BEST MAGIC Auditions in 2018 | Magicians Got Talent

we know you all love some magic and one
of the best a egt has ever seen is a finalist this season so get ready for
your minds to explode here is Shin Lim along with the hosts of the toughest
show on TV American Ninja Warrior it’s up bar Asia thank you should hire alright everyone
we’re gonna try something literally interesting oh can you grab the deck
hubs bar just give it a mix do a little mix yeah shuffle it up as much as you
want you can even look through the cards okay see they’re all different yeah are
you happy he’s a professional card player over there only when you’re happy
all right cool I’m gonna riffle down the deck like this
okay you just say stop anytime you want okay okay stop right there yep remember
the card okay don’t forget it all right forget it the tricks over okay have your
hand out like this all right all right cool shuffle up the cards okay makes it
up as much as you want again until you’re happy and it’s thoroughly mixed
inside that way I have no idea what your card is or where it is these close
drawers alright I’ll close I’ll do whatever you
want right okay cool here we go we’re gonna try to find your
card but not me all of us all right oh yeah here you go
I’m gonna try to split the deck into four equal piles I’ll try my best to
make them as equal as possible it’s never very good at math but I don’t think that’s funny but yeah all
right apart you pick the cord right you get to point to apologist point someone
it’s point two apart yeah points apart that way I give it to someone other than
yourself to another one this one I gave it to someone other than yourself let’s
take this all right cool all right so we all grab the deck like
this this is what we call a gambler grip okay
mechanics grip I’m again what a dealer would do it a casino I’m try dealing the
top card right over there yeah very good and then shuffle like
this and then deal and shuffle and deal but make sure it’s in a nice neat little
pile like that because neatness does count you can even deal multiple cards
like a packet if you want all we’re doing is we’re actually just thoroughly
mixing up the cards that’s all we’re doing until you are finished very good
you’re fast you have your cards grab it well now you guys play poker
yes all right and poke where we burn the top card like this go ahead try it
burn it do you know why we do that tyre cheaters yeah that’s right because
sometimes there’s the marks on the back of the card that’s why we burned it so
in this game we can burn as many as you want go ahead it’s hot everyone I’m
stopping here but you guys don’t throw all your cards on okay I was counting
one two three I got two two three four was I supposed to have kept portion okay
no no you can turn six all right don’t touch your cards anymore so look in this
pile look I’m not gonna do anything funny I would say about half of our
cards are in here would you say that yes 60 percent is very accurate you through
you through majority of your I did throw up majority by the way yeah which is
which makes this trick a little bit harder so thank you for that now for the
first time ever what was your card because they don’t they don’t know what
it is okay sure yeah yeah yeah Jack of Globe Jack of Clubs the chances
of it being in here’s about 60% right yes you gave us the piles
I had no influence on you was so no we didn’t talk about this backstage
or anything like this is the first time you’ve ever seen this right yep that’s
right this one we then shuffled the cards very
thoroughly yeah I feel like you’re about to do something – it’s your shed what if
I told you even though all of that happened that Jack of Clubs is in your
pile in my pile yeah you never will you say that’s a 20 percent chance zero okay
well let’s do it let’s do better okay what if is at the top of your pile lift
up the top card yes Nietzsche for the time don’t you do
this but we’re playing poker right guys yeah and you know in poker a four of a
kind is the best hand yeah that’s why I have a jack
Tyra that’s why you have a jack what’s your name sir my name is Jamie
skeleton skeleton skeleton so skeleton is is your real name yes it’s a magician
name so are you a magician I am yes okay so do you want to start you want us to
intro yeah yeah well they’ll come over the ceiling or fly or come do you just
start yeah well if it’s okay with you guys everyone else here I’d just like to
come join you at your table hey guys how are we so Luigi I’m gonna
start with yourself maybe I want to show you card trick that doesn’t actually use
any cards just this I want you to check this out as closely as watch yeah that’s
the souvenir for you that’s quite simply I’d like you to pick out a car for me
okay it doesn’t matter if I see this card I’ve seen this trick before okay so
what I’d like you to do is just take out any cards you’d like and just slide it
towards yourself that’s perfect so we can all see it
the Queen of Spades perfect so what I want you to do is I want you to write
your name as big as you can across the card there you can write your credit
card details that’s perfect so this way we know there’s no cheating I’m not
using any duplicates or anything like that that is the only card like that in
the world with Michelle same it’s uh fair enough
yeah perfect okay that’s great and now Michelle that’s the only card like that
in world I’m gonna get you to push it into the middle fingers just push it all
the way in there that’s brilliant hey Jason I know you’re
a bit of a trickster you probably don’t trust me
so I’m gonna try this on yourself I’m gonna give the cards of code mix if you
wouldn’t mind just holding out your hand flat for me from okay that’s perfect now
we all know that that’s obviously not Michelle’s card that’s – Queen the
diamonds well advised to take the queen of diamonds for it’s just wave it over
your hand the heat from your hand actually changes the a melts it and
makes it look like which is quite strange coughs ooh bad
now it’s in East earlier on I actually made a prediction now it’s fair to say
well none of us we especially you Michelle we haven’t sent anything off
beforehand I haven’t asked you to write your name on load to be on the Spades or
anything like that inside my pocket here I’ve had the prediction the entire time
now inside my wallet there’s actually a zipper compartment that’s been closed
the entire time inside the zipper compartment there’s actually acquired
Denise if you could verify history it’s the Queen of Spades what I don’t
understand this Hema shell I’d like to finish with you if you just hold a boat
your hands flat again from Mohini in the face I won’t don’t worry and that’s
perfect if you could put your other hand on top of the deck for me and just cover
it just like that that’s brilliant now I’ve started this I
said to you guys so that was going to show you trick with no cards no cars
knowing no watch this squeeze as tight as you can
squeeze walk your hands together watch this one – very slowly lift up your hand
Jason okay and you’ll see that the deck has actually into a solid Jamie that was that was really cool oh
that’s a lot of Carla kind of freaky magic it is it’s a bit weird yeah
because like the carrots trees can be quite flat and boring and I’m like a
good sign in one of you know you could have seen that and then in the wallet
yeah that’s good with that last bit that was just I was a good finale really good
Louie watching of that card trick really good Jamie I think you’re a cut above
the rest right I mean I was completely blown away by it and obviously we’re so
really close and can see everything and I don’t know how you did that it was
brilliant and you’re also really good a holding an audience and keeping our
interest as well I absolutely loved you other words oh they’re great audience
and so are you guys so that was so amazing we were right there right up in
it I was looking between his hands I still don’t know how you did it and you
have great eyebrows okay we’re gonna vote you need three yeses to get through
so Louie Jaime Skelton I am going to say absolutely yes today I’d like to see
what else you’ve got in your box of tricks is he yes for me
rich people are michelle you’re gonna get a yes from me I can’t wait to see
those it’s great to be back as a magician you
would expect me to be able to make objects materialize and using sleight of
hand maybe show you something that looks impossible but tonight it’s actually
going to be our judges who are going to create the impossible for themselves
using only their imagination to make it real Simon I’ve got a gift for you but
you’re not allowed to have this until the end judge is what I’d like you to do
is imagine burning a deck of cards using a fire that only exists in your mind and
at the end one of you is going to be able to imagine reaching in and saving
just one card but first three decisions need to be made David there are number
cards and picture cards now whatever you say that’s what will burn so do you want
to burn the numbers or burn the pictures I’ll burn the pictures the pictures
Alicia that’s the jacks queens and kings sound save some time do you want to burn
the male picture cards than men what do you want to burn the female picture
cards the women’s no more jacks no more kings Amanda that
leaves just four cards the Queen of Hearts spades clubs and the queen of
diamonds I like them all on fire and just like I told you I want you to
imagine reaching in and saving just one which Queen do you choose to save the
Queen of Hearts the Queen of Hearts she’s saved and you would think that all
of this was just something in your imagination but together tonight you’ve
just made it a reality Simon please could you open that gift
hold up whatever’s inside and show everyone one single burn card one card out of 52
the only card you were just imagining if you can trust in your imagination
anything is possible which is why tonight I wanted to try
something a little bit bigger debt thank you sir for helping and it was Sam right
they’ve both been told briefly what I want them to do they’re gonna lie back
and put their hands above the head then guys if you can just hold on to this
wooden board for me perfect I’m gonna invite a friend of mine out
here and we’re actually gonna lay her on that board
Sam deck I know this is gonna feel difficult to begin with but keep your
arms locked and you will be able to hold her up okay perfect support in it
because now we’re gonna remove the board deck just let go of that board regrip
have you got it yeah I want you to get used to the way that that feels because
we’re about to take this even further often life can look a little bit like
this we’re all trying to hold someone or something up and it can be easy to doubt
whether we’ll ever be strong enough to keep going but every time you tell
yourself you can achieve something and learn to let go you just have to be able to imagine is impossible of course for me this is where my
journey began on stage with a puzzle knowing there were a million
possibilities and sometimes I still can’t believe I’m here but it’s true if
you can believe anything is possible your life really can change in one
single moment I’m Maddox Dixon goodnight thank you oh boy people Makaha recruits
Oh mr. O’Connell again you know better master Robby and Wi-Fi password millenium boy and Sahabi long side
numata our device no possible way miss angel Artemis well
I’m Lauren you know honey Wow magic boys are okay so Robinson oh good eatin
marrow so putting up or not I never work on your device boom point general company signed coin you know answering and I feel fine John
but nobody you know I thought metaphor Mohawk watch ATM card memory subpoena for something
la paura Mary Donovan King of Hearts world magic so I’m in the book
that’s me suboxone bingo part stomach yeah so better form banana touch and
Tecna no Markovian pool no I mean it was a chemical evening so man up Amazon trick actually g7
uniform stop lights on stop stop putting your Baba Baba meters
away the nipples are aware of the only parameter Salah in Norway so Sabine
uniform while magic when another this is okay Sonia who and
Navi Singapore oh well I’m getting my sermon Tatara textual in Egypt manolito minute
a ticket for Georgia Tech Manoa yeah yeah the traditional burger was tested
here Tanika charge ouch sorry reporter I
cannot resist you have chosen so 10 is also to the bonding interment a new car
Dodgers the very bonding how I got interested in
that aperture data much tiny cottage would you have any comment on our dish
today very good sir teach carpenter Daniel
Karadzic the Roadster which is to China
tick-tock our destination today about China fortunately rooster never tell me what
hotel booked toaster that was too quick yeah great just intoxicated irritated status
Danielle return primo pond una Bala limiter University work importantly no should it nirrti case in the Tata Swach gorgeous dessert
you got Sarah Casey – mm-hmm nearest very good you did it
ghosty her you would actually never to moto G course I want to do Hara Hara change report or abejas –
they’re a very negative it is later chatter horn cachoeira Turkish leaders elevation Costanza data turn amok
tortures tower which he had promised Archuleta the her share of the still
just delicious personal they’re not at her too much
you got a song suited and it’s also Josh symbolism steamer so talk to her
Kenny particle so the repeated Nicki Minaj sitter new bootrom satellite voter
at research the vehicle did not if you are today
your knowledge intruder haha Konohamaru Tanabata soul sister Thomas Arsenal
vision in our Sangha teacher started in search our appeal total dream dish now
that the desert javi injection necessarily needed 13,000
dish are usually more exhausted in addition to showing it customer
exhausted so millimeter bashed satiny courage in
English so they are a snoozer Atari or Oh data what sweetheart sarahtritschy move
Nash’s Artemis is to understand how many speeds only they would stay who could click to share eternal
serenity those have similar concerns with the posture which she shivered
Aikido master Hong Kong city which sort of saw serological join in his 400
succeed tire research research supported R&D built
artists market or the last question what’s beautiful is cancer has over it
but efficiency okay – the world you world artista of an
ability to split that I wrote a new tiara
the other people below indoor Authority spirit who also get you arrested very young hi what’s your name and where are you
from my name is Mark I’m from North London I’m 46 who have you brought with
you today my wife she is somewhere in the audience
brilliant there she is my daughter is here but she only 2 years old so she’s
watching Peppa Pig saw somewhere or something probably are you a magician
I am indeed you and is that how you make a living I’ve done a lot of jobs not a
fairy living there’s the good and the bad
well the best of luck thank you very much indeed thank you can I join you
okay I’ve always wondered what would it be
like to experience real magic well two years ago I did and it changed me and my
life forever Amanda yeah I’m gonna ask you to give
this Rubik’s Cube a mix for me can you keep on mixing until I come back to you
yes thank you David inside this box are 25 different colored
crayons I’m gonna give these a mix and David you’re gonna choose one but
without looking just grab one at random hold it in your hand David but don’t
look at it keep it hidden Alysha these cards belong to my daughter
it’s important to see that all the cards are different I’m gonna ask you to just
touch the back of anyone it doesn’t matter which but what is very very
important is that I don’t do any sleight of hand so I’ll spread the cars like
this point to anyone that you like Wow right down here you hide out your
hand for me I’m gonna place that card on the palm of your hand
genuinely the card that you touch is that okay lovely Amanda yeah you have
mixed like you yeah it’s very completely unique pattern yeah fair to say we’ll
get back to that in a moment Simon cool when I ask you to hold this
pen in your right hand right here perfect you know your wrists down get
comfortable lovely this book belongs to my wife there are over 600 pages around
about 200,000 words in the book Alicia can I ask you to close your eyes for a
moment and just say the words stop stop Simon I’m gonna hold the book above your
pen Amanda can you say the words stop as I do this stop Simon can you bring the
pen up to the page without looking and draw a small circle the size of the five
pence piece you don’t have to be precise I’m gonna place the book down in front
of you here Simon I’ll take the pen can you do me a favor lift up the book don’t
show me but have a look at where you’ve drawn that circle can you confirm that
there is a word or words that you can see within that circle yeah yeah there
is wonderful there’s a good start David can you tell
us what color crayon do you have red the red crayon Alisha for the first time
what card did you choose puppet penguin the puppet penguin Amanda very carefully
can you just lift off the box so we can see the pattern that you’ve created on
the very top of that Rubik’s Cube now if I told you that I knew this exact
outcome yesterday a week ago or a month ago you’d say well that was half
be magic so people would I would but it’s not real magic it’s interesting
intriguing may be clever some might even say
amazing but it’s not real magic see for me real magic changed two years ago this
to me is real magic Wow
and Simon that leaves just you for the very first time Simon what is the word
that you circled at hat page 80 yeah Simon this is for you Isabella you
beautiful little girl if daddy was going to do Britain’s Got Talent in two years
from now what random word do you think Simon would think of Oh Simon absolutely gobsmacked happy first
of all thank God your little girls okay that’s the most important she’s okay now
yeah absolutely good what I’m thrilled to hear that
don’t know what you’ve gone through Mark through your career trying to get the
break you’ve been looking for I have a feeling this is gonna change your life
it was unbelievable thank you very much I really appreciate I’ve been doing this show about seven
years and I generally never ever thought a magic act remove that’s just crazy I
don’t care how you did it it was magnificent because it’s magic you have
just taken magic to a whole new Greta really it was a really beautifully put
together before my face today I loved your presentation so calm so in
control all the time I like that you didn’t bother with lots
of silly jokes on the side obviously is incredibly moving sing the story with
your family as well and it’s a lovely way of including them in the act
thank you it’s it’s astonishing get to on tears yeah utterly extraordinary you
know we’re all parents and that is the greatest magic in the world she’s my
magic absolutely we’re gonna take you don’t have to go right members of our avocados morning was pretty little plaque them
all Parvati temple Otto yes – morning yes
Bulacan yes they are to the restorative promote serious
couple watches so Morris is technically though he Parvati temple our coast all’s
taken is mostly yesterday Moses Noah by the problem Italian tricky leader they just
would that personally Yesi Ivo enemies as pakoda closely put J Delta stayed there an engineer McClellan
ah the cowboy aesthetic hi what’s your name okay let me try
again well welcome to America’s Got Talent
anyway there oh my god oh my god well people died in a building
blaze suicide victim to blame oh my gosh yes the fire choose a name I say Bob suicide victim to blame
oh my my hands shaking and what’s under the
board don’t even ask I just guessed the random name who’s here I’m telling this over behind me that is you should go away go away now
that’s crazy hello hello lovely to meet you what’s
your name please my name is Sola great name away from
Sora I’m from Japan okay and how would you Sora
I’m 26 okay have you flown in to do this yes of course
okay well listen I really hope this goes well sir thank you hello everyone today
I will show you magic first I introduce my assistant thank you
she has a sketchbook every page is the same girl with the different underwears
next is panty every page is different color and the different design last is
stockings of course every page is different okay she going to your side
Simon okay please open any page okay thank you so
much and next party part please okay please open any page of the panty part
thank you and last is stockings please open any page okay thank you so much okay
this combination is completely random Wow
actually this is prediction do you want to see my prediction a rent draw quite a common choice let me
tell you a plate alone to go to this world or Finnish border that you were to perk
up I’ll survive hello it’s causing to know from
Australia you’re watching Got Talent global click the link below to subscribe

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