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hello namaste salaamwalekum and satsriyakaal; welcome to another episode with your VahChef at Today I’m not cooking today let’s just mess around with some ladies
holding hands especially their lovely long fingers hey got you I’m talking about lady’s
fingers today we’re going to make a dish with
Okras some people are like me they like crispy accompaniments to their food. I love eating crispy fried pakodas with my food sometimes i even add boondi to my rice and curd today we’ll make a nice accompaniment with okra called Bhendi Jaipuri as the name Jaipuri suggest this dish comes from Rajasthan. This Okra which is a versatile vegetable which is called by many names Okra, bendakaya, bhendi, bhindi and in
the southwest of US it is also called Gumbo. This vegetable is more famously
known by its rows of tiny seeds and slimy and sticky texture when you cut open. To make this dish Bhendi Jaipuri, you can cut Okra into thin slices like this or you can make nice roundels thin roundels like this and
keep it aside you need gram flour which is called besan or you can buy on the Indian stores you can go and ask for besan you can buy this flour, cumin seeds, salt chilli powder amchoor powder and little vinegar. See both of these adds tinge of sourness to your dish if you don’t have vinegar just use amchoor powder and if you don’t have amchoor powder you could just use the vinegar I’m going use little bit of both of them are slightly broken cashew nut this is not a must it’s optional but you
know you could use it because I love cashew nut and i’m going to use some of
this this dish is very easy to make all you need
to do is take okra add your cashew nuts, a teaspoon full of Cumin seeds Amchoor powder, add salt ,add chilli powder,chilli powder add it to your taste if you like it spicy add little more if you have
to add besan flour now you may have to add little water so what I prefer is, I like to sprinkle
little bit of vinegar ok and then mix it up real good adding this salt and little vinegar what it
does is it brings out little moisture from this okra so when you add flour besan
flour you don’t need any more extra water if you like to add some onions you could also add some sliced onion but
this is not what a traditional recipe calls for i love to add a little
onion and I love onion pakoda so I’m just adding a little bit of onion
to this preparation.Cutting okra is a kind of a skill remember the more you cut it the slimier it becomes okra Is commonly used as a thickening agent in soups and stews because of its sticky nature there are a couple of ways you can
minimize the slime simply trim of the end and avoid cutting or puncturing the okra
capsules I always find a best way to Avoid this slimy nature is slightly
soute in the oil and then add it to my dishes and that doesn’t bring any of the
sliminess to the dish and this okra is very widely used in Africa Middle
Eastern Greek Turkish Caribbean and South American cuisines apart from
indian cuisine Okra is a powerhouse of valuable
nutrients it is a good source of vitamin C low in
calories and completely fat free it has plenty of vitamin A calcium and
fiber.A perfect candidate for a healthy cooking on but how healthy it is depends upon what
you’re going to cook.Today we are going to deep fry So to make a deep-fry healthy always
try to use, You know fresh oil make sure you fry at a right
temperature for a right amount of time that is when your vegetables absorb
minimum amount of oil into them now the vegetables are sitting here for
two minutes so the salt has been brought out a little bit moisture so what you do take little besan and
just sprinkle on top Ok don’t mix it, overly mix it, just
sprinkle a little bit okay there’s no quantity to see from this i’m
using may be less than 1 cup maybe so just sprinkle it like this and just let
it sit for another few minutes okay now if your Okra is dry so then you
can add sprinkle a little bit few drops of water just make sure limit it to just just few drops of water you do not just crush them or try to mix them squeeze it hard just slightly
toss them over and then you will see this okra nicely coated with besan now the mixture is ready so how about
frying this Okra so all you do is, As I told you don’t you
know just toss them a little bit but not overly mix them and then drop your
Okra into the oil Do not drop all the Okra at once just
to drop few enough just to fry and Fry it at a medium heat. Fry them till they are slightly golden brown ah look at this Okra, uff and also
remember that do not make large quantities if you’re going to fry these
Okra for a party do not mix all these ingredients and keep it for a long time make sure between the mixing and cooking
time we should not be more than 10 minutes always make sure that you mix them in
small batches because once you mix in large batches and try to fry they will all get sticky. Now that you have fried them really good cool look at this look at this wow boom boom boom boom!! While I’m cooking I think of this song you know this is my lovely lady lumps by Black Eyed Peas Now check it out my lovely ladyfingers, my lovely ladyfingers checking out just
like the black eye peas song and haha these are really lickable fingers oh trust me. whenever Ifry these Okra for parties and all that what I do I add little extra cashew nuts and after frying i’ll pick up all those okras which the cashew nut is stick
and I keep it aside and eat with my nice yogurt rice and so on and it is
really really good haha this is what you call it finger-licking
lady fingers I hope you’ll love making this quick and easy dish. Okra may also be steamed boiled pickled sauteed stir fried as a whole and you can make so many wonderful dishes with oka and we’re going to make all these dishes in our show but remember these ladies are very
sensitive these okras should not be cooked in pan made of iron copper and brass since the chemical reaction take this okra little bit black so always try to use a steel vessel or a non-stick pan. I hop you have enjoyed today’s session of learning how to make this crispy accompaniment to any food or drink remember that vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please put your recipes cooking tips so others may
benefit from your great cooking. thank you

Dereck Turner

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