Beetroot Paratha  – By Vahchef @

Beetroot Paratha – By Vahchef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Yesterday I made beetroot roti in which i finely grated beetroot and mixed it with the flour and made that
red dough you know it is very nice and my wife
always does this kind of rotis but if you want a real punch of this beetroot
you’re going to stuff it and make it into a nice awesome beetroot paratha, today i’m going to show you how we’re going to make and stuff this beetroot into a paratha. To make the stuffing for this beetroot we’re going to cook some ingredients i’m going to show you how, take finely chopped onion let me assure you it has to be very finely chopped and you have to use a nonstick pan to do this
and slowly cook these onion without adding any oil or butter because when
you’re cooking paratha we’re going to add some ghee or oil but for this no need of adding any oil and in this and add ajwain you can add a little extra ajwain this will give a very nice flavor for this
paratha, in this add finely chopped green chili and and
a lot of grated beetroot and we’re going to cook this slowly fill this whole mixture gets heated up, in this add some salt and a pinch of garam
masala powder you have to keep cooking this mixture till lot of this moisture evaporates and this mixture becomes slightly dry. This mixture is all you know drying out and the bottom is all dry and now in this add very finely
chopped coriander and also add little bit of this roasted chana powder you can also add some bread crumbs to this and just mix it this roasted chana dal powder will make this mixture nice and bind very good now switch off the flame and
let this cool down and then we’re going to make awesome parathas. This masala is all ready. now we’re going to make the dough also into small poori size because these parathas are nice and little bit spicy you want them to be a
little bit smaller not like a big paratha and also divide the dough and this masala mixture to the same size you know when the masala is the same size of that of this dough that’s when you’re paratha will taste good sometimes some people in fact sometimes I also prefer the masala to be twice than the amount of the dough but let’s go ahead and make this parathas. With help of the flour just stretch these dough and then you will be able to make the edges slightly thinner and the center part
slightly thicker then stuff this dumpling inside and then seal the edges and
then you will be able to roll this into parathas, the inside will be nice and red outside nice white ok when you tear
these parathas they will be nice and red inside and the taste is also so nice
and awesome cook it on medium high heat and cook till it gets a nice color and
put a little butter on top and these parathas will be awesome you don’t need anything just little bit curd for a guy like me that should be enough it will be so
awesome now look at this parathas you know just cook them well on both sides till nice brown coloring and inside will be it’s fantastic look at this the inside
nice awesome red and outside wow and also these kind of parathas are very flavorful I made it little bit spicy, hmmm wow Dear friends I hope you enjoyed to learn how to make this awesome beetroot paratha you know very nice earthenly flavor and this is
so nice little bit of sweetness and a lot of hotness these kind of parathas everybody will like it kids especially will find it very funny
when they tear it open its nice red inside outside it looks like a regular paratha I hope you enjoyed but do not forget
vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook, so please post your recipes and cooking tips at so others can benefit from your great
cooking thank you

Dereck Turner

6 thoughts on “Beetroot Paratha – By Vahchef @

  1. Vagdevi R says:

    Too good

  2. Music Muse says:

    I dont think its roasted. He grated it raw and then cooked it in non-stick pan.

  3. Vahchef - VahRehVah says:

    use raw

  4. sonal dawe says:

    Hi, awesome paratha receipe….I tried n it tasted so yummy.Thanks for sharing 👍

  5. gayathri devi says:

    awesome beetroot parathas chef… I love beetroot so much… thanks for sharing nice recipe..

  6. K G says:

    Super good..the beeteoot stuffing smelt a bit awkward while cooking but tasted delicious after cooking the paratha.thanks a lot for posting this simple and superb recipe!!

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