Best Voice Recording Apps For iPhone | Record Calls on iPhone

Best Voice Recording Apps For iPhone | Record Calls on iPhone

Hello Friends, welcome to Tweak Library. Today we
will discuss about 7 best voice recorder apps that you can use on your iPhone to record voice Using these voice recorder apps you can record voice on your iPhone. So lets begin. Voice Recorder HD One of the best voice recording apps you
can find in the App Store, this app is efficient in recording and rendering high quality sounds. Offer Bluetooth recording
Unlimited recording time iCloud Sync, file sharing via Airdrop Features like M4A are available upon purchasing
the product. MultiTrack DAW
A powerful audio recorder and audio editor for your iPhone. It provides up to 24 stereo
tracks and the ability to playback all those tracks, while recording up to 16 tracks simultaneously. Provides a suite of editing tools
Easy transferring of individual tracks or final mixes to and from your computer
Undo and Redo with 30 levels Advanced features are available in premium
version. HT Professional Recorder
Make recording conversations throughout a large room easy, in situations where people are
talking several feet away from the phone easy. Recording become easy with this amazing app you can skip silence during recording. Operates in the background Records conversation from a distance and automatically skips silence. Bookmark feature to remember and play special
moments. First time users face difficulty using the app. iTalk Recorder Premium
A full-featured recording app with a streamlined and intuitive user interface. Using this app
you can email recordings from the app itself. Auto-noise cancellation available.
Supports iTunes File Sharing. Built-in search function to locate recordings
by title Only premium version lets you record in the
background. Recorder Plus
Easiest way to record and playback sounds. Recorder Plus allows to record professional
audios with high quality feature. It’s free of charge with no purchase fees.
One touch recording You can share your audio files via Dropbox,
Google Drive, Skydive and Share Sheet. The voice recorder app for iPhone is only
available on iOS 8 or later. Voice Record Pro A professional voice recorder that allows
recording voice memos and on-site sounds at unlimited length with configurable quality. Edit recordings easily by using the editor.
supports standard formats M4A, MP4 AND AAC. This iPhone voice recorder can’t record
on Apple Watch. Voice Recorder & Audio Editor
Record for as long as you want and as many times as you want. Plus, upload recordings
to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Box and more. 100% free for your iPad and iPhone.
Supports unlimited recordings, transcribed recordings (speech-to-text technology) and
adding notes. Passcode protect recordings. Requires 3-way conference calling support
to records calls. So with this we conclude our list of best
voice recorder apps for iOS. Happy recording all your important lectures, impotent videos, notes on your iPhone. So keep watching YouTube channel for more interesting videos like this. Enjoy, have a nice day. This is me Preeti, signing off. Bye…

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