Birds-of-Paradise Project Introduction

Birds-of-Paradise Project Introduction

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Birds-of-Paradise Project Introduction

  1. Springfields Barbados says:

    Praise God From whom all blessings flow
    Praise God all creatures here below.
    Praise Father Son Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit
    We thank You Father for such wonderful beauty and compassion for this our world amen

  2. Wild Bill says:

    I'm a bird nerd are you

  3. Urmi Ak says:

    This is unbelievable!! Truly God is an artist!! May Allah preserve them ❤️

  4. World Traveler says:

    Before I die i need see …🤗🤗🤗🤗

  5. Cris Viera says:

    São as aves mais bonitas de todas disparado. Não tem nem comparação

  6. Haritha Telugu says:

    🌷💕Wow..So..Beautiful and you birds of paradise..God bless always and Protect them forever..😘🌷💕💯🐦🐤

  7. Jawad shinwari says:

    اللہ اکبر کبیرا وسبحان اللہ بکرات واسیلا

  8. sarah H says:

    God Almighty, the creator of everything in the universe. Nothing is impossible for HIM. Imagine how marvellous and beautiful paradise must be. ❤❤

  9. Sayat Satimbek says:

    Это крассивое великалепие природы Папуа Новая Гвинея. Это наше наследие каторую Мы должны обязоны беречь!!!

  10. ace of ace says:

    3:19 I don't know if the female is impressed or not, but I'm very.

  11. m komali says:

    Can I join in this project?

  12. Reg Cox says:

    Miracle of God's creation.

  13. BeautyDaughtMom says:

    One of God’s amazing little creations. Absolutely stunning!

  14. Voccko Lulu says:

    More like pokemons

  15. Scholar of the first sin says:

    Now watch. Them disgusting rich people capturing and turning each of them into their exotic pets! 😉 Great job you did there " NLG! " clap clap…

  16. maulana hermawan says:

    Auto subsc

  17. ChellyTheGreat says:

    From a very sincere heart, thank you to the researchers and funders♥️🙏🏾 without you we will never know or see.

  18. Myra Corneja says:

    How did it happened? God created them.

  19. choco toffee says:


  20. monu raist says:

    Ahhh what i saw… Today such a greatful to god… Its cant be dfine defineatly in words… But god is a great creater of this life….. The people who are actually shooting this had a great exprince…

  21. Thoko Ngobese says:

    OMG! That's amazing! so unbelievably beautiful! thank you guys for sharing this amazing beauty with us,
    If it was not your dedication and hard work, we would not be able know this beauty is existing, Thank you, thank you ever so much!! Please keep up!

  22. Gott würfelt nicht says:

    Unglaublich <3

  23. Shree G says:

    What is the ending music?

  24. CMWASC says:

    This isn't the miracle of evolution it's the miracle of God's creation.

  25. Dr. Uttam Dey says:

    Just incredable

  26. Fâtih Aydin says:

    "There is no god" lol

  27. gamer pro says:

    People plz don’t destroy their house
    Plz don’t kill or hunt them

  28. Muhammad Yasir says:


  29. nidhi bhardwaj says:

    Bahut sunder

  30. Sabrina Giannotta says:

    Che creature meravigliose, splendide

  31. Vin'z 84 says:


  32. Gadila Vijaykumar says:

    Very hard working,,,, good ,,job

  33. Jacob Cosmas says:

    Good video..congratulation!!

  34. Elizete Soidan. Vida Simples says:

    Maravilhas da criação de Deus!!! Deus os abençoe pelo difícil trabalho mas que ficou maravilhoso!!! Parabéns!!!

  35. Steffi Mary says:


  36. Djhydif Hyfoh says:


  37. Sandip Sawant says:


  38. Mark Ding says:

    It's not evolution but Gods beautiful creation

  39. John Downey says:

    Heaven must be absolutely wonderful,how great is our GOD.Halleluyah Halleluyah

  40. Aldi Bang Tutorial says:

    Ya tuhan l❤️❤️❤️❤️

  41. Aldi Bang Tutorial says:

    Indonesia papua mana suaranya

  42. Rashida Khakad Wala says:


  43. John V says:

    At 2:51 "How did that happen, how did that come to be?" The Almighty God made them that way, you idiot!!

  44. fahad ali says:

    ALLAH is greatest…

  45. YTrecipe says:

    only those who think can appreciate the beauty of nature and want to protect it

  46. Chas Peking says:

    These birds could buy this entire valley just selling their dancing lessons.

  47. Tuti Irmalasari says:

    This from Papua

  48. ايمان امونة says:

    سبحان الله

  49. bawah kanang says:


  50. Sarwar Shaikh says:

    Save green forest for this beautiful birds and animals and us

  51. ivan sequeira says:

    God created them. He is perfect, His creation is perfect!

  52. Monica Lopez says:

    Miracle of evolution!?🙄

  53. Tasmiya Khadiza says:


  54. Fionn Una says:

    It came from GOD, they are GOD's creation, not from 'evolution' …… LOL………………!

  55. Thomson says:

    Salute Photographer 💕

  56. Kaltao Moijam says:

    All the birds are so beautiful and unique on its own way.. Just wow

  57. Old Man from Scene Twenty Four says:

    Can you imagine, I'm sure you can, as we now know a good portion of Dinosaurs had feathers, if they were as colorful and their mating habits just as bizarre as these amazing creatures,
    what the "mating dance" of a T-Rex might have been like?

  58. Røś śië says:


  59. Ahmad Nur efendi says:

    Papua Indonesia

  60. lds tips says:

    My ambition is also to became an ornithologist…… 😘😘🐦🐦

  61. lds tips says:

    All birds are awesome…….🐦🐦🐦💗💗💗

  62. Haroon Javaid says:

    Awesome work by video team

  63. Waqar Yousuf says:

    Even then… Some will think thats its created by chance

  64. Waqar Yousuf says:

    Allah o akbar

  65. Nvidia Shield says:

    If this is not paradise, where else is?

  66. Awan Kurniawan says:

    Indonesia punya dong…

  67. Maria Asad says:

    Subhan Allah

  68. Haries Mawardi says:

    Yang dari indonesia siapa aja?

  69. VIVEK PATIL says:

    Dislikes of 5.2k people don't have heart to admire the nature

  70. Paulo Tamassia says:

    Obra prima da natureza

  71. n o w r i n says:

    Subahanallah beautiful creature… speechless 😍😍😍😍😍

  72. gianluca ruospo says:

    📲*00212.645.75.23.01* *whatapps*📲
    شــبــاب🙋‍♂️ لاحــظــت كـثـيـر كــومــنــتــات عــن تـكـبـيـر الـقـضـيـب وضـعـف الانـتـصـاب وســرعــة الـقـذف
    ولا يــهــمــك😉 تــواصــلــو مــع الــدكــتــور👨‍⚕️ الـلـي نـصـحـنـي بـوصـفـة اسـتـعـمـلـتـهـا كــم أســبــوع وحــصــلــت عـلـى نـتـايـج مـذهـلـة🤩🥳
    الـلـي عــايــز الـدكـتـور👨‍⚕️ يـتـواصـل مـعـه الـواتـسـاب *00212.645.75.23.01*📲

  73. أبو عبد الرحمن says:

    Or, were they created out of nothing? Or, were they their own creators?

    [52.36] Or, did they create the heavens and the earth? No, their belief is not certain!

    [52.37] Or, are the treasures of your Lord in their keeping? Or, are they the controllers?

    [52.38] Or, do they have a ladder on which they listen? Then let any of them that has listened bring a clear authority.

    [52.39] Or, has He daughters, and they sons?

    [52.40] Or, do you ask them for a wage, so that they become weighed down in debt?

    [52.41] Or, is the Unseen in their keeping, so they are writing it down?

  74. buenosaireso says:


  75. carlos toro says:

    Muy bonito el paisaje y los pajaritos preciosos.

  76. BIGO LIVE HD 4YOU says:

    video good i like❤️❤️❤️🌸🌺🌺

  77. Umna Readi says:

    Its absolutely BEAUTIFULLLLLL
    OMG I can't stop wonderring of the beauty, like so bad

  78. Max Ravenous says:

    Birds-of-Paradise … more vain than any other life form. And we forgive them only because they look good.

  79. sultan siwani says:

    فتبارك الله أحسن الخالقين ….

  80. Ranjan Jena says:

    I love this bird

  81. Khalil Khan says:

    This is called Intelligent Design 👌

  82. زهرة الرمضان says:

    روعه 🤨🤨🤨

  83. Anh Nguyen says:


  84. Sc0rPio XoXo says:

    They can make sounds like the machine guns. Cool!!! And can do karate too? What an awesome fuckin bird!

  85. Dua Kanwal says:

    birds beak wood bone look

  86. Dinesh Krishnan says:

    The male bird of paradise dances to impress females.
    Male bird-DABS

  87. جاوید says:

    سبحان الله

  88. Hoan nguyen says:

    Studying an animal in its native habitat teaches us a great deal.

  89. Rahma Dewi says:

    Is the best

  90. Thiên Vũ Kỳ Tiên says:

    I love nature too much. Especially flowers, birds, fishes… Nice to meet you here.

  91. Janaki Medhi says:

    so beautiful

  92. süleyman kayman says:


  93. Claudin Obei says:

    I love it 😍💙

  94. Achmad Handoko says:

    Bird from papua indonesia🇮🇩🇮🇩

  95. Planet Earth says:

    so nice view !


    HA!HA!HA! = LUSTELiG! = MERCi!

  97. Ishtiaque Khan says:


  98. Bayu Hutomo says:

    Indonesia bro…

  99. NaterFinD says:

    I live in Indonesia and there are many more interesting animals here

  100. Tá De Olho?! says:

    4:28 Wtf Hahaha😂😂😂😂😂

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