Beautiful picture – These photos are shared the most on the Internet in 2015

Beautiful picture – These photos are shared the most on the Internet in 2015

The environmental activists protesting against race festival with bull takes place in the city of Pamplona ( Spain ) , saying that the contest is an act of animal abuse . A child is touching his father crying in protest of immigrants from Pakistan and Morocco in Macedonia . Macedonia has tightened immigration rules , only allow migrants coming from Syria , Iraq and Afghanistan entering its territory , leaving thousands of other migrants . Police are trying to disperse hundreds of refugees by spraying foam on the island of Kos , Greece . A worker wearing protective gear spray as an antiseptic precautions the spread of MERS in an art exhibition center in Seoul ( South Korea ) . Merkel Angela Merkel spoke with President Barack Obama at the resort Elmau ( Germany ) . The two most powerful leader the world has quite tense relations in recent years , especially after the wiretapping scandal German Chancellor performed by US intelligence uncovered . A police officer was checking inside a bush while searching two inmates escaped from the prison in the town of Malone ( New York , USA ) . The image contrast shows the severe drought of the weather in the city of Westmorland ( California ) The image of a storm taken from the International Space Station ISS . The scene is like doomsday in movies when the lightning appear with when lava flowed Etna volcano ( Italy ) erupting. Smog pollution by covering up the entire capital Beijing last day 1/12 . The city government had ordered the students to leave school when the whole city ‘s pollution levels greater than 35 times the city safe levels . A wild jaguar head stuck in a kettle strayed into a village in Rajsamand District ( India ) . It took 5 hours , the new rangers leopard frees from warm water . US presidential candidates Republican Donald Trumpd is sign up a woman’s chest in meeting voters in the city of Manassas ( Virginia ) . South Korean troops play in the snow during the winter training in Pyeongchang -gun districts . Russian President Putin sit on a strategic Vadimir submersible dive expedition prepared near the coast of the Black Sea Sevastopol ( Crimea ) . Mohammed Doyo rangers care for Northern White Rhino last male left on earth is named Sudan . Show Rhino Sudan are strictly protected 24 hours a day. US President Barack Obama met with local fishermen during a visit to Alaska in early September . North Korean leader Kim ong Un at the inauguration of an orphanage in March 6/2015 . These ” love locks ” on the famous bridge Pont des Arts in Paris ( France ) was removed because the mass of the locks damaging the bridge . Authorities will replace the locks with the artwork . Photos seen from above group of migrants are crossing a border between Croatia fields and Slovenia to go deep into the European region richer. Website :

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