Black Dads Try Other Black Dads’ Barbecue

Black Dads Try Other Black Dads’ Barbecue

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Black Dads Try Other Black Dads’ Barbecue

  1. Raymond Grover says:

    I wanna see white people try and make potato salad

  2. Dàj Marièe says:


  3. Adam Mahmoud says:

    Why is this a thing?

    Oh yeah money!

  4. The Lamb says:

    I feel like they’re just trying to be too funny. Like just eat !

  5. Bangtan_With_Luv :3 says:

    T H E J E S U S 3 0 0 0 S

  6. Oscar Li says:

    Today we welcome “Marques, Louis, Reul and ‘Top Rope Zeus’”

  7. Oscar Li says:

    Yo what type of a name is ‘Top Rope Zeus’ ?

  8. Mr. Panda says:

    The fact that Louis beat Reuel with ONLY beans

  9. TTV.GhostOTL /GGMOTL says:

    3:49 It probably is.

  10. ItsYaGirl India says:

    Marques has one lucky family.

    I can taste that food from way over here in Mississippi.

  11. αяι says:

    “He den bought this big flintstone rib up in here ”💀😭

  12. Ah Haha says:

    Why the guy in blue look like will smith

  13. JJSC says:

    Jesus 3000's, that's classic!

  14. I jue puta says:

    You know Raza will show up for just the frijoles (beans)


  15. msbutterfly714 says:

    Oooo wee the size of that dinosaur rib OH YEAH fallin off dah bone YUMMY!!! Thats what Im talkin about

  16. King Dre says:

    Always trust the fat cook

  17. Raid -anything says:

    Bro why does this tittle sound like something u will find in the porn websites

  18. Master Steve says:

    Pink is medium rare… are these dudes high?!?!?!

  19. Steven Universe says:

    Hey where's Tyrone

  20. Little Shinobi Sensei says:


  21. SaMeMe Imchen says:

    Too much black in just one video

  22. jason twist says:

    They each fail for being lazy, accept marques!!!

  23. Mrs. Potato Head says:


  24. Push Mak B says:

    I knew the blue shirted man would bring absolutely nothing to the table….. classic “people like him” moment!!!

  25. emergency services videos says:

    the bald man with the black shirt reminds me of Chico Bean

  26. Angels 911 says:

    I love the grill,I kiss it before I start🔥

  27. Angels 911 says:

    The beans taste like nothing 😂😂😈😂

  28. Fabian Gonzalez says:

    6:55 if yk yk

  29. Morsla Gorsla says:

    do mexican moms try other mexican moms food

  30. who ?? says:

    Why does everyone on these that give the worse scores gets the worst score

  31. LeeLeeMerk says:

    Guy’s name is Top Rope Zeus?

  32. M3 is life says:

    Guys being dudes

  33. Brandy Luvli says:

    These dads not old enough for this video imo but imma watch it anyway lol

  34. Deen Daily Life says:

    7:10 QOTD

  35. Brian Wentzell says:

    The big man won. Surprise.

  36. hassan tahir says:

    Dude form thumbnail be lookin like will smith

  37. Razxr says:

    “That’s not edible”
    Gordon Ramsay: finally someone understands me

  38. George Webber says:

    Wow this video is so great wasn't asleep in the first 5 seconds

  39. just a guy uplaoding vids i think people might like says:

    racially insensitive

  40. Psycho Path says:

    Chris be like: Y'all got any big beans

  41. National Security Agency says:

    Imagine the meltdown at buzzfeed if they made a “all dads try each other’s bbq” and the white guy won.

  42. ないと says:

    When the first guy said "I'm gonna give this a zero" I thought dayum?? Who the hell are you to judge that harshly?
    But then his plate came along, and at that moment I understood why he was so upset. His plate was fabulous in comparison

  43. luxury marie says:

    Come to the south are food good everyone in south like family we friendly

  44. Keyauna Ferguson says:

    My black people got the best roasts lol

  45. PokemonPika / PikachuLibre says:

    Marques is so wholesome omg

  46. Johnnie Fihaki says:

    Show up witcha main chick not ya side chick ! 💀💀💀

  47. S L says:

    The dude on the thumbnail like like Will Smith

  48. Jez Freeman says:

    4:46 I’m Asian and I am offended

  49. SixSavage OpZ says:

    Top Rope Zeus sounds like Eminem

  50. · b l u e c ø ø k i e · says:

    "wHaT iN tHe PaNdA eXpReSs Is GoInG oN" my last brain cell: that is not a good joke boi

  51. Cat says:

    Southern moms try other southern moms cornbread.

  52. Chase Attaway says:

    You don’t show up with yo side chick, you show up wit you main chick😂 that killed me

  53. josh Sabala says:

    My guy looks like commen lmao

  54. Zach B says:

    My name is TOP ROPE ZEUS

  55. Retro Sans says:

    That guy got a stuffed nose or what?😂😭

  56. Lucky Moua says:

    "IS THAT A 🌭?" 😂😂😂

  57. britni hughes says:

    Marques… my man… that rib was banging

  58. Shanelle Montes says:

    Dude wit tha tattoos look like he just got outta jail !! 😂😂😩

  59. Nevaeh Manning says:

    Dude in the green hat has me WHEEZING🤣🤣

  60. Mar Qua says:

    Listen Top Rope is fine😍 I'm eating whatever he cookin

  61. Jaiden Anonymous says:

    bruh he didn’t eat the god damn FOOD

  62. Zach Davis says:

    The first rib was cooked the meat goes pink when you barbeque

  63. CHKN Tikka says:

    Soooooo I haven’t seen anyone but one comment on the fact that the mf’s name is top rope zeus

  64. Board Randoms says:


  65. Rose Twala says:

    did anyone notice the contrast between the two videos of the males and females. Honestly the female video was full of criticism and bias. This video was way better and I think a bit more honest.

  66. Josh Hiles says:

    Everyone refusing to try stuff and still giving scores is hilarious

  67. GriimLiin 1206 says:

    Bro why does the dude with the black sweater look like my English teacher

  68. ChimChims Jams says:

    Jesus 3000…Man I love those shoes lmao 😂

  69. ChimChims Jams says:

    POtAtAh SalAd 🥗 akjsdjfksjjs

  70. Shark Boss 555 says:

    Has he heard of medium rare

  71. Itachi PlayZ says:

    “I forgot the ribs”

  72. Mr. Chubbs says:

    I like how they almost all do a terrible job and still criticize one another like they’re way better

  73. Ciara says:

    *Laughs in Australia*

  74. makiya clay says:

    "it need some seasoning or something" *bites into rib*💀

  75. JD Rome says:

    Big nibba has no idea. Pink is not edible?
    If you like to chew on a sole, go home!

  76. JD Rome says:

    They hella harsh though

  77. Pawket Production says:

    Cassandra gonna be addin some liquor 43 up in here

  78. Anjali Godoy says:

    Omg this is always black family members 🙎🏾🙍🏽‍♂️🙎🏽‍♀️👨🏾‍🦳👩🏾‍🦳

  79. colincreates says:


  80. Mista Yaszi says:

    If you see a Fat dude at the grill you know damn well you boutta go home sleepin with joy in yo stomach😂😂

  81. Its Mitrit says:

    Reuel belt sounds like my that gives me the belt

  82. James Muy says:

    No damn these foo really black cuh

  83. 1million subs with no Videos says:

    Who keeps watching this all the time?

  84. Rachel says:

    When beans “taste like potato salad” 😂

  85. Stephanie Chan says:

    Top Rope Zeus I will never forget that

  86. Cohen Winchester says:

    White dads burgers

  87. Bjpwz1 says:

    dude with green hat and glasses the only real g out there giving his honest review

  88. Dasbi _ says:

    forgetting the ribs to a video for tasting ribs is like the most dad thing ever

  89. breahsdeygg df says:

    White dads try each others bacon.

  90. Lucky says:

    Yo the gigantic dinosaur rib looked so fuckin good

  91. Athi Rajkumar says:

    I love how the guy that only brought beans still beat the guy whose rib looked like it came out of China express

  92. Snowball Ham-Ham says:

    Black dad? Thats raceist

  93. Im Bory says:

    Is there a video where other races do this as well?

  94. Cameron Lang says:

    Buzz feeds next video white people try barbecued dads

  95. Kreo says:

    None of these people can make a prober barbeque..

    Btw add cheese and 2 big spoons of butter to the beans (Needs to be danish butter, else youre an amateur), you dont need seasoning or anything else, if you want to add taste, take fresh herbs and add on top. – reason why not; because the salt from the butter adds taste, and the cheese gives it a really nice thick texture, aswell as taste. (If it gets strainy, add a little bit cream) – Important note: You want to only season the ribs.. If you season everything on your plate, you get a dish tasting like one thing.
    Take this from a michelin cook.

  96. Se Barba says:

    This guys are NOT EVEN trying the food brah

  97. Liam Perfetto says:

    Does Amazon sell jesus 3000s

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