ?

  30. Nimra Zaman says:

    Can blinks ever be on the same page about ANYTHING? This is the reason why I'm not a part of this fandom. Maybe Rosè likes her makeup that way. Yall love to make a big deal out of everything.

  31. Ceci F says:

    How are people hating on the makeup artist not realizing that east Asian makeup in general is more dewy and natural? like, no, they have mostly not adapted the more western approach of heavy eyeshadow, perfect full coverage foundation, and arched, chiseled eyebrows. It's not ugly at all, just DIFFERENT.

  32. thedopestethiopian says:

    Wow, I have never seen any of Mi-Anne's final makeup transformations on this channel come close to looking this dope, stunning, trendy, and gorgeous as THIS 😳

  33. v i x says:

    that's amazing

  34. Nishu Gurung says:

    49% of comments – Defending makeup artist
    1% of comments – Actually hating on the artist
    50% of the comments – Saying that there's barely any hate 😂

  35. sxelene says:

    ok but there’s legit no problems with blackpink MUA – it’s the OUTFIT STYLISTS

  36. BlueMango 07 says:

    She looks like CAROLINE!

  37. Carol da Scrub says:

    She does Jennie's makeup too. In Douyin (chinese version of tiktok). The creator stated that her makeup look was originally Jennies Blue eyeshadow/gold look.

  38. Mr All Like All says:

    Don’t worry u got my like cause I like ur makeup

  39. sanghyeop hyun says:

    70% of the comments: where are the hate comments
    30% of the comments: stop hating the make up artist

    0%: I hate her

  40. joannofarc says:

    everyone saying that the makeup artist does rose dirty is basically saying that they don't like how rose looks. it's a collaboration and rose obviously has some say in how she looks. if you think rose looks ugly, whatever. but that's YOUR OWN PROBLEM not rose or the makeup artist's problem

  41. l says:

    4명다 잘 어울리는데 왜 메이크업가지고 난리인지 모르겠다 그게 코리안스타일이라고… 한국인들은 아무도 뭐라안하는데 왜 니들이 난리야..
    명선메이크업아티스트님 존경해요~!!!

  42. ًjennie’s maid says:

    Talking about how Maeng is “human” and doesn’t deserve all this hate… where was that energy when Blackpink was getting hate by the daily for months on end 😐✋🏾 if you ain’t in the fandom then you obviously don’t know what goes on; therefore anything that comes outta y’alls mouths is irrelevant. Y’all non-blinks want another excuse to say we’re toxic when really, Maeng is just shit at her job 🤷🏾‍♀️

  43. no says:

    bruh I don't understand why people are hating on Bp's makeup artist
    I mean they look gorgeous
    especially for rosé I don't know why alot of people are attacking her on her looks
    She looks beautiful with make or without makeup

  44. ᄋᄉᄋ says:

    Her hands ‘s movements are very professional and the makeup looks great. Loved it

  45. Jeon jung Kook says:

    what brand and number of lipstick she uses??? PLEASE SAY İT

  46. eugenia luque says:

    I'm obsessed with her work, how she manages the concepts and everyone's preferences. she's insanely talented! ♥️

  47. Infinitedreams says:

    Y'all act like Rose is a child and has no opinion. Have you ever thought that maybe she likes natural make up ? I feel like this fandom is full of idiots who cannot think straight.

  48. sma21 s says:

    The mua of blackpink are so talented !

  49. bryan sim says:

    asian people should stick to asian make up artist and asian trend. she looks so much better with this on compared to when all the white people does her make up

  50. Margie Marg says:

    Korean way of makeup is diff from the west.. And this is how they do it. bcos usually korean pips has glass skin.. No need too much layers of makeup.. Great job ma'am 🤗

  51. Fluffkin says:

    Watching them struggle to put her contacts in gave me terrible flashbacks of when I first got my prescription contacts..

  52. Team Lining says:

    My hands are shaky af, imagine having hands steady enough to put makeup on OTHER PEOPLE😱

  53. Michelle says:

    watching this in 1.5 speed lol

  54. PetraGreene says:

    I came here to see the makeup. I got busy scrolling throught the comments and I realised I shouldnt have because it makes me annoyed at how much people find things to complain about.

  55. icequeen says:

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO "she does make up for all 4 of the girls" tell her to stop having favoritism

  56. Suburbum Scum says:

    The make up look here was executed nicely. The eye contact part tho.

  57. Keilin Sanchez says:

    Omg i totally remember seeing her & their stylist ..right before blackpink performed on set, Late Late Night Show with James Gorden 😭😭😭 #primarytickets

  58. Miaou says:

    Mi anne even with jennie s make up you r still fugly AF

  59. afterhscott says:

    Not a kpop fan just watching this because it's about make up but damn the people in the comments are toxic

  60. Daniel Shin says:

    You aint no blackpink lol Clearly makeup doesn’t do wonders for everyone cough

  61. TyInc says:

    Damn how much money she gotta put outta wollet …..

  62. Vesarius Riego says:

    Jennie's influence. Our trendsetter unofficial leader 💛

  63. Abigail Padilla says:

    You guys are so annoying y’all are obviously hating on their makeup artist and blackpink themeselves at this point idc you guys don’t know what goes on behind the makeups so why complain she does a good job and yeah she prolly needs to do a better job on Rose but stop hating on her damn and if you guys are saying tht their makeup is ugly your basically calling them ugly y’all are clowns from my view thats not what being a blink is y’all are acting like blonks to me its not maengs or blackpink faults let them do their thing stop hating on maeng damn

  64. Lou FICHER says:

    Ooh I want those contact lenses 😍

  65. uwu says:

    what was the background music please

  66. Arantxa Montes says:

    That contour nose was non existent lmaoo

  67. i love shinee says:

    I love the contacts

  68. Мария Балуева says:

    I loooove this make up look! Personally, I prefer less make up, but all I see on Instagram and Youtube are tutorials for heavy male up looks(( even if it says 'natural' in the title its usually 3 layers of product…

  69. Chris O. says:

    Very cool!

  70. Phoenix says:

    It doesn't look good on her

  71. Anex Quidoan says:

    That was great her techniques are unique…its fresh….love it…

  72. spaghetti m says:

    It's like people want something or someone to blame on

  73. jnnyac ¡ says:

    it's my biggest pet peeve when people put on contact lenses after doing their make up like just do it beforehand much easier but otherwise i love this

  74. mcfly craze says:

    I love this makeup artist you're amazing 🤩😍

  75. Alexis Springs says:

    Y'all…the makeup artists ask the idols how would they like the makeup , and Rosé already said she doesn't like looks with too much makeup and she doesn't even need it. The artist is doing a good job . Let Rosé wear the makeup how the hell she wants , you are practically hating on both the artist and Rosé cause she doesn't wear the makeup you want her to.

  76. Iris Chen says:


  77. Laura Carrillo says:

    Wow jennie came up with the concept and the inner eye makeup 🤩 talented queen indeed

  78. Nitz Polarbear says:


  79. Diana Gueorguieva says:

    Loved the look but why put the contacts last? That way makeup can get in the eyes and irritate them . And if you're not used to wearing contacts your eyes would water and run and ruin all the careful work!

  80. Amanda Amêndoas says:

    The fact that she never mentioned Rosé and Lisa give me bad impression. The biased behavior is REAL, plus, vaseline ? Really? Ewww

  81. Aorchie Siddiqui says:

    bp has flawless skin after makeup, they probably use like pore-filling primers and stuff not shown here. But she looks really pretty here, with and without makeup

  82. Akansha Rao says:

    I want to hear mi-anne speaking korean with the makeup artist

  83. Kpop Dancers says:

    I don’t get why there’s hate she’s so good and talented. She’s also more successful than you haters

  84. Samantha Derrick says:

    pls..jeny looked like u before..theese girls all used surgery

  85. yea peachy says:

    I like mi so much, she's so joyful😚

  86. lupescupe says:

    This was so cool!! She seems to be an amazing artist and fullif great tips and techniques. I love watching videos like this, and it's so cool how she executed Jennie's vision. <3

  87. edgar andrada says:

    You look like one of the member of gidle

  88. Bii 02 says:

    I don’t see any hate comments…..

  89. little potato says:

    5:57 that random 'yay!' in the english captions tho

  90. MJ Smith says:

    Do you have any solution for someone who sweats a lot on her face skin?

  91. lovemeesa says:

    Is there a full product listing?

  92. guChae Chae says:

    Long story short:
    bunch of immature bLoNkS

  93. Artholic By SB says:

    OMG fantabulous

  94. 혜영E says:

    what lipstick did she use though, it wasnt shared in the video )):

  95. Rosieandkookie are my parents says:

    wow I didn't know this make up tutorial existed😆please maeng I just want you to put Rosé in pink or red lipstick that's all

  96. SJ P says:

    Loved it! Great for hooded eyes like mine! Reminds me looks Cece Gutierrez does on herself. Gonna try it! Beautiful!

  97. Bethany haralu says:

    Lisa Unni is my bias
    I am so happy to see black pinks make up artist

  98. Queenly Joy says:

    Girl: "woah what is she doing?
    Other girl: "Curling iron for eyelashes"

    Me: can't they afford eyelash curler?!

    No hate guys that was the first thing that pops out in my head, and it's kind unique though☺️

  99. ACE Stace says:

    Wow seriously she look like jenduekkie

  100. Jendeukiekuma says:

    8:08 My reaction everyday when I do my makeup succesfully

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