Beauty Lover Vs. Artist • Mythological Creature Makeup Challenge

Beauty Lover Vs. Artist • Mythological Creature Makeup Challenge

Wow I feel hello I’m Chloe and I am a makeup lover hi I’m Suzy and I’m an artist I definitely am NOT an expert by any means but I do just love makeup and love trying out new things I’m a visual artist paint I sculpt I sketch I would probably say my style is kind of pop art but with like a hint of eroticism so today we’re gonna be doing a makeup challenge we don’t know what the theme is yet that’s really fun yeah I’m nervous I’m not artists next to me oh okay I love that idea I want to do a winged unicorn because I want specifically the wings in there I’m doing a cyclize oh yeah that’s so cool are you ready I’m ready I feel nervous but I’m ready yeah I don’t really know what I’m gonna do yet but we can think as we go right I think just because unicorns are white I’m gonna do like a make my pet face paler I don’t know what I’m doing after that that’s all I know oh my god my eyes watering I’m using lip pencil on my eye and it is not working and I need it to stop Oh God oh but it looks gay you know like your eye on the W oh cool I got a start again on this bit that was a vision that was in my head and didn’t come out correctly onto the canvas I mean I’m just not exactly sure what direction I’m going in now I might have to do something more than just the eye it’s not giving me full-on mythical Cyclops vibes I’m now back to square one part with the problem is I don’t know what at one I’m just trying to put lots of colors on there because unicorns I feel like a rainbow colors [Music] yeah we have very different looks it’s quite funny why it’s just like an explosion of glitter I mean you can’t go wrong with an explosion of whatever so started off as a cyclops now I’m like oh I’m gonna do glamour Cyclops so she got some glitter on her eyelid I keep making stuff up as a girl along I just want even more stuff so I just drew like a rainbow of my head because unicorns remind me of like rainbows and glitter but then I just added this white because I thought that it was too rainbow colors and not enough like cream white colors so now I put this around my Thailand it’s got a bit wrong here so I’m just gonna blitter over it [Music] I randomly decided to throw a corn on my forehead we’re gonna kill a unicorn enough they call it corn because it’s not a unicorn unicorn I just put it with a corn if you sit on his own maybe I’m wrong I think I need a third eye Wow eyelash oh my god I’ve never seen eyelashes sticking out someone’s forehead that’s pretty great I’m pretty impressed I love it I don’t know how I feel about this stupid corn line drawing I think I’ve ruined everything oh no it’s cute on somebody – yeah it’s very good horn corn corn horns very good corn it’s not the best shape this is scary I know if I can make it wink I love your eyelashes more than anything in the world I think I’m done I think we know our sons love yours is very like stylish like you could wear that out the be acceptable my little frightening to eye is just incredible I love it so much it was definitely harder I’m used to working on other people or like on a canvas that I can like turn what I thought like winged unicorn all I thought was wings on my eyes like that’s the only thing I thought of and then I was like all right now there are things like else so then I just like continued it and then I was like well now that a lot of unicorns that add the corn oh wow I didn’t even notice your third eye with the lashes incredible Wow a lot of details okay and you got the long tongue in the fangs I’m gonna peek over here you are a unicorn a winged Tunica wings you know I see the wings very nice you both did the shine marks very well oh you kept it like a makeup look with a lip you also have a lip though so I can’t even say that you didn’t do that your lip is frightening but your character is frightening and I think you nailed it and I like the extra long lashes on you as well it’s gonna be really hard it’s honestly just coming down to which mythological creature in my life I like better this is not a comment on your artistry because it is amazing and I couldn’t do it I’m going with a unicorn just because I like unicorns and sparkles that’s just my personal preference on the eye really makes it come alive but you both were amazing you freaking crushed it yeah [Music]

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Beauty Lover Vs. Artist • Mythological Creature Makeup Challenge

  1. Esraa Bassiouni says:

    Omg i love both of the looks

  2. E Rochelson says:

    Both looks were amazing but the artist should have won for originality and the judge shouldn’t have just judged based on what creature they like but instead the actual makeup look

  3. Kawaii Girl 12171 says:

    I liked sisi more tbh

  4. Grace Felicity says:

    “Winged unicorn”
    breathes heavily Pegasus?

  5. Lotus Nevermore says:

    They both did AMAZING!

  6. Monica Noelle says:


  7. Monica Noelle says:

    what a horrible judge-

  8. Kamzilla says:

    The artist clearly won, her look had way more detail than chloe

  9. Jess w says:

    Omg the artist won 100%
    It was turning yourself in a mythological creature
    Not painting wings and a rainbow on your head with a corn

  10. Gemma says:

    I wish you wouldnt put the looks on the preview… makes me not even want to bother to watch..

  11. The Illusion says:

    A wings unicorn is called an alicorn

  12. Dulce Carbajal says:

    Y’all really need a different judge

  13. Viktor GE says:

    ''A winged unicorn'' I wanted to correct her and be like, you mean a pegasus.. but since it got the horn, I suppose it's more like a hybrid between the two.

  14. Naia Meyers says:

    I know everyone got their opinion but SIS that artist should have won

  15. Isabella Brouwer says:

    Pretty lame that the “winner” was based off personal preference…

  16. Turbo Bitch says:

    These are both lacklustre, and the judge didn't judge the work at all. Not worth watching.

  17. sarah's crazy life says:

    I did a makeup video once! It was so bad that it was funny! Please subscribe to my Channel because I’m trying to reach 50 subscribers so I can do a giveaway

  18. Janji Cruz says:

    Did she just say unicorns are white implying they can't be black or some other color

  19. Joy Khanfour says:


  20. RayRayArtistry says:

    Uh Unicorns are real! Xoxo

  21. Kaitlyn Terrell says:

    Ok but… you can’t choose Chloe’s just because you like unicorns that’s not fair. The Cyclops was obviously better right?

  22. Tkeyah okeer says:

    I died when she referred to a Pegasus as a winged unicorn😂

  23. Bunny Hunny says:

    These looks would have turned out so much better if the products were more pigmented and less patchy.

  24. Izzy says:

    Ummm Unicorn With Wings=Alicorn

  25. Charls Jane says:

    Wouldn’t a winged unicorn just be a pegasus? Am I wrong? Fun video though!!

  26. Marissa Martinez says:

    A “winged unicorn” is called an alicorn! Anyway, I love unicorns, so I’m biased with this look! Great job ladies!

  27. The Everything Productions says:

    Why do they always pick the worse one? The Cyclops was ten times better!

  28. PikaPika Pikachu says:

    Unicorn + wings = ALICORN

  29. Stephanie Bowman says:

    I think the artist should have won, there should be more than one judge because then it could fall on skill and overall look versus having bias decide who won

  30. Dani 'Trouble' says:

    Winged unicorn = Alicorn

  31. Ebyangel says:

    She sounds almost exactly like Sophie turner

  32. Mikaila Letu says:

    PLEASE stop making makeup videos in the dark

  33. Iris Janssens says:

    Unicorn = wings and horn
    Alicorn = horn

  34. Wendy Bird says:


  35. Simply_Sara says:

    Hey, you could say the cyclop was rather EYE catching

  36. Kainani Nitz says:

    Everyone talking about the art, I just want those hoops, but they would rip my earlobes. I don't even have long hair

  37. Alicia Matheson says:

    Unicorn – from unis – one – and cornu – a horn. Literally, one horn. So, calling it a 'corn' isn't quite right, but you were close! Now you know to call it a cornu.

  38. MakeUpBySamira says:

    I think we all know who actually won but good effort 😁😁

  39. אביב חדד says:

    They're both so good!!!

  40. pratha singh says:

    Pick a better judge

  41. JJ Green says:


  42. Joyce Lyn says:

    I think they should have done the same creature to fully see the difference in style where the makeup lover is to look nicer and aesthetically pleasing while the artist is to be more realistic and graphic

  43. Jaël Drawzz says:

    Ok I personally like the artists makeup 💄

  44. Twenty One Vultures says:

    The Artist was so good!! She def won ;)!! And wow what a bad judge..not fair..

  45. Sakura petal says:

    Cloe did what a 9 yo would do

  46. MAHEE VED says:

    I think the artist won

  47. Joyce K says:

    "this is not a comentary on your art"
    Umm… what's the point of this competition then???

  48. Susanna Davidjan says:

    The left one looks like mabel😂😂

  49. Michelle Stella says:

    The artist won! I mean, duh….she has eyelashes on her forehead!

  50. SunflowerBabe says:

    y'all taking this way too seriously. its just a fun makeup game. they had fun and that's what matters

  51. MeliBeli says:

    The unicorn look was horrible and why did they have a judge that didn't even base there opinion on the look all she did basically was like I like unicorns more so unicorn you win 😐 instead of the makeup artist

  52. Koalaqueen Disney says:

    Winged unicorn=alicorn

  53. Loveable Teddy Bear says:

    They're both bad lmao but uh artist is better

  54. Viviana Moreno says:

    I liked Chloes better just my opinion

  55. Kidedaion Symoti says:

    Sisy did a great eye and a really good mouth, but that unicorn was all over the face, so it was more of a look than a painting. IMHO

  56. agatha lu says:

    tbh the artist won

  57. Meg hope says:

    who tf is this judge…one was done well, one was eh, one was creative, one was a unicorn

  58. I’m stupid and my opinion doesn’t matter but, says:

    The artist won. Period.

  59. Vintage Eclipse says:

    I think medusa would have been really cool but also like sisi the artist won so 👀

  60. Mrs J says:

    it's not a Unicorn it's a Unihorn lol your funny 😊

  61. Kelly Small says:

    Both did great!!

  62. Elijah H says:

    LBR, the artist won

  63. thinoveralls says:

    this series is so messy, only one judge all the time, no clearly set rules or challenge

  64. TheGreeneBead says:

    Lol… They call it a "unicorn" because its like a mixture of the words eunich (to have one) and horn. Hence, unic-orn

  65. Pallavi Dass says:

    Is this a joke? Wasn't it obvious? Ummm…

  66. Caitlin x says:

    1) They're not called winged unicorns. They're called Pegacorns.
    2) Don't pick a winner based off your preference in the theme, pick a winner based off of skill.

  67. princess_ bubblegum says:

    "a winged unicorn"
    Sooo…you mean a Pegasus?

  68. Anjali Paravasthu says:

    The artists eye though… 👼 amazing!!!

  69. Jini says:

    The artist should've won 💯 so creative!

  70. haya husein says:

    Everybody is saying how the artist should've won well ………………everybody has their own opinion and please respect the judge's and thank you and plz don't put hate on the judge you can say your opinion put don't put hate on her Thank you again!!!❤❤❤😊❤❤❤

  71. Ghost wizard says:

    Imo, both were in a tie
    I just think the rainbow and light lip color was out of place. The cyclops was spot on, but is more like a cosplay, instead of a beauty look. Other than that, these gals rocked it

  72. Honeypie Smith says:

    The winner was based on preference not skill. Booo! That's rubbish. 😝👎

  73. Candice Marie Creations says:

    What a crappy way to judge. Sisi's was clearly better but because she likes unicorns she voted for chloe 🙄😑. Smh please pick a better judge. ugh next.

  74. Geo says:

    A winged unicorn is actually an onicorn

  75. Fefe Junejo says:


  76. Emma Jones says:

    I would to see these challenges broken down more. Two challenges first an avant garde look, second a wearable look. As it is the looks are too different to be fairly compared

  77. Ella montagano says:

    A winged unicorn is a Pegasus

  78. Christine Wang says:

    as an artist I actually like the unicorn one more lol it was definitely more cohesive and I dont think the eye of the cyclops was that good

  79. The Lee says:

    "oh no it's cuuuute" suuuure 😂

  80. mi Lavergne says:

    I hate dat judge

  81. myskittlez19 says:

    Also known as a Pegasus

  82. Rachel Williams says:

    Twilight Zone you were here

  83. Rachel Williams says:

    go home stay there

  84. Asia Marie says:

    Visual artists name?

  85. Itz ya gurl Allie says:

    The cyclops is better also its not a winged unicorn its an agicorn

  86. Love your self Bts says:

    Sisi’s look was a win

  87. Kai Is a Wombat says:

    A… pegasus?

  88. Shoga- Chan says:

    The artist was amazing and even though I like hers better, give the makeup artist some credit— don’t be so mean.

  89. Bruh No says:

    It’s called an alicorn…

  90. Bagira Grim says:

    A winged unicorn is an alicorn…

  91. Alicia .Vernoux says:

    Okay everyone exept the judge know that sisi is the actual winner. This tongue, god incredible…

  92. Mima Flaherty says:

    No offense to Chloe but that artist should have won that eye was INCREDIBLE…..💙

  93. olive says:

    I think this video deserve more dislikes

  94. Tobie Berry says:

    The cyclops clearly won.

  95. meiyiii youwa says:

    there's no point with the judge's pick when the audience 100% loved the artist's look.

  96. Lacrosse Fan 190 says:

    am i the only one who thinks that the unicorn should’ve won lmao

  97. Crazy Lol Candy says:

    I love sisi more

  98. Little Yaya says:

    I thought the artist was James Charles

  99. Sophia Bella says:

    Ok first of all why did they only have one judge??
    And second why on earth didn’t the artist win? Her look was a lot better and the judge shouldn’t have decided based on the fact that she like unicorns.

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