Beans Chatpata – By VahChef @

Beans Chatpata – By VahChef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today I’m going to show you a dish using beans you can use pretty much any beans French beans, broad beans, string beans, or cluster beans. Fresh beans are rich in proteins and lot of minerals so make
sure you cook them at least once a week to make this beans just add a little bit
of oil half a teaspoon to this add half a teaspoon of cumin seeds and add split urad dal that is split black gram, add chopped onion add salt add pinch of turmeric, add half a tsp of ginger-garlic paste make sure you cook the ginger garlic paste till the raw flavor is all gone now you can add beans you can use any kind of fresh beans just
saute it for 2 minutes; add chili powder to taste, half a tsp of chilli powder, add a teaspoon of coconut powder, now add water just add right amount of water to just cover the beans up if your beans are really tender, add less water if your beans a little bit tough add a little more water. To this add half
a teaspoon of sugar, two teaspoon of vinegar after you add vinegar just cover this dish with a lid and cook
it in a medium flame. This beans has taken little longer time than I expected it almost took 25 minutes but if your beans are tender they may cook in much less time now you can see these beans is very well
done and you can also see that all the moisture is evaporated but make sure you
keep adding water till the beans are cooked but once there cooked you know let this water evaporate and after the water evaporates just add less than half a teaspoon of butter and just saute this vegetable now you can add the chopped coriander now you can see this vegetable is almost
dry, you know because of the presence of a little bit of sugar and vinegar I like it slightly burnt not burnt but you
know you should stick at the bottom and you should be able to clean it off especially when you use a nonstick pan you get a very nice texture for this dish ok now the dish is all done you can see
this is a kind of a dry vegetable. This vinegar gives a very nice touch to this dish just add very little if you have a strong vinegar just a few drops, if you have mild vinegar you can add up to 2 teaspoons hmm This is a truly chatpata beans, you feel like haha making that chatpata sound when you
eat it. Ah! dear friends I hope you enjoyed today’s session to learn how to
make this Chatpata Beans with your VahChef remember vahrehvah is all about inspiring
others, so post your recipes at so it can benefit others from your great
cooking. Thank you

Dereck Turner

14 thoughts on “Beans Chatpata – By VahChef @

  1. names says:

    coconuts 🙁

  2. shahini thakur says:

    sorry dear this recipe was actually not good. The look is also not good.

  3. SFK Sims Freeplay Homes says:

    nope…. I love all yr recepiece… but in this case what I use to make before was much better I make it with tomtoes and let beans cook slowly in its own juices….

  4. Shaz Shaz says:

    Ha ha.chatpata sound after eating chatpata beans

  5. arshi khur says:

    no please don't add sugar, while sugar is very unhealthy. may be add gur, or real honey but no white sugar. I don't like sweet in my savory dishes anyway.

  6. Albina Sandomirsky says:

    Hello. Have you recipes of rotties with cooked DRY beans?

  7. Ananya's kitchen says:

    u can use tomato because the colour is very bad,

  8. lavanya dodla says:

    Not good

  9. Rina Pal says:

    Not good



  11. George Mfon says:

    Sir I love your cooking

  12. Jayanth Varma says:

    You are making it complex, sir!

  13. vincent dsouza says:

    Overcooked beans.

  14. Aishu says:

    Who adds vinegar to beans poriyal.

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