Behind the scenes of Unmoored with artist Mel Chin

Behind the scenes of Unmoored with artist Mel Chin

The conversation about climate change has
been around for awhile. And so you think about what you could say
in response to this. Unmoored is a fantastical journey through
mixed reality, into what it would be like
if New York City, as predicted by climate
scientists, were 26 feet under water. I think one of the most important
motivations as an artist, is to extract
the question that is buried within
the answer. What could create that profound question? The only way it could happen is maybe
through something called mixed reality. Each day hundreds of thousands of people
pass through Times Square. You’re surrounded by huge digital
LED lit billboards. How do you augment and add another layer
or a deeper layer within that. It’s a project that imaginatively gives
the viewer, the participant a real
immersion in living in a subterranean
world where boats are clanking above your
head, plankton is floating. It’s an accompaniment to a sculpture
called Wake which is a hybrid between a
beached whale, the skeleton of a beached
whale and a sunken ship. I think the concept of Unmoored began
around 2016. I thought about something
in terms of something
physically floating in the air. So you come to collaborations by clearly
understanding your limitations. To have a vision like this that’s being
animated in my mind or my mind’s eye. I have to find someone that knows how
to do this. Nautical vessels in the air requires
another kind of imagination. Using mixed reality to provide a portal
to something I can’t even imagine. A social scientist was describing how our
devices had this unusual run in our lives
and how it has been shown
to be removing empathy Then we have to explore how the very
thing that takes it from us, can be
employed to serve it It’s not art for art’s sake, it’s art to
catalyse awareness and so I think
Unmoored is an amazing example of this catalytic call to action through an
amazingly inventive use of the most
contemporary tools available to an artist. In our world that is so rapidly making
things simplified for digestion,
immediate digestion, Maybe we have to do something that is
powerful enough, that it would stay in
the mind and say “I really want to
understand what’s going on here”. This is where you bring surrealism into
life so it can actually interact with
realism. So, here we go.

Dereck Turner

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